Ticket to Ride - The Beatles

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The song that changed my life forever.

Ticket to Ride - The Beatles

When I was in primary school I always said I wanted to become a doctor when I get older. So I said when I was in high school I will study biology and I did.

2006 I was a big fan of Doctor Who at the time and still a big fan to this day. I was looking on YouTube at some old videos of the 1664 Doctor Who episodes. Of course it was William Hartnell at the time. I watched a short videos of a darlek related episode one time the doctors granddaughter Susan switched on the television or some sort of a viewing device and a man on a television show said "Here we have The Beatles". The song Ticket to Ride came on and my life has never been the same since. I was drawn to the music and the music just blew me away and instantly I was a Beatles fan and my career and love for music has begun.

Almost everyday, weeks and weeks I was listing to this song. I was somewhat addicted to the song and The Beatles as everyone is of course. When I saw the full video of Ticket to Ride I was more focused on Ringo, I immediately became a drummer because of Ringo. I did what every other drummer did, I picket up pencils and started hitting things all around the house, which drove my parents crazy. So I have came a long way since then. I'm not a multi instrumentalist and play in several bands. I gave all my credit to The Beatles and of course to Ringo Starr.

Because I was driving my parents crazy from hitting random stuff with pencil. They decided to get me a drum kit foe my 12th birthday. I was so happy, But I didn't know how to play because i didn't take any lessons and i didn't chose drums in school at the time. As long i was making noise with the kit I was a happy kid. I still have the drum kit to this day. I even have The Beatles printed onto the bass drum skin.

When I was in high school i said i wanted to focus on biology and have music my second choice. I was struggling with all my classes in high school due to my distillates, So I focused more on music and history and to be honest I did complete high school in five years and got a B grade in biology, So that was something. In music class I said I could play drums and guitar because those were the two instrument I played then. So I chose guitar as my first instrument and the glockenspiel as my second instrument, don't ask.

From listing to The Beatles i was also listing to other music from the same genre and year as well. I found music from The Rolling Stones, The Who. The Kinks. Cliff Richard The Shadows and the list is endless. My hero's in music are. My uncle, because he was a drummer in the 1990s. I do believe that's where it came from, It passes down from my uncle to me and possible to my nephew. My other hero's are John Lennon, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello. I would say Ringo but Ringo made me the drummer that i am today.

I think it's also important to mention. That when I was listing to The Beatles and when I got my first drum kit when i was 12 years old. I wasn't feeling the grove. I mean I wasn't used to the four solid beats yet, Then I heard jazz music and I started to play what I heard in the jazz music, Which was easier to play and I was able to develop my right hand when I started playing Beatles songs.

Here I am 24 years old. I'm a full time musician and I dedicate it all to The Beatles. The Beatles made me who I am today. From that one small video of The Beatles playing on a television show on Doctor Who. That was the moment that changed my life forever. When ever people say "How i got into music?". I always say "I was watching Doctor who one time and four lads from Liverpool sang a song called Ticket to Ride".

My life has never been the same since.

60s music
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