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The Villain Of Someone Else's Story

A purely fictional telling of revenge, for a nonfictional reason..

By Jordan FlynnPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 17 min read
The Villain Of Someone Else's Story
Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

Nathans head was throbbing, it hurt to open his eyes but he did his best. As they adjusted, he began to understand the sad state of affairs he found himself in.

When he went to rub his eyes, he found that he could not move his hands. A jingling behind him helped him know why that was. “What the, uhh.” He groaned.

The handcuffs clanked loudly against the back of the chair he was in. He yanked harder, yelling in desperation. “What the fuck! Hello? Is someone there? Help!”

Nathan tried to move the chair with his large torso, but found that the chair was bolted to the floor. He breathed heavily, taking in the derelict room he was trapped in. There was one ironclad door to his right. To his left nothing of note, just assorted garbage, a pizza box, and a couple of two liters of Mountain Dew.

Front and center was roughly a 30 inch TV which stood on top of a small stand. “Hello?”

Nathan tried to turn his head to see what was behind him but couldn't turn his head far enough, for it too was held in place by a rope of some kind.

Otherwise, he may have seen it, the man standing there casually watching him struggle, and writhe in the chair.

A explosion of music made his heart jump from his chest, and crane his neck to his shoulder in an effort to shield himself from the noise. It was obnoxiously loud classical music. Every smash in the bass he felt in his chest, not helping his pounding head.

Just as promptly as the music started it ended.

Nathan moaned for help in vain for some unknown amount of time. He almost shit himself when he heard what sounded like someone loudly slurping from a straw behind him. It shocked him almost as much as the music.


Footsteps came to Nathan's flank, until the person was standing directly in front of him.

Nathan stared in shocked confusion.

It was none other than one of his best friends from high school, Jordan.

“Flynn? What the fuck? What are you doing?”

Jordan stared at Nathan blankly, his eyes seemed to look beyond. They stayed that way even while he proceeded to brutally strike Nathan in the gut, and face.

Nathan didn't even notice the salsa music playing during his beating.

He looked up at Jordan who was doing salsa steps. “Why are you doing this?” I thought we were friends?” Nathan yelped, spitting blood from his mouth, which didn't make it much further than his shoulder.

Jordan stopped his humming. “Oh we were, and well, still are," he exclaimed, wiping the blood from his knuckles.

“Then why the fuck am I handcuffed to this chair Flynn? Why the fuck are you beating the shit out of me?”

“Well Nate, I thought you'd never ask.” Today, tis the day of wrath.”

Nathan just shrugged the best he could in the chair he was tied to.

Jordan dragged another chair next to Nathan, one of the few items in the vacant room Nathan woke up in. Jordan clicked a remote which resumed playing a familiar classical tune.

“Why are u playing this god awful music?”

“Because it has to go with my story, and thought its good music to accompany the explanation of my evil plan.” Jordan then looked directly at you, the reader. His crystal blue eyes staring into yours, within them a smile as though he knows a secret that you do not.

Nathan glanced timidly at Jordan,then at the blank wall in which Jordan was looking at, Nate shook his head, “what the fuck are you looking at?”

Jordan broke his gaze with you as if he were equally shocked, “uh nothing, shut up.” He cleared his throat.

“You may not remember. Many years ago there was an Xbox game called Mass Effect.”

Nathan stared dumbly at Jordan, who sighed in return. “Sci-Fi, space opera, exploration, role playing shooter, and well regarded as one of the greatest games of the time.”

Nate returned a yell “what the fuck does that mid game have to do with you tying me to a chair?"

Jordan backhanded him across the face.

“Shut your filthy mouth.” He sternly said before recollecting himself. “Now if you recall in this game you could essentially create the backstory for the main character, making it your own. There were choices in the game that reflected that you were good, and those that reflected you were evil, or a renegade I believe it was called.”

Nate's large head rolled in annoyance, “yeah, I fucking know, I literally played the same game you did, so I don't need your synopsis.”

Jordan clicked pause on the music. “I know you fucking potato, I'm not doing it for you, well okay I am doing it for you but mostly them.” Jordan gestured towards you.

Nate again looked confusingly at the wall in which Jordan was pointing his hand.

“Dude, are you like dangerously high right now or what is happening?”

Jordan, adjusted his sandy brown hair, “don't worry about that this is about why YOU are here.”

Nate's eyes widened, and he responded sarcastically, “yeah any fuckin' day now.”

