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The Top 5 Reasons Why Gunna Ought to Snitch

by Skyler Saunders 3 days ago in list

The Top Five for those with Drive

The Top 5 Reasons Why Gunna Ought to Snitch
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With Young Thug grabbing most of the headlines, and being featured across the media platforms, few reports discuss rapper Gunna. The relatively quiet response to Gunna’s alleged wrongdoings appear to be the result of him being affiliated, rather than an active participant in the stunning indictment.

What Gunna should focus on is becoming a CI (confidential informant). This may clear him of any charges and allow him to continue to breathe air in freedom. Here are The Top 5 Reasons Gunna Ought to Snitch.

5. He Already Knows Too Much

If someone is involved in a criminal enterprise or even suspected of engaging in such activity, it should be stated that an individual can divulge information.

Gunna should know the guidelines and parameters of the RICO group that has landed him and collaborator Young Thug in hot water. With the knowledge he has relating to how the organization functions, he might have a chance at avoiding serious time behind bars or any at all.

He should be able to reveal the locations where the group met to discuss criminal activities. Gunna should hold in high esteem his own intellect, and spill every bit of data that he has in his brain housing group.

4. Gunna Should Be Loyal to Himself

The hip hop culture is overrun with “Stop Snitching” slogans. Rats, finks, and stoolies, are often viewed with severe indignation. Sometimes, even acts of force go against the informant. Gunna shouldn’t worry about that. Rappers now are snitching to save their hides.

It’s become snitching chic. En vogue are the ones who sing on the stand, and point to the ones in the courtroom who did the dirt. If Gunna is wise, he will forgo experiencing fear of talking, and opening his mouth to tell the truth.

3. The Riches Could Entice Gunna

Though he is already a millionaire, what’s better than having money other than to have more of it? The “Banking on Me” rapper needs to focus on his finances and see if he can strike a deal with the authorities.

As an informant, Gunna might be able to put more money in his bank account. He could possibly be the one who could get the cash and keep moving in the industry. All he has to do is talk to police in order to get those funds. In a way, he could be the money machine that “chatterbox[es] to the Matlock.”

By doing a deal with the district attorney, he would be afforded the chance to see his profits grow away from just streaming services and merchandise.

2. He Would be Aiding a Proper Agency of Government

Though cops are usually seen as a liability to the neighborhoods they serve, they are in fact agents of enforcement and protection of individuals under the law. Gunna ought to realize what he is doing is a service to the Atlanta area. If he snitches, he will be able to help out the police force in finding actual, hardened criminals.

Gunna has the potential to be a champion of individual rights. With the chance to upend an entire criminal organization, Gunna just might find himself with the key to the city of Atlanta.

1. Gunna Ought to Snitch to be Selfish

While it is widely believed it’s wrong to be selfish and put others before yourself, why do few people ask why aren't others “selfish” for putting their values before anyone else? Gunna ought to realize he should be self-interested. When he considers the fact that everyone else is thinking of themselves, he should put himself only. That’s how he can snitch and get psychologically rich.


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