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The Avengers (2012)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished about a year ago 5 min read
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The success began when Marvel's The Avengers opened in 39 territories around the world, grossing a whopping $178 million in three days. And with legions of fans already pre-booked in the United States, it's pretty safe to say that fans certainly won't be disappointed, but they won't be overly surprised by Joss Whedon's pleasantly poignant genre film either. Indeed, it sounds a bit like fanfiction, but when the writer/director is a fan of Joss Whedon's level, it works in his favor.

However, if someone can make it work, it will be Whedon, whose reputation for resistance (and gorgeous talent for portraying) has long established himself with characters such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly and his writing time for Marvel