The Silent Celeb Debuts Official Music Video for “Good Music”

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A Declaration of We're Still Here; Good Artists

Originally born in Bronx, New York, and inspired by the greatest of female MCs from Missy Elliot to Mary J. Blige, Hip Hop-Soul female entertainer, The Silent Celeb's soulful and sexy musical infusion of Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop carries a message of confidence, truth, and “old school meets new school feel good” music. As a singer and performer since the age of 4, she has been determined to make her music timeless and universal. “I write for the masses. I have something for everyone regardless preference,” says Celeb.

Earning accomplishments such as winning the Grand Prize at NYC SOB'S longest running showcase “Faces in the Crowd” to winning showcases such as “They Got Skills” and “Empire State of Grind,” The Silent Celeb has not only been deemed the next artist to watch, but also as “The 5k Kid” following her nominations as the Most Original Female Artist by the Under Ground Music Awards Committee. In 2016, she served as the R&B ambassador for The NYC Hip Hop Retreat and was featured in Lavish Life Magazine and most recently, Urban Magazine. Followed by her debut E.P. entitled The Silent Celebrity Project, Celeb won Best Compilation/Album of the Year for the 2017 Voiceless Music Awards and earned full spreads on “We are Jersey” Magazine and “Industry 21” Magazine.

With the release of her previous visual for “Do 4 Love,” Celeb follows up with an engaging and thrill-worthy visual for “Good Music.” Featuring an insightful breakdown of individuality by slam poet, DaRudest Jones, and gritty vocals from Mike Larry Draw, “Good Music” blends Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock into a melting pot of well blended transitions and self-empowering lyrics any artist can relate to. “Good Music” speaks on the moment of realization that music can easily be persuaded by this black and white colored world we live in and shouldn't be placed in a box or a specific category based off the promotion of clout. Why should we as creators be placed and a box and told what we can and cannot create? Our visions and what we envision as human beings allow us to all connect with others, calling for better understanding of Class A- working minds and intellectual diversity easily absorbed by ages alike, young and old. This is the moral Celeb wants to portray in her latest single, that good music should always and will always be forever timeless.

First premiered on Urban Magazine, on April 1st, "Good Music" follows Celeb through an adventurous day of being stalked and having attempted persuasion of becoming into a mind-less 21st century mumble rap listener. With the rise of trap and mumble rap soaring into main stream mid 2016's, the Hip Hop generation has caught on to lush vibes and hopped vibe feels, igniting the genre to heights unexpected. While most music by big hip hop goers easily take over radio stations and Top 40, some simply flop, causing nothing but bleeding ears and zombie lyrics which spark no energy. It's simply a baby babbling over a swole beat. The "bad music" possessed zombies follows and corners Celeb in the office of a record label executive. Using this moment to let her voice be heard, Celeb no longer wishes to be silent. With pressing fate banging on the door (literally), Celeb questions the A&R on why is she not legible enough to be signed to these cookie cutter labels while other talent-less artists are? Pressured by mindless followers breaking down the door, the A&R tries to reason with Celeb.The continuation of the visual follows Celeb throughout NYC, battling the Bad Music Virus and her right to try to sort out the balance and find a cure to the destruction. "Good Music" declares the possibility of allowing us to progress in music through personal connections without having to fit into the bubble of a "perfect artist" on a "perfect label".

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