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While you were here

Eric Benet while you were here

I'm 50 years old. I remember growing up with so many great songs. My family was made up of my mother , my dad and my grandmother my dad's mom. My uncles and aunts from his family was where I grew up. In my grandmother's house there was always laughter , fun and music. My dad and uncles would sing doowap and mimic the soulful sounds of the miracles, temptations and the intruders. My Aunt and I used to play dress up and sing the Supremes and Diana Ross was our favorite. However, every girl had to play makeup and look like Latoya Jackson. Those days bring me smiles today and the song that brings back all of those great memories is while you were here by Eric Benet. This song is a place to me to relax and renew. To become whole again. My dad was an mechanic he worked for a large corporation when I was a child. My mom was a telephone operator and when they went to work they'd drop me off at my grandmother's house. My aunt and uncles entertained me all day until they arrived to pick me up at night. We listened to the Supremes, Jackson 5, the temptations, Sam Cooke,

Donny Hathaway, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, the four tops. I loved to hear them sing and the music was the forefront of our upbringing. My mother and father were not around as much as my grandmother. Who rose early every morning at 5 am to go to work then was home at 12 pm for lunch.

She was a great woman she taught me how to cook and to believe in the good in all people. I'll never for get she was angry at my dad for mistreating my mother and so was I. She sat me down and told me that no matter what someone does to someone you love always forgive and let god do his job about what they've done. I'll never forget that day it lives with today. I lost my mother two years ago and my father died 25 years ago. They gave my family so much joy they were both kind loving people and they will be missed. During the summer was when we spent our time barbecuing and

listening to records. The food was your favorite stuff, like fried chicken, potatoe salad, barbecue chicken and ribs, fried fish, and green salad and baked macaroni cheese. Corn bread and chocolate cake and sweet potatoe pie. We danced and sang and ate food into the evening. When the next barbecue came around it was at someone else's house. These memories are unforgettable. How quick we are to forget who gave us our joy. The stars that made these great melodies will live on in our hearts forever. The dances

we went to and party we made to these songs are still with us all. The deaths of David Ruffin, Aretha Franklin, and Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye are why we remember, While they were here to sing, to laugh, to share their talents with us. My favorite song is still coming on the radio. Eric Benet is a well-known r&b artist. He has many songs such as chocolate legs, I want to be loved and Sometimes I cry. His music is legendary. He has done songs with the likes of some music greats such as Mariah Carey and Tamia and hosted many award galas. The romantic evenings and engagements this song has made possible are many. My memories are of both old and new genres of this music. These songs will keep us listening forever. Our kids and their kids will always be together through song. My parents were dancing to these songs and looking into each other's eyes and so was I with my husband and so will my children with great new songs like While you were

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Rhonda Tatefrost
Rhonda Tatefrost
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