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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 6 months ago 6 min read
The Incredible Hulk (2008)
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Story – The story here tells the story of Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner tried to avoid government arrest because he was looking for an answer to get rid of the Hulk side, and the government announced that they had not turned off the Updated version of the experiment button. Character-Bruce Banner-Ex-scientist infected by gamma rays, the government has to hide behind him, he communicates with people who can help him, who see him come out of hiding and get the attention of the government, he should learn to control the Hulk inside. When General Rose (Hurt) found him, Banner escaped, but he didn't have a chance to catch his breath: his girlfriend Betty Rose (Taylor) was gone, and super soldier Emile Bronsky (Rose) was right. His green alters ego is fascinated. Tim Rose is well portrayed as Emil Bronski's mercenary, but Tim Black Nelson (Holes, Hoot) is introduced in Act 3 as a man who wants to help Banner but ends up a Scientist who can fight the Hulk in the future, bringing the film closer to shouting to stop his sharp style of judgment.

The Incredible Hulk follows a fugitive Bruce Banner (played by Edward Norton) who is desperate to solve his Hulk problem. In the film, Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk as an unwilling pawn in a military scheme to activate the Super Soldier program using gamma rays. The film opens with Banner, played by Edward Norton in his only role in the role, hiding out in Brazil and using meditation to manipulate his transformations. Even so, it's Banner who plays the first sequence in the film - he doesn't transform into the Hulk until the climax.

Unfortunately, since then, the film has gradually abandoned Bern's tension and turned into a series of louder and more violent confrontations - Hulk vs. Army Brigade and Hulk Vs. a more bizarre radioactive monster - alternated between Banner and Roswell in several wet staring scenes. Of course, most of the action consists of chases with the soldiers chasing Banner, but every time the Hulk shows up, things get interesting. It's the last action sequence that I'm most interested in - I usually hate seeing two CGIs collide at the climax of a film, but this is where the film's work pays off. This is a huge shame because the three iterations of the Hulk in the theater - Eric Barna in the Hulk, Edward Norton in the Hulk, and Marco Ruffalo in the Avengers - are the most effective of them all. And the most interesting.

Throw in the villainous Roth, a soldier so obsessed with keeping the Hulk from turning into something worse, and you have all the standard elements of modern comic action. Instead of unrealistic scenarios, The Incredible Hulk draws the audience into the seriousness of his army and its incredible finale with its cutting-edge CGI. For fans of the superhero genre and action movies in general, The Incredible Hulk is a great addition to the canon. The Incredible Hulk gives Marvel its second superhero hit of the summer.

For comic book fans, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk are a solid pairing. If the first film was a triple, then the second is a solid single and good enough to bring back the previous one.

People often forget that just six weeks later the next MCU movie came out and it couldn't play anywhere like its brother. As Marvel's only box office failure, its global box office gross was just US$263 million, no doubt due to the negative response to Lee Ang's "Hulk" five years earlier. Directed by Louis Lightrell and written by Zach Payne, Edward Norton stars as Bruce with Liv Taylor, Tim Rose, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell, and William Hurt Banner.

"Hulk" is a 2008 superhero film directed by Louis Lightrill and starring Edward Norton. It is also the second Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film. This is one of the worst Marvel movies, but not bad, not bad, definitely better than Iron Man 2. Compared to other MCU movies, this is one of the worst movies, but not bad, definitely better than Iron Man 2 Act One it's a little suspenseful, but it gradually gets complicated, both the villain's rushed origin story and the annoying and boring battle scenes. In the last scene.

After a slightly extended intro that puts all the pieces in place, The Incredible Hulk stays focused on the action for the rest of its run, pausing occasionally for a demonstration or development of Banner and Betty's relationship. As General Ross William Hurts leads the hunt for the Hulk and the pace picks up, there's a sense of a film that appreciates the risks it takes as well as its rewards. Iron Man is funnier and more stylish, but Hulk is a riveting adventure with a smart script by Zach Penn and the smart, dynamic director of the French TV series Transporter Louis Leterrier. Conclusion The film is a radical departure from Ang Fox's 2003 Hulk, which dared to delve into Oedipal conflicts, repressed memory, and scientific arrogance.

This film emphasizes action over introspection, but star Edward Norton, who reportedly fiddled with the script a bit, made sure the hero was still thinking about the curse of his gamma-poisoned cells.

Most audiences will likely find The Incredible Hulk to be interesting but forgettable entertainment after the loud opening act, though for Hulk fans suffering from Ango's contrived and flawed film, this may just be a balm for the soul. Fans of the TV show will notice the homage to almost every iconic moment on the small screen, from the green-eyed Bruce and the brutality of the change that begins to take place on him, to the familiar hitchhiker look. The miniseries will revolve around Bruce Banner's cousin, who gets superpowers from him after a blood transfusion. Zach Penn, who pitched the first film in 1996, said the film would follow the Hulk, but emphasized that it would be more similar in tone to the TV show and Bruce Jones comics.

However, he did not rule out the story of Hulk and Banner finally entering the universe and explained why the Hulk's movie did not appear in the second phase of the MCU. He said: “After the first Avengers, Iron Man is getting his movie. Thor has his movie, Captain America has his movie, and Widow and Wrath are in Winter Soldier. The scene is coming to an end. Make this the first phase of Marvel Studios' production in the Marvel Cinematic Universe The Least Important Movie. The Hulk and Spiderman trilogy "Batman: Origins and Superman Returns" belong together in this new era, so the reboot is the climax of the previous film.

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