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Thor (2011)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 7 months ago 6 min read
Thor (2011)
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Perhaps to avoid controversy with powerful lobbyists from the religious right, Thor, the superhero character adapted from this new comic book, is no longer an actual Norse god. On the contrary, he is one of the powerful creatures of the mysterious kingdom of Asgard. Their existence on Earth in ancient times made us humans call them gods.

Unlike the typical superhero who wears costumes and uses newly developed skills or dramatic motives to stop crime, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) comes from Asgardian mythology in Norse mythology, where he served as a god of warriors. Writers Ashley Miller, Zach Stanz, and Don Payne used clever, cheap storytelling in the first half hour to tell the story of Thor's origins, how the Asgardians crossed their Bifrost Rainbow Bridge, and why they are heroes. He was eventually banished to Earth in human form. his father. One (Anthony Hopkins). Researchers Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Eric Selvig (Strand Skarsgard), and their intern Darcy Lewis (Kate Denning) S) open Thor and wonder if his story of gods and wonderland is just a figment of his imagination. Sydney-The Marvel Universe enters space via 3D Thor. This is a hugely entertaining section of Thunder superheroes, teetering on this side of cheesy, introducing the mighty Thor.

This is a loud and shocking show full of sound and fury, with suitably epic design, strong digital effects, and a healthy respect for comic book history, turning the gods of Norse mythology into the so-called Avengers founding member of the superhero team. After its world premiere in Sydney on April 17, "Thor" will be released in several regions before its North American premiere on May 6. From there, the story returns to the imagination and tells how Thor landed on Earth.

There's a strong awareness of Thor's ego in Ragnarok, as the film explores what happens to a man who's been told he's a god from the day he's born, and the alienation he can feel as a result.

In the first movie (2011), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) couldn't stop acting like a crazy boy, so he was thrown out of the house and had to learn to be a great person which would make him a Strength man. At the beginning of Thor (Hemsworth), Thor (played by Hemsworth) was about to replace his father Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins) as the ruler of Asgard. Asgard passed a two-tone node that looks yellow, connected to the ground, a brick road that could have been built by Elton John. Enraged by their presence and intent on uncovering the perpetrators, Thor disobeyed Odin's orders and traveled to Jotunheim with his brother Rocky (Tom Hiddleston) and his team of fearless warriors. A territory that includes Walstager (Ray Stevenson) Hogan. (Asano Tadanobu), Fandral (Joshua Dallas) and Schiff (Jamie Alexander). Their reckless behavior caused the ice giants to wage war against Asgard, forcing Odin to banish Thor to Earth, where he was stripped of his powers.

Here, the warrior meets the ruthlessly determined astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and faces a new battle, first against the government agency SHIELD. As Thor (Chris Hemsworth) comes to life on screen, Marvel Comics introduces another icon from its vast lineup of characters.

The release of this silly but fun new movie based on the Marvel superhero Thor, the ancient god of thunder, has sparked an amazing explosion of online Thor-related games. Thousands of critics and bloggers from around the world competed for the best Thor joke. I've met more than a few MCU fans who seem less into the THOR movies.

It's hard to make a character like Thor work and feel modern, relevant, and recognizable. Thor feels like a movie to be made, rather than a movie made to matter. There's a lot that doesn't work in Torah, and that could very well be a testament to the actors, the material, or Bran, that the film manages to entertain almost despite itself.

Thor doesn't live up to its promise and doesn't even come close to realizing its true potential, but chances are if you've enjoyed other Marvel movies and this is your type of movie, you'll at least love the promo. ... Thor is solid proof that a solid cast isn't enough to make a movie great. It's the cast that helps make Thor a worthy movie: Aussie Hemsworth, franchise-worthy, and Natalie Portman, using her usual relaxed, winning charm. Chris Hemsworth is brilliantly portrayed as Thor, not only because of his almost comically perfect looks and build, but also because of the charisma, he brings to the character.

But while Hemsworth has always been the easiest to tell Chris from the others (a recurring joke), especially in the Marvel movies, he's never been able to match Pratt's movie star quality and easy charm. the Thor series was constantly interspersed with Hiddleston's Loki, escaping the hearts of the public and sometimes the entire film. He chooses ideal newcomers like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston for Thor and Loki; Hiddleston in particular is a standout, and it's a little surprising when you look back over the past 10 years and realize how much the Marvel Cinematic Universe has relied on Loki and not any other villain. In his last two films, Thor celebrated everything that made him a hero on paper. Like the Norse gods, Thor (Hemsworth) is a rather robust specimen who can fly through the clouds and bend thunder and lightning to his will.

During the film's long prologue to Asgard, Thor's stubborn attitude leads to his banishment to Earth. That's as close as the film gets to a moment of revenge — and that's all that happens before the third act when that big armored thing in the desert turns out to be courtesy of Thor's treacherous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) back in Asgard.

For all its digital sound and 3D frenzy, Thor is a movie for teenagers who aren't afraid to show their feminine side. Likewise, Thor relies heavily on the cheeky charm and understated charisma of its goofy star Chris Hemsworth, who brings more than the requisite bulging, tall frame and blond looks to the party to impersonate the Norse god of thunder. Thor's pairing with other Marvel heroes (Iron Man, Captain America, and more) in the upcoming Avengers also seems like a fitting party for a ladies night out. Both of the past Marvel Avengers movies have disproved the idea that Thor, their permanent blonde super-goddess, is a villain.

This Thor can be downright funny at times and the world of Asgard at times resembles the digital universe of Throne in the recent shadow update. Aside from Skarsgård's disbelief and a single scene where Thor happily explains to Jane the relationship between magic and science in Asgard and how all worlds are connected, the film doesn't care what it's like to be an unworldly creature from Norse mythology.

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