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The Color Of The Night: The Powerful Plea Of Love.

by Samantha Parrish about a month ago in song reviews

Why it's the most important love song and why it's the song that truly shows what love is like

The era of the 90s supplied many great songs. Smells Like Teen Spirit redefined the rock genre, Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia won the Academy Award for best song. Whitney Houston's cover of I Will Always Love You became a bonified power ballad apart of one of the successful soundtracks of all time. The 90s had a plethora of powerful songs, but there were songs that went noticed under the known artists, there are many songs that went unnoticed, by the title of this article your about to read one that you missed.

There is a little unknown film called Color of Night that came out in 1994 (ironically that is the best year for movies, but this one was not one of them). The movie faded into obscurity, and it's a stain for the reputations of the actors, and unfortunately the song anthem made for the movie faded with the failure of that movie.

I remember perusing through IMDb and I found this movie, I didn't care much for seeing it. The low ratings was in the indicator or something mediocre. I saved myself an hour and forty minutes and looked up the plot on Wikipedia. I read about the song that was made for the movie, I'm always interested to see how a song can go hand-in-hand with a movie. I gave it the benefit of the doubt to listen to it, now eight years later, I can't think of any other romantic ballad song that can't make my stomach churn and sting my eyes to brim with tears like this song can.

After listening to this song, I was curious to see if Lauren Christy had any other songs she made for movies or albums she created. Surprisingly, she opted to be a songwriter for other musicians, This woman has done work for other artists that you would never think she would have wrote for. She has contributed to the discography for artists like Avril Lavigne and Korn. She's helped out numerous careers by being the one who has secretly write for mainstream musicians. It's a shame that she doesn't go into the limelight anymore or create other songs because the world needs more of what she can do. I dare even say that her singing abilities and powerful voice does match that of Celine Dion.

It's a love song, but it emphasizes the devotion of love

Love is a common topic in many songs, the plea to stay, what they love about the person in the song, and of course, devotion. Rarely is there a song about giving everything to one that struggles with their demons. This song truly sums up with meaning of what is to devote your soul to your partner. I've never heard a song that went into the painful details of what it felt like to watch the one you love suffer. It's emanating through this song, to feel this misery of what both the singer and the subject of the singer is going through. The singer is hurt and heartbroken for the person they love, whatever the person she loves is going through, she's going through it too. That's love.

The lyrics are clear and cut deep

There should be recognition for how powerful this song as an underrated love ballad. It's a poetic, powerful plea to the one your in love with, has his demons. This is a song that is a poetic way to describe the heartbroken feelings about the one she loves is hiding behind the darkness of his own detrimental turmoil in a metaphorical elaboration of hiding in in the night. If you look at the lyrics it's a powerful song about pleading for communication and devotion.

The music meshes well with the mesmerizing voice of Lauren Christy's. There has been numerous love ballads over the years, but the music in this one truly feels theatrical to match the movie, but can stand on it's own without being associated to the movie the song was made for.

The lyrics have a powerful plea of love. In most love songs, it almost comes off as generic, but the lyrics expressing that the one she loves is hidden by his own demons and she's pleading for him to come out, and she'll give everything in her well-being if he would open up to her. It's a great song that does have a message about the loss of communications in a relationship. The lyrics aren't cliched and even if they are, the performance is so powerful that it stands on it's own to be taken seriously as a love song.

The powerful plea

When you are in love with someone, you want what they want, you want the best for them. But you also want the peace for them, to let them know they aren't alone in the world, that the burdens that are burying them, either in the past or in the present can be dealt with. Seeing that person you love in this pain.

She doesn't understand what has happened to the one she loves, and why he is in so much pain. Whatever this is, the problems he's going through is holding back the relationship. She's quietly begging and pleading because she loves him so much. She's not ready to give up on their love, but she's patient.

A lot of women want their partner to open up, to know more about them, that means all of it, every bit of it. This one evokes that part of the relationship that truly has a heartfelt pain to it. She's waiting, willing, and wanting to be with him as he hides away from her.

True to life

Despite the fact that this song was made for a movie (and it does play on Bruce Willis' character being colorblind because plot has to plot), that does make a good lyrical explanation about how this person she loves is hiding in the night. People shroud themselves and keep it hidden to protect themselves or protect the one they love from themselves because of whatever demons they have. So that is true to life, people with problems do hide behind the darkness, albeit metaphorical or literally. Even if that means staying hidden with these demons to protect someone or not being comfortable yet to step into the light and throw the inner anguish away. This is that song to keep in mind when you love someone, they could be going through something and it's rough to have to reveal it.

Listening to this song, it hits the heart, it clenches the stomach.

When I hear the last frame of the song -

I'm waiting for you, I'm standing in the light

But you hide behind

The color of the night

I feel my stomach churn to feel that emptiness that Lauren is singing, and I feel my eyes brimmed with tears to feel that last hushed plea.

Right now, the current craze is everything that has to do with the culture of the 90s. After listening to this song and reading this article, you got to have one more part of the 90s to indulge into.

Thank you for reading this put-together piece, I would greatly appreciate a tiny tip to my creative endeavors to present these pieces.

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Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish
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