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The Monster Bash: It's my party and I'll Jam like I want to! (Ultimate Halloween Playlist)

By Adrianne Kirksey

By Adrianne KirkseyPublished 2 years ago Updated 8 months ago 8 min read
The Monster Bash: It's my party and I'll Jam like I want to! (Ultimate Halloween Playlist)
Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Before I begin, it's important to mention that my birthday is the day before Halloween. It is also important to mention, that I absolutely love the "Horror" genre, and believe Halloween songs should actually be included in the selection of songs chosen for a Halloween party.

It is also important that I mention, that I am a lover of movie soundtracks and film scorers. A lot of the songs mentioned, were songs I actually first heard on a movie. When you combine a film scene, with a song it brings that scene to life; but this is just my opinion.

I am not "tech savvy, and no, I did not include embedded videos. I'm pretty old school. However, I thought I'd do a short music review of each song I thought would be cool, to hear at a Halloween Jam.

The following compilation of songs is what I would play, if I were a DJ at a rocking Halloween bash. It took me a long time to narrow this list down.

I must also mention that I am a lover and fanatic when it comes to the role of a film scorer. Deep down, I think it would be my dream job.

To me, music is universal. So, buckle up your seatbelts. Here are 40 songs that I believe, will keep the party going. See, at my party, there is a song for everyone. I think it is important to mix it up. Its my party, and we can jam, if we indeed, want to.

1. Michael Jackson - Thriller: You absolutely cannot have an Halloween Party without playing Thriller. The first I heard it on a movie was on, "Revenge of the Nerds."

2. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.: This song by Ray Parker Jr. is sure to bring out nostalgia in all the 80's babies in the room. There's something strange, in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?

3. The Doors- People are strange: First heard this song on the spine chilling, cinematic thriller, "The Lost Boys." Warner Brothers presented this vampire flick starring Kiefer Sutherland and both the Corey's: Corey Feldman and Corey Haim (RIP).

4. Orange Juice Jones- The Rain: This is lowkey one of the most stalkerish, songs I ever heard. The famous line, " I missed you too. I missed you so much I followed you today." Priceless.

5. Whoomp there it is! - Tag Team: This one hit wonder is just the thing to get people out of their chairs to cut a rug. You want a hype party? Play this! "Shaka laka shaka laka shaka laka shaka whoomp!"

6. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics Back in the 80's, the British new wave brought us this one. My girl Annie Lennox came in with a fierce, red, pixie cut and a suit and tie and rocked it. Press play!

7. Lady Marmalade - Patti Labelle: This is by far Patti Labelle's signature song. The trio "Labelle" brought flamboyance and sexiness. They also made you want to learn french! " Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" Hell yeah I do!

9. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot-Parliament- "Swing low, time to move on!" is some of the best advice given. Dr. Dre remade this hit under the title, "Let Me Ride." This song, released in 1978, with it's futuristic beats and magnetism showed that they were indeed, ahead of their time.

10. Hey Ya - Andre 3000 : One, two, three! My baby don't mess around, because she loves me so, This I know fo sho! was the start to a fun song. Play this and I guarantee somebody will shake it like a polaroid picture.

11. Cisco Kid- War - The World is a Ghetto was the name of the album. You know, Cisco drank whiskey, but Poncho drank the wine. This is a good cool down song. Take a sip.

12. The Freaks Come Out At Night- Whodini: If you knew how to skate, this was one song you could definitely slide across the rink on. And of course, on Halloween night is when all the freaks will be out, and a few will be at your party.

13. Make it Clap Remix- Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul & Spliff Starr: The regular version of this song debuted in 2003 on Busta's album, "It ain't safe." Some great songs came out in the early 2000's and this was one of them. This joint will either make you clap your hands, or clap that azz! I choose the latter!

14. Insane in the Membrane: Cypress Hill: This song is on the album, "Black Sunday" debuting in 1993. This mainstream hit was number one on the US rap chart. When you hear, "Who you trying to get crazy with ese'? Don't chu know I'm loco!" You know it's about to go down.

15. Lets Go Crazy: Prince: He was pretty. He was talented. He would steal your woman if necessary! Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing, called life. Need I say more!