Jordan stroked Nathans beard, making him wince. “Don't worry sweet prince in due time.”

He then clicked resume on the music. “Anyways.” He stopped again as a poppy beat came on over the speakers.

“Son of a, fucking son of sea biscuit.”

Jordan slapped the remote skipping to the next song,

He nervously looked at you, the reader, and then Nathan. “I, I swear this isn't the playlist I had in mind. I don't even know how this is on here.” Jordan stammered over the music.

“Here give it to me I think I know what's wrong.”

Jordan glanced down at Nate's hands in regard, the lyrics "come on barbie let's go party” blared over his thoughts.

He then unlocked one of Nathan's hands from the handcuffs and handed him the remote.

Nate studied the remote for a moment, he noticed the blue tooth was on.

“It looks like it's defaulting to your phone, you idiot.”

Jordan, jumped in apparent shock, and pulled out his Iphone. His spotify was indeed playing.

“Oooh gosh How did that even happen?” He tossed his hands up in the air mimicking defeat. “I'm such a silly goose.” the Barbie song cut out as he turned off the phone. Nate held the blue tooth button, allowing it to connect to whatever speakers Jordan had set up.

“There ya go.” Nate passed the remote back.

“Thanks dude.” Jordan gave Nate a crisp high five. “Alright put your hand behind your back again.”

Nate rolled his eyes, but obliged, placing his hand next to the other inside the cold steel of the handcuff.

Jordan locked it in place again, “is that too tight?”

“No, no, ,no, that's perfect. Anyways why the fuck am I here?”

Jordan resumed the music that was too his liking.

“IGN a famously critical gaming magazine/website at the time, gave a 9.4 out of ten to Mass Effect.”

Nathan scoffed,”yeah also one of the most biased, are you really going to read me the rev- ''

The flow of words were abruptly cut off as Nathan's extremely large head slammed against the back of the chair from the vicious force of Jordans strike.

Nate coughed in pain as Jordan continued, “I can quote others!”

He now stood, pacing as he spoke. “Anyways, IGN was quoted as saying The fantastic storytelling doesn't end with the main quest. Roughly 15 hours of side quests and exploration are woven into the game with an expertise that makes them virtually impossible to ignore. You hear that Nathan? 15 hours of side quests! 15 hours that I easily doubled in my efforts!” He screamed spiddling all over Nathan, his face now inches away.

Nathan coiled away from Jordan's hot breath and groaned, “thank you IGN. Again, why am I here? I mean this is a pretty fucked up joke, and you guys used to do some pretty fucked up jokes to me.”

“Well Nathan I was just about to reach the peak of my thesis. I must say your enthusiasm to find the truth arouses me." Jordan held a long uncomfortable stare with Nathan before continuing. “If you remember, one of the sticking points to that game was that your character progressed into the next game. So your actions, choices, and allies you picked went into Mass Effect 2.”

Jordan's knuckles popped as he clinched his fist.

“So I had beat that game, making the perfect commander Shepard that could be. I had got with the hot girl in the game, and ended with maxed out stats. I was ready for whenever the next game would come; and whatever it would bring."

Jordan sat in silence for a moment, his eyes closed as if in rem sleep.

“Okay, and then?” Nathan interjected.

Jordan clicked the remote again, switching the theme to something much darker, Nathan knew it nearly immediately for he was a nerd.

"Darth Sidious."

“And then one fine day during your bummy phase, a phase that lasted seemingly eons mind you; you needed to borrow my Xbox…I felt an urge to say no, I did not know how long I would be without my Xbox afterall.” Nathan could feel the crescendo coming, the moment building to the reason he was there.

“Some weeks later, you returned the Xbox as you were supposed to. Nothing more, nothing less."

“Yeah, okay? Good job past Nate.”

Jordan gritted his teeth. “I found nothing more, until one day, I was bored of my other games and decided maybe I would get another play through of Mass Effect, since it was announced Mass Effect 2 was coming out soon.”

Jordan's eyes meet yours again, “It was then dearest reader that I realized everything was wrong.” He said with a wink.

"I went to load my last save, my precious balanced Shepherd, not too evil, not too good, I made choices that I might If.. If I were him."

“Dude, who's the reader? Like I think you lost it, just let me. Wait… I see them too, what is, whose that?” Nathan's wide eyes stared directly at you now.

“Shuut it, it's not important. Not to you anyways. Don't you wish to know why you are here?”

“No, No I don't want to, I don't want to hear anymore this isn't right.”

