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The Things We Get From Music

by mysoundMusic 3 years ago in list
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Music is a bigger part of our lives than we may realize.

It is all around us. Sometimes it is in our faces and other times in is buried in the background. It gets us moving and keeps us entertained. Music is a bigger part of our lives than we may realize. That is why we are sharing with you today this list of the ways in which music enriches us.

1 – Everybody Understands It

Well, in general terms that is. You won’t see heavy metal musicians listening to jazz music, although they would still be able to appreciate it. That’s because music is considered the universal language. While you may not do so well in a foreign country that has a spoken language you can’t speak, music transcends that. You don’t need words in order to understand what the music is saying. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from⁠—music speaks to you.

2 – It Sets The Mood

Even if you are not shooting for a romantic setting, music creates an ambiance that cannot come from anything else. Sure, your house party may be incredible because there’s a pool, tons of drinks and snacks and the conversation is riveting. But when you add music to the mix the party really becomes a happening event. Sporting venues use snippets of music to get everyone in attendance involved. That is the same thing as having the stereo playing jazz or whatever during your party.

This Calm by Fall Into Place

3 – It Brings People Together

Nothing unites people of different cultures, backgrounds, experience and life skills quite the way that music does. Sure, there are going to be cases where random people in the same place will have some things in common but music crosses all boundaries, all social statuses and pulls everyone together. Music experienced like this is a way to discover those rhythmic sounds in a completely different manner. When you see how others react to music, you begin to feel it move within you as well.

4 – Creates Focus

Music, when played and enjoyed in certain settings, can help you concentrate on specific tasks. With soothing music in the background of an office productivity increases as the sound acts as a barrier to other distractions. If you have difficulty in focusing on important tasks that need to be completed by a certain deadline, try working alone with some music in the room. You may discover a whole new way to get things done that you never realized could be assisted with the aid of some music.

5 – Impacts Your Mood

There are very few of us who are not touched emotionally by music. Be it the striking story that accompanies opera music or the words to a great country song, music has a huge impact on how we feel. As a result, when you are grieving a loss, listening to sad songs can physiologically help you deal with the situation. The same theory applies if you are feeling great and you listen to upbeat, happy songs with positive messages written into the lyrics. Music can help you deal with many things.

6 – Gives Your Imagination A Workout

Even if you do not know the details of the background of a specific song, listening to it and the lyrics can help you to picture in your mind the story as it unfolds. Every song ever written tells a story and you can form your version of them each time you turn on the radio, stereo or CD player. When you exercise your imagination, you are improving your mental health which will aid you in many different ways during your day-to-day life. Music also gives you an escape from a tough day.

Lucia by Tony Marino

7 – Your Memory Improves

You may not know that you know the words to hundreds and possibly thousands of songs. All you have to do is start listening to a song you haven’t heard for quite some time and all the words will come flowing to you from your memory. That’s why it is usually very easy to learn a new song as the music that is part of it provides your memory with subtle clues related to the lyrics. Even for songs without words you will be able to identify changes in tempo and when certain parts are to happen.

8 – It Is A Pleasurable Experience

Nothing quite like music can be used to punctuate certain events in our lives. Certain songs remind us of days gone by or have become ‘the song’ to remember important life events by. It is not uncommon for young couples to have a favorite song that they will call “Our Song” for as long as they are together. Listening to music of all kinds is a nice, relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is so significant to us that buying or downloading music for personal collections permits personal pleasure.

9 – It Touches Each Of Us Differently

A very unique thing about music is that it leaves an impression on us that may not be the same with each person in the same room. That is because the words, the sounds and the rhythm of the music makes each of us feel something different. That may be because some songs are personally attached to significant life events in our past. Regardless, music makes us listen and pay attention to what the message is and how it is delivered. This is far more effective than email or texting.

What Type Of Music Touches You?

Liane Carroll - Goodbye Look/ Walk Between the Raindrops

Be it jazz, classical, country, pop, techno, rap, metal, grunge or whatever type of music you prefer, you have chosen it as your favorite because of how it makes you feel. Now that you know the many ways in which music enhances our lives, why not pull out a few of your favorites and turn it up loud so you can share your love of music with a few others!


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