Top 4 GarageBand iOS Features I Need in 2020

by LARI 4 months ago in product review

Let's Discuss What Are Some of the Features that's Missing


In today's video I am here to discuss top 4 features that I would like to see added in GarageBand iOS in 2020.

1. Mastering Channel

While creating my last tutorial, which was "How To Make a Juice WRLD Type Beat Part 3"(Which if you haven't seen it already go ahead and check it out). I quickly realize that there was no dedicated mastering channel on the GarageBand iOS app. Being able to mix down to a master track and add effects on the master bus will make GarageBand one step closer to being an all in one solution for creating professional music.

While there are some quirky workaround this issue (Such as downloading a third party mastering AU3 app), this means that GarageBand iOS might not be the best app when it comes to mastering your tracks.

2. Automation (Panning / Other FX)

While GarageBand offers automation on certain parameters (such as Volumes, Master FX) I would like to see a more complete automation control over other features.

Ability to Pan tracks from left to right or vice versa, ability to toggle on and off certain effects (I.E Reverb only on the last 4 bars). These are the few examples that I can think of and I feel like this is a feature that can be easily implemented on the next GarageBand iOS update.

If they can implement the volume automation feature they have on to other parameters such as Gain, Wet/Dry, etc then I truly believe GarageBand will become a complete solution for producing digital music on your mobile device.

3. Track Templates

Having the ability to save and change your default project template would save tremendous amounts of time on GarageBand iOS. If you have been producing for awhile, then you will realize there are certain key features within the program that you tend to use on all your tracks.

If you know you're going to be using "Alchemy Synth", we should have the ability to have plug-ins preloaded every time we create a new project. If you know you're going to be recording audio and you want the same vocal chain loaded every time you start a new project, then this feature will definitely come in handy for most of you.

The ability to set up a template to use for new tracks with pre-set instruments and track settings will not only help you save enormous amounts of time this is a must have feature for the next GarageBand iOS update.

4. Track Grouping / FX Sends

You can create up to 32 tracks in GarageBand iOS. Being able to group vocals, percussion and guitars in one place would help tremendously with project management.

Having a dedicated single track just as an effect (also known as a bus track) and having the ability to send other tracks to this effects track is something that I can see being easily added on the next GarageBand iOS update.

That's it for today's tutorial, what are some of the features you would like to see added on the next GarageBand iOS update? Let me know in the comment down below and if you haven't already, like, subscribe and share this video if you found this video helpful.

Also follow me on Instagram at I am pretty active there and feel free to DM me, I respond to all messages and I would greatly appreciate all feedbacks.

On my next iPhone Music Production tutorial I will be showing you guys step by step how to create a "Dark Trap Type Beat" only using your iPhone GarageBand app. Stay tuned!

product review
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