Top 10 Disney Songs to Get You Pumped

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Disney always finds a way to leave their fans with the motivation to face the most difficult of tasks.

Who said that Disney songs only filled you with whimsy? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Disney Songs to Get You Pumped."

For this list, we’ll be looking at songs from Disney films that motivate you for whatever life throws your way! We will be limiting our choices to animated flicks only, however, so don’t expect to hear anything from High School Musical, for example.

We’re not quite sure why Louie wants to become human so badly since he seems to have quite the sweet setup with his own little kingdom, but we can’t really stay mad at him since his ambition gave birth to this track. Quite fittingly, this Jungle V.I.P. not only has a knack for swinging through trees; he’s also quite a swinger himself. With its jazzy edge and scat-tastic sequence, this song—sung by music legends Louis Prima and Phil Harris—is bound to put more bounce in your step and make you feel like royalty yourself. Though, we don’t recommend trying to randomly make man’s red fire.

We know, we know; you’ve heard this song a million times, but you can’t deny that it encapsulates everything that makes Elsa and the film as a whole so charming. Just as the Snow Queen of Arendelle breaks away from the shackles of her own life and lets her ice powers run free, this song also inspires listeners to toss aside whatever burdens might be weighing them down and seize the day. Whether the deeper meaning of the song hits an emotional chord or you just happen to really love Idina Menzel’s voice, feel free to let go of any inhibitions and turn up the volume on this one.

While Ariel may ultimately throw caution to the wind and leave her ocean home, Sebastian does make a pretty convincing argument for her to stay under the sea in this Golden Globe, Grammy, and Academy Award-winning song. Making some pretty fair points on how the seaweed is always greener, this upbeat calypso-style tune is sure to put a smile on your face no matter how dreary things seem, serving as a careful and funky reminder to be thankful for what you have. Ariel may not stick around to listen to the whole thing, but we can’t get enough of it every time we need to get pumped.

Why yes, we shall be your guest… as long as you have this timeless song playing while we dine! Amid all the horror and sadness Belle initially goes through during her stay at the Beast’s castle, this huge Broadway-inspired number not only provides a much-needed break, but also rouses the spirit of everyone who listens. As Lumière lists off the wonderful services he and his colleagues provide as hosts, this track not only uplifts; it also gets you in the mood to go out to a banquet or participate in a kickline. Hey, who doesn’t love a meal and show? Especially when the meal is the show!

Nothing like a bit of Phil Collins to transform you from a timid child into a big, strong man and capable jungle-dweller who feels more at home among the apes. Just as Tarzan vows to make his adopted mother proud and become the best ape he can be, the rigorous yet positive message of this song can’t help but motivate you to become the best that you can be. While some of us may never get as ripped as Tarzan, this action-packed track serves as inspiration for any endeavor we choose to take up. Whether it’s something casual or we feel like battling a leopard, hopefully the lingering sound of Phil Collins’ vocals will help you see it through.

“Stand Out” was also a contender for this list, but we couldn’t ignore the song that sounds like a combo of Prince and Michael Jackson all rolled together with none other than Goofy Goof added to the mix. Not only does the track serve as a fitting climax to Goofy and Max’s struggle with what it means to be a father and son, it does so with a pop style that immediately throws you back to the classic 80s Disney toons. Whether you gel with the message about parenthood or just love the nostalgia bombs, this pump-up track is a hidden gem that truly is the best kind of goofy.

Before Simba was taking his place as the King of the Pride Lands, he was just a fun-loving cub dreaming about all the perks of being top cat—in song form, no less! Taking us along for a catchy and hilarious trek through the Pride Lands, Simba gloats about how awesome it’ll be when he’s the ruler. Of course, the always-cynical Zazu adds his own two cents on what’s expected of a monarch. Even though Simba’s journey to find his place in the circle of life ends up going a little differently than he expected, this bouncy track reminds us how important it is to cut loose and look forward to the future—no matter what’s in store.

Aladdin’s daring escape in “One Jump Ahead” certainly gets the blood pumping, but it’s the Genie’s spectacular introduction of Prince Ali that never fails to get us excited and singing along—and you better believe we do ALL the voices. Blending together Robin Williams’ knack for accents, his bellowing voice and his signature humor, “Prince Ali” presents us with a laundry list of Ali’s qualities that’s as pleasant to listen to as it is entertaining. Slowly building into a huge musical number worthy of a spectacular coterie, this pump-up track is perfect if you wanna make a grand entrance.

Who doesn’t love a good montage? After Hercules bests the fearsome Hydra, what was once a somber mood explodes into high-octane mania as we’re treated to a condensed, musical listing of Wonder Boy’s various labors, courtesy of the sassiest incarnation of the Muses you will ever hear. With its fast pace and gospel-influenced style, you can’t help but follow in Herc’s footsteps as he takes on challenge after challenge and still comes out on top. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be taking things slow with this track blasting in your ears. Yes indeed!

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

  • “Topsy Turvy”—The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • “Why Should I Worry?"—Oliver & Company
  • “Almost There”—The Princess and the Frog

Take one of the best protagonists Disney’s ever given us, add a heroic power ballad featuring the singing chops of one Donny Osmond, and you’ll have a song that will truly fill you with determination. While this track may list the qualities a so-called “real man” should possess, the fact that Mulan—a woman!—is able to rise up and succeed where others couldn’t adds a whole other layer to the track; it’s practically an anthem of empowerment… One that happens to be so damn catchy you won’t be able to not get pumped while listening to it. If you’ve ever needed motivation to run that extra lap or be as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, THIS is your track.

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