“You don't get to choose! I'm the one in charge here!” Jordan shouted, the veins bulging from his neck.

“You see, upon loading up Mass Effect, it began the game as though… I was a NOOB! There was no high level maxed out weapons or armor, no balanced choices, and no hot game girlfriend! No hot game girl friend Nathan! Jordan's hands raised above his head, pumping in anger.


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Jordan's hands paused still above his head. “Duh, like, is there like any other choice?” He now pointed his finger mere millimeters from Nathan's eye. “You deleted my save! All of it! My memory was clean, I would have to restart the entire game, or make the choice of continuing into Mass Effect 2 as a blank slate, nothing.”

Nate's mouth hung open, Jordan had kidnapped him, tied him up, and beat him due to a video game. Nathan wasn't sure if that's what shocked him more, or the fact he could see you as well.

“So that's why you did this? because I deleted your Mass Effect saves?” Nate asked incredulously

“Why do you think I Just gave you this fucking diatribe? Yes, you bag of dicks because you destroyed what I held most dear."

“That's dumb.”

The music suddenly paused.

Jordan froze, his eyes widened, his gaze more animal than human. “Wha- what did you say?" His voice cracked.

"That's dumb. Wouldn't you agree, reader?” Nate said, his glance turned to you.

“No, don't talk to them, I only get to talk to them.”

Nate continued in a sing-songy voice. “Reader, reader why don't you quit readin’ and help me from my beatin.”

“Stop, they don't like your dumb song.”

“No, how would you know?”

“Fuck off, they aren't here to listen to you, they are here to see this.”

Jordan scurried away from Nathan, who couldn't see him despite his writhing in the chair in an effort to follow where his captor was going. “Flynn?”

The evil music resumed continuing to build to its crescendo.

His heart began to race, his life passing before his eyes. “Flynn what are you doing?" His life began to pass before his eyes. “You, you there watching, reader help me please. You can't possibly think I deserve to die over some stupid game?” He pleaded to you. “Please help! Do something.”

The TV in front of Nathan suddenly turned on. “Is this a fucking Hicense? Come on man you can do better than this.” That's when he felt it. The cold point of what must have been a gun to the back of his watermelon sized head.

“What's in motion now, cannot be undun.”

He gasped,“Flynn. Don't do this.” Tears began to well in his eyes as urine pooled beneath his feet.

Nate blurted out everything he could think of, pleading until he was breathless. “Flynn I'm sorry I did that to you, I'm fucking sorry okay? Its just you guys used to fuck with me so much back in the day, and after one of those days I had enough. Then I figured I would delete your account because I knew you were saving up for Mass effect 2!”

Jordan was taken aback. Nathan felt the pressure on the back of his head slowly pull away.

“I… Understand now Nate.”

Nate's eyes widened with hopeful joy. “Yes, it was just because of that, I'm sorry dude either way.” Nathan tried to twist his head to look at Jordan but could only barely see him from his peripherals.

“Yeah, you are right we were dicks back then. Didn't stop to think I was the villain in someone else's story.”

The two basked in the silence, as the music concluded.

“So. You aren't going to kill me?”

“No, I'm not.”

Nate's shoulders slumped, and he closed his eyes in relief.

Jordan chuckled as if he just heard a new joke. “I was never gonna’ kill you!”

Nathan's eyes shot wide open when he heard the familiar sound of a Xbox starting up. Ping.

Nathan looked at the TV in confusion as the all too familiar Xbox Live dashboard loaded in. He frowned when he saw what was logging in on the dashboard. It was his gamer tag. SnackyN8te.

Jordan re-took his place in the chair next to Nathan, there in his hands was no gun, it was a Xbox controller.

“What the fuck dude? How did you?”

“Shhhh just watch.” Jordan whispered.

Nate did as he was told as if he had a choice at the time. He watched as Jordan opened up one of the games.

It was the NBA basketball game NBA 2K. Nathan's stomach dropped. He had logged countless hours of his life in that game. So much that he actually got really good at it. It was something Jordan and some others used to beat him at.

Until he played it a lot. Like an unhealthy amount of a lo. So much so his friends didn't enjoy playing against him anymore, for Nate would let them know how much he was beating them. He eventually became highly ranked nationally on xbox live.

“Yess Nathan, yess now do you understand?”

“Flynn, can't we talk about this?”

“No, no we can not. There are no pacts between the lions and men.”

