The Best One Direction Solo Era Playlist Created by Yours Truly

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not listing every song? It's harder than it looks.

The Best One Direction Solo Era Playlist Created by Yours Truly

Just as a warning before we get started: It will be a miracle if I don’t list every single solo song from every single member of the band, but I’m going to attempt to practice a little self control and only list the songs that I listen to religiously and/or think are the top of the chain for that particular artist. With all that being said, and now that you are perfectly aware that this could be the most extensive playlist ever created, let’s get to it.

Lights Up: Harry Styles

How could I not include this recent masterpiece? Can y’all believe this song came from the same little bean that wrote heartbreakers like “Two Ghosts” and “Meet Me In The Hallway?” Me either, honestly.

Sign Of The Times: Harry Styles

This will always be Harry’s ode to fame, in my opinion. He channeled something special here. This song was his perfect storm. It was his first song to be released as a solo performer, it was different for the time, and it was Harry. I mean, who could’ve resisted?

Sweet Creature: Harry Styles

This is that song. You know the kind. It’s the one that fits literally any and every mood. It’s the song that you listen to in the car, right before you go to sleep, and all the times in between. It’s the song that’s stuck to you like your favorite sweater. It feels like home.

Woman: Harry Styles

Try not to bop your head to this, even just a little. This is the song that takes you out of reality for a while. When the world feels too heavy, you just turn this up, drown that out, and get lost for a while.

Watermelon Sugar: Harry Styles

Every song Harry has written for this new era has been a real glimpse into the raw transformation that Harry has gone through over the last couple years. It’s been really wicked to watch him grow and manifest into something so beautifully unique.

Adore You: Harry Styles

Masterpiece. That's all to be said.

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart: Louis Tomlinson

I said it on my Twitter, and I’ll say it here too: DLIBYH is the freaking self love anthem of the year. Guys, this songgggg. It’s such a turn around from Louis’ usual poppy, upbeat sound and feeling. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a touch obsessed, but I refuse to apologize. I love this song. That’s that.

Miss You: Louis Tomlinson

This might be my favorite single from Louis. It feels like his “coming out of his shell” song. This is the song where it really feels like he’s trying to find himself. He’s playing around with different sounds, having fun with music; this is the Lou we love.

We Made It: Louis Tomlinson

If I could marry a song, this would be the one for me. I listen to this song so often, it might as well be engraved in my brain. Louis’ lyrics are so raw and so easy on the ears, it honestly is one of the best songs to jam out to and scream the lyrics of. 10/10 recommend.

Two of Us: Louis Tomlinson

This song will always have an extremely important place in my heart. This was the first song of Louis’ that made me cry, and I mean really, genuinely cry. Not a lot of songs do that to me anymore. However, this one is an exception. Every time.

Put A Little Love On Me: Niall Horan

How could I not put Ni’s recent masterpiece on the list? This song is a literal thing of beauty. Niall’s voice melts so perfectly into a love ballad, it’s insane. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to live at the same time as this song and Niall Horan. It’s truly a blessing.

This Town: Niall Horan

This was the first of Niall’s songs that I really fell in love with. I fell in love with the way his voice twisted around each lyric like it was something he’d done all his life. Music is Niall’s home, and this was the first time I’d realized it.

Flicker: Niall Horan

Flicker is the song I listen to every night before bed. It's my routine. Ni has become something that is so comforting in chaotic times, and songs like Flicker put my feet on the ground.

Mirrors: Niall Horan

I’ve always struggled so much with self worth and self love. This song was there when it was 4 in the morning and nothing made life feel worth living. This was the song that kept me here. It’s still filling that same hole in my heart, even today.

All I Want (For Christmas): Liam Payne

I’m not much of one for Christmas tunes, but this one is so smooth and mellow, I can’t deny it a place in my playlist. I just love it. I love the vibe. I love everything.

Slow: Liam Payne

I’m not much for the hip hop vibe, but I actually really enjoy this song. It’s definitely one I can get down to.

Satisfaction: ZAYN

I really love how Zayn’s voice sounds in this song. I love how Zayn has the incredible ability to almost mumble throughout an entire song and still manage to draw us in so much.

Flight of the Stars: ZAYN

Again, I just love Zayn’s whole vibe. He’s got this innate ability to leave listeners hanging on every word. It’s really hard to listen to Zayn and not hear every word.

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