Top 4 Underrated Billy Idol Songs

From 'Rebel Yell' to 'White Wedding', these are the songs that you missed past his hits.

Top 4 Underrated Billy Idol Songs

Billy Idol was the rebel that couldn't be reckoned with. He was the wild card that branched out of the band Generation X and became the staple in the 80s with his rebellious anthems of his antics of anarchy. He became one of the evolutionary musical artists to lead the British Invasion of the 80s, became one of the first musicians to ride out the new era of music on MTV.

I've been a fan of his music for years now, anytime his songs come on, I immediately reach for the notch on my stereo system and turn it up to the max capacity to enjoy Rebel Yell, Don't Need A Gun, and Mony Mony.

These four I've chosen are the ones that never got the amount of radio recognition or enough plays in concerts. You might have to get your albums out and see if you have these tunes from this boasting British music artist.

1. Sweet Sixteen

I thought I'd start out this list with one that can show how versatile Billy Idol can be with his songs. Not everything has to be a chaotic cry of anarchy and mischief. This is a song he did that was based off a true story, a man named, Edward Leedskalnin ,that built a place called "The Coral Castle" for the woman he was going to marry and instead she broke off her engagement to him and emigrate to America. Edward referred to the former love of his life as his Sweet Sixteen which inspired Billy Idol to make the song after watching the Lenord Nimoy special about this and share that story in a song.

The song is not what you'd think Billy Idol would do, but it's one of the most underrated with soft guitar strums and a vocal mix of rugged and smooth sounds as he sings to us this loveless tale about giving everything and receiving nothing. It's hard truth about unrequited love.

It's a soft song that that I never would have thought Billy Idol would do, but it's nice to be proven wrong.

2. Daytime Drama

This song just feels like it was meant to be played in the bar, it has a sketchy, ominous vibe about the dragging delirium of the day to day ordeals. The lyrics of the thoughts of what goes through this person's head of the mundane status.

Anytime I listen to this song in the car, I just imagine a man sitting in a bar after a couple shots of scotch. Just clouded and shrouded in his own thoughts of what is happening and what will never happen.

We've had those days where we feel the fabric of time has become fictitious on mundane days and despite the ominous feeling of it, it a strangely enjoyable song to relate to on days that just seem sullied.

3. Don’t Need A Gun

How this song never got the same acclaim as Rebel Yell or White Wedding. It has that same rebellious, chaotic tale of anarchy antics that Billy Idol always provides for the listeners who want to hear about a fight that is about to go down. It's a song that doesn't have a clear or cohesive narrative, it's not from a specific perspective, it's just a good old fashioned fight song.

It's a song that went under the retro radar and barely gets any recognition now, and isn't performed as often in the concerts that Billy Idol does.

Of all the songs he's performed live, I would say that Don't Need A Gun is one of the best he's done where he can completely lose himself in the music.

See for yourself

4. Cradle of love

After the near fatal motorcycle accident in 1989, Billy Idol threw himself back into creating a new album for the new decade. Not being able to get his strength back during his recovery process didn't stop him from concerts and music videos or movies.

Cradle of Love was one of the first music videos he did as well, for the return to take on the 90s with his rebellious music.

Billy Idol has always had his unique punk rock sound, but Cradle of Love has a different tone to it with the same identity of what Billy Idol does. He rejuvenated himself with new sounds to take on the 90s and re-introduce himself to an audience that hasn't heard him a while or one that had yet to hear what was missing on their record shelf.

The sultry, Elvis-like singing, the fast notes on the piano, and the loud beats of the drums will have you swaying to this underrated song of a wild child.

Over the years Billy Idol has made a permanent impact for future musicians as well as a placement of legacy. He's lived in a view of the public eye without the same chaotic disruption and controversy he used to do. Now quiet and tame in the current years, but that doesn't quite stop him from continuing to sing his songs, that rebel yell still echos throughout the years.

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