On the TV the Xbox live slider came up, Jordan slid the highlighter over to account settings, scrolling down to delete account.


He clicked it, prompting it to ask “If you delete this account you will not be able to undo it, are you sure?”

Jordan slumped backward in the chair. “What do you think?Reader? Nate? Are we sure?”

“No! Fucking No! Come on Flynn don't do it.”

Jordan held the controller in front of Nathan's line of sight, Nate's eyes pleaded for someone to save him, save his game. He prayed that he would psychically throw the controller from Jordan's hand. He prayed to you dearest reader, though he knew that too was in vane.

“Good bye.”

Jordan presses the A button deleting Nathan's NBA 2K, and entire Xbox Live profile.

Nate writhed screaming in the chair, drool came flowing down from his mouth into his beard. A flurry of swear words and pleas exploded from Nathan's mouth.

Jordan meanwhile let out a booming, deep laugh, delirium swept them both.

One balled in sincere and stupid joy; the other in pure and carnal nerd rage.

Finally the dark music came to a end, Jordan slowly sat next to Nathan, who at the same moment stopped his sniveling.

Nathan turned towards Jordan, his eyes vacant as if he too were seeing beyond.

“You'll never win this writing contest.”

Jordan glared at Nathan, it was as if Nathan had deleted his Mass Effect game again.

“Your dumb songs don't really have anything to do with anything. Their just annoying.”

“Yeah I mean most of its due to the writing contest. Jordan nervously looked at you the reader. "Though you gotta' admit that Emperor Palpatine theme music went really well with my evil laughter right?" Jordan said with a shrug.

Nathan ignored Jordan turning his attention to you as well. “Reader go write in the comments his story sucks.”

“Shut Up, don't listen to him, he's a bag of dicks, who used to owe me money all the time!”

“You said it wasn't for that.”

“Yeah it mostly wasn't, okay?”

Jordan leaned back and from somewhere behind pulled out another controller. “Well you wanna’ play some NBA 2k?” A smile was now on his face.

Nate looked at him, his lips pursed out in annoyance.

“Come onnnnn. Here actually ya know what? Let me play this song,I thought I might need it to cheer you up.” Jordan pressed play on a song, one well known in all of the Michigan area due to the line “just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit.” Nate's ears perked up instantly at the familiar melody of the piano notes.

“You remember when we would play this after a late night, or after successfully typing of someone's house?”

Nate nodded and laughed his deep witless laugh, “you still play a wicked air guitar?”

“You still play killer air drums?”

“Do bears poop in the woods?”

Jordan stood up, proceeding to play the most wicked air guitar you the reader have ever seen, or hear? You actually question yourself if he himself is playing those rifts written by Neal Joseph Schon from Journey. Nathan nods along, harmonizing with Jordan, as if he needed it.

“Street lights people.”


“Hold on to that feeling!” Jordan belted over the music itself, as the song faded away.

The two sat for a moment as if they were outside themselves, having an of body experience.

Jordan's face convulsed in sorrow. “Ah, fuck! My bad man, you're still handcuffed!.”

Nate let out another dumb laugh. “Ha ha, yeah can't do a drum solo with my hands behind my back.”

“Tpsh, well if you were a good drummer you would, idiot.”

Jordan's smile faded, and his face became sincere.

“So. Do you wanna play 2K?” I mean.. We can take it from the top.”

Jordan, held the controller towards Nate again. “Together.”

Nate stared at the controller, “abso-fucking-lutly.”

Jordan did a fist pump in the air. “Yeah! Alright then, lets get started. What team you wanna’ use?

“Uh Flynn”

"Or you wanna just go random teams?”


“Fucking what? God you're cool sounding.” He said sarcastically.

“I'm still handcuffed you idiot.”

“Ahh, damn my fault, my fault.”

Jordan uncuffed Nathan, who in turn rubbed his wrists, and cracked his back in the chair.

“No, we are being Miami.”

“Ugh… Fine.”

Jordan then pressed play on one last song.

Nathan listened for a moment as the two set up their game. “God you're a nerd, is this from the Mass Effect end credits?”

“You're damn right it is.” Jordan passed Nathan a bag of potato chips and his beloved Mountain Dew.

"What do you have in this creepy room anyways Sonos speakers or what?"

"Oh yeah, spared no expense."

Nate rolled his eyes, and the two continued to game until day became night, and night became day once more.

They then lived happily ever after.

fact or fiction

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Out of Grand Rapids MI. I write because I have to. (I am a noob however.)

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