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The CD pickup of 2022

All the fabulous local music CD's I have collected on my travels

By Charlie SmithPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - January 2023

I must start by wishing you all a happy new year! I hope that father Christmas delivered everything you wanted. Whether that was a brand new guitar, drum set or some socks. Hopefully, you were all good in 2022. I was certainly very good in 2022 or rather I wasn't as bad as I could have been which is something.

I wanted to write this article today just really showcase some of the fantastic CDs I collected from 2002. I know that vinyl is making a come back but CDs really deserve a comeback as well. As you may know, it is not always easy for artists to make money so it's always handy to have some CD stock for artists to sell at their gigs. Having just said that I must confess I didn't buy any of these CDs at all! No, I traded for most of them or (As you will find out) maybe I took part in a music video and got given it as a reward. Anyway, it got me feeling a little bad so thought I should support local music and give them a bit of a shout-out. Before we get into the CDs I just want to give a quick shout-out to all the great music I've heard online. I might not have been able to get a CD for all the great local/non-local music I heard last year but I've added lots to my playlist 'Indiependant' So please do check that out for more music from great unsigned acts.

Keepers Brew

First up we have 'Keepers brew' with some hard electro music. I must say I really love the artwork here the whole CD package and the CD itself is beautiful. I'm not really into dance/trance music so I couldn't tell you too much about it specifically, but what I would say is that it sounded like music from a video game. The reason I got given this was quite random. I got invited to be an extra in a music video they were filming. I can't lie I was a bit drunk but the time I arrived (As I had been playing an open mic before) but hopefully I had a cinematic presence that was worthy of the CD.

Nick Haynes

Next up we have local singer songwriter 'Nick Haynes' with his EP 'Alive in sunny Southampton'. My favorite part of the EP is back vocals and crowd interaction. Recorded at the cricketers arms in Southampton. Sounds like you are there down in the pub. Very cool.

Markus Moody

I absolutely love (Sorry for the pun) the 'Love letter' EP from Markus Moody! An awesome collection of broody and moody tunes. I'm lucky enough to watch him play live a few times now and I would very much recommend it. Hope to catch him again in 2023.

Die IV you

I saved the heaviest till last of course. I got this CD at the punk at the railway which was a gig I stepped up to fill in at the last minute. My favourite tune is by far the man that time forgot. Very underrated punk rock track in my opinion.

There we have some lovely CDs that I have managed to collect this year! I really hope that everyone who brought my CD last year really likes it as much as everything I have collected. I hope that CDs do make a proper comeback because it's so great to collect them from gigs. I'll leave a link below to link my handmade CDs where you can find all my merch, hopefully, see you all at a gig soon where we can trade CDs like Pokémon cards. I look forward to the 23' collection.


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  • Sukuna11 months ago

    Nice , keep it up

  • sleepy drafts11 months ago

    This is an awesome list! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Aj G11 months ago


  • Heather Lunsford11 months ago

    What a great reminder music is much more that the top 40 constantly thrown at us. I'm sure these local artist appreciate your shout out!

  • Heather Hubler11 months ago

    Congrats on the Top Story! This was a wonderfully put together and interesting read. I enjoyed listening to the previews you included. Great work :)

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