16. Let's Get It Started- Black Eye Peas : This song always makes me feel good after a hard day. It was added as bonus track to the album, "Elephunk" and is a reworked version of, " Let's get retarded."

17. Men at Work- You Can Dance If you want to: I personally love the way the beat drops in the beginning of this zany song The lyrics tell all: We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance they are no friends of mine. Let loose on this one!

18. Marvin Gaye- Got To Give It Up: I have always had a crush on Marvin Gaye. This song is for the shy people who want to cut loose, but were too scared to do it. One time for the 70's babies in the room.

19. Juicy J featuring Two Chains and Lil Wayne- Bands a make her dance: Some may say that the lyrics are God awful, even degrading. However, this is for our Strippers and Exotic dancers. If you couldn't "twerk" before this song will bring out the "inner vixen"; Ayyye!

20. Oingo Boingo-Dead Man's Party: I first heard this song on the movie, "Back to School." staring the late, great Rodney Dangerfield. His character dawned blue, silk pajamas and were surrounded by women. The party was rocking so hard, that the police were called. Not really a dancing song to me, but it fits the occasion.

21. Psycho Theme- Bernard Herrman: As I stated before, I think scary music should be incorporated into the selection of songs chosen for a creepy time.

22. Psycho Theme- Bernard Herrman: As I stated before, I think scary music should be incorporated into the selection of songs chosen for a creepy time.

23. Rihanna - S & M: Whips and Chains excite me...This song can bring out a person's alter ego on the dance floor.

24. Toni Basil- Mickey: I just like this song. Oh Mickey your so fine. Your so fine you blow my mind....HEY MICKEY!

25. Rockwell- Somebody's Watching Me: This song has always had a spooky Halloween feel to it.

26. DJ Noize- Halloween Massacre Reloaded: Stumbled upon this soundtrack on You Tube. It combines different hip hop artist rapping to some sinister beats. Creep on in.

27. Blondie- Call Me: First paid attention to this one while watching, "The Bride of Chucky." I thought is was cool when Jennifer Tilly jumped into the doll, and made it her own.

28. Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- A Nightmare On My Street: You can't have a Halloween Party without the Fresh Prince. The song is based on one of my all time favorite movies, starring Robert England, "A Nightmare On Elm Street. One Two, Freddy's dancing with you!

29. Lil Wayne, Imagine Dragons, Wiz Khalifa- Sucker For Pain: I think this a sexy, sadistic song, perfect for a Halloween Party.

30. Geto Boys- Mind Playing Tricks On Me: This trio is still one of my favorite groups till this day. It is so fitting: This year Halloween fell on a weekend. Me and ghetto boys be trick or treatin'!

31 Alfred Hitchcock Intro Theme- Funeral March of a Marionette.

31. David Bowie- Fame: So, I first heard this one on the movie, "Friday after Next." The scene shows record store owner, "Pinky" hoping out of a pink Cadillac, a pink suit, sunglasses, and a "jeri" curl. Coolest ever.

32. John Carpenter- Halloween Main Theme: I think this is a good cool down song. As I said earlier, I think its important to add Halloween themes to a Halloween party. Horror fans will appreciate it.

33. Beyonce- Haunted: The title alone will make you play this seductive number by our number 1 Bee hive Seductress, Beyonce.

34. Tyga-Rack City: I love the intro and the beats to this one. Will get anyone of any age out on the dance floor. This song was featured on, " A boo Halloween."

35. Uncle Luke- It's Your Birthday: So, I recommended this one for the people whose birthdays are close to Halloween. What's that number one birthday sign? Scorpio!!!!!

37. Fugees-Ready or Not: The hip hop group, "The Fugees" brought us this hit on their second studio album, "The Score." The song contains a sample of "Boadicea" by an Irish singer named Enya. You can also hear this same sample, in the spine-tingling hit, "Sleepwalkers.". Guaranteed to wake the dead at any party.

38. House of Pain- Jump Around: If you came to get down. Get out your sit and jump around.

39. Cee-Lo- Crazy: This brother went solo from the the group I love so dearly, "The Goodie Mob". I first noticed this song in the movie, "Kick Ass."

40. Queen- Another One Bites the Dust: Its only fitting that we play atleast one Queen song at a Monster Bash. It's the title for me. The title, makes me think of ashes to ashes..dust to dust....


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