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The Top 5 Reasons Why Young Thug and Gunna Will Respond to their Wake Up Call

by Skyler Saunders 4 days ago in list

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Young Thug and Gunna Will Respond to their Wake Up Call
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The severity of the crimes included in the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) indictment against rappers like Young Thug and Gunna should give anyone a shock to the system. Starting with an alleged street gang activity on behalf of Thugger, Gunna’s charges include the conspiracy to violate RICO.

To wake up to serious charges against your name is enough to make the best person consider his life and options. Here are The Top 5 Reasons Young Thug and Gunna Will Respond to their Wake Up Call.

5. The Two Rappers are Too Successful to Just Take these Charges Without a Fight

Both artists recently played on the show that has captured the zeitgeist for nearly fifty years, Saturday Night Live. In one show, Thugger and Gunna performed and in another, Gunna performed with Future. These are artists that have delivered the goods and will probably use every legal fire power to combat these charges.

If history foretells the future, artists who can acquire the right attorneys will be able to at least challenge the court, if not beat the case(s) completely. These chart-topping rappers will most likely hire a legal team that will be money-hungry and ready to chow down on dismissing the charges.

4. Young Thug and Gunna will Take this as a Way to Keep their Noses Clean Going Forward

Among the over fifty other individuals indicted in this series of charges, Young Thug and Gunna have the most visibility. They are faces and names amidst a sea of nondescript people.

Given the fact that both of them are caught in the public eye, that should give them enough sense to never get snared by the clutches of the law after this fiasco. Both of them will be able to check their behaviors, and see that such tough talk on a track is different from an actual murder which took place seven years ago. Gunna and Thugger will be able to embrace the reality of this whole situation by knowing that they will have to avoid being charged after this.

3. The two Men Will have the Chance to Reflect on the Past

With all of their awards and accolades, the sometimes duo will bring to the fore memories of them rapping on stages. They will be afforded the chance to consider music videos, guest appearances, and all of the trappings of glitter and glamour. When the pair see that they can hold onto the past like reins on a horse, they will be able to say that all they worked for could go up in smoke. Everything they worked for could crumble. In their wake up call, they will have ample time to reflect on their previous achievements. This will sustain them and give them solace going through the legal system.

2. For Gunna and Young Thug, this Will be a Learning Lesson

No matter how you slice it, these young men will be remembered for crimes they may have done or not. The educational value of this whole experience ought to grant them the possibility to bring understanding. The lesson of not being involved in such activity and to keep such urges to allegedly commit crimes on streaming services.

There is a great value in moments like this that will bring both hip hop artists to realize that their supposed misdeeds never worked in their favor. They ought to see that education is in their minds. To know what not to do is often the greatest thing one can do.

1.Young Thug and Gunna have Too Much Money to Mess it Up

As young businessmen, Thugger and Gunna know the power of the dollar. With their wake up call, they can count their ones and assure themselves that their money will be safe.

By taking the time to comprehend the dynamics of what will happen to their cash during this process, they ought to know that the legal fees will be quite steep. If they know the ledge and comply with all of the directives of the judiciary, they might just have a chance of maintaining their freedom.


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