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The Interesting Life of Ella Jefro

by mysoundMusic 3 years ago in feature
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Talent extraordinaire

I recently stumbled upon an artist whose talent caught my attention immediately. A little digging and several google searches in, I was becoming a bit disappointed that I coudn't find any information about Ella Jefro. Not one to give up, I decided to go directly to the source. This is Ella's story...

Her Style

Ella Jefro wrote her first song to her pet at the age of 14. She has continued to write songs, in two languages, for over 15 years since.

She embodies chiroscuro in all stages of music production, especially in the tone of her voice.

Chiaroscuro (Italian for "light-dark") is part of bel canto, an originally Italian classical singing technique in which a brilliant sound referred to as squillo is coupled with a dark timbre called scuro. The overall sound is often perceived as having great depth or warmth. Chiaroscuro is commonly used in opera. Within operatic singing, especially in Italian, the vowel "Ah" provides an example of where chiaroscuro can be used: the vowel must have a bright Italian sound, as well as depth and space in the tone, which is achieved through the use of breath and the body. Wikipedia

Ella's tone is "sweet like a bird dancing with the fist light of the sunrise and dark red mystic color of the palette wandering in outer space of our mind." This is what she calls ragingly natural and sexy.

Her first mixtape came in 2016. Birdsong Tales consisted of a sonically dark pop vibe, originally written and produced by herself in Turkish and English language.

Listen to the beautiful song titled Bilbos House from Birdsong Tales.

Along with some covers, she decided to dive further into mixing and finally, in 2019, her latest release "Gotta Leave You Behind" came, being the first professionally mixed and mastered song in her creative growing career.

The Early Years

Through the years, she took inspiration from English, Russian, American literature, classical, pop, R&B, and soul music. Classically trained in piano, composition, music theory anything could give inspiration to make music, write a song or paint ranging from a random man walking on the road at midnight with marlboro on his left hand to a just released Weekend, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello song.

Growing up in a small town Antioch, Ella used to watch her dad sculpting, drawing, hen-cooping and mom singing. She left home to study English Language and Literature and received her BA in 2011. During her time at the university she learned to play guitar, participated in choir and worked as vocalist in TRT radio.

While her family and friends assumed she would simply take a job after graduation, she instead prepared for special talent exams at Ankara University. The results were successful and she was able to pursue her dream: composing better!

Although her speciality was opera, she took classes from awesome teachers, studying classical piano, music theory, harmony, and modern dance. Of course, she spent a lot time with the dogs and birds living on the campus, too.

A Bright Future

In 2014, she left the school and started giving private piano lessons and producing music in Ableton. Her early music is representative of searching for identity, while dropping by some pop and folk stops. Her music, feelings and way of representing herself evolved to a darker tone.

One of my favorites "PillowTalk"

Ella learned how to mix and master her own music, as well as arrange, in order to make full productions and kept on playing and singing favorite songs on guitar especially to her pet birds few of which were included in Birdsong Tales.

She loves portraying characters with deadly flaws. Her latest release "Gotta Leave You Behind" is about a relationship needs to end. It has a dark, sexy blend of trap and pop vibes. "Gotta Leave You Behind" was released on all streaming platforms in July, 2019.

I, for one, hope Ella Jefro doesn't just leave us behind, but continues to bless us with her talent.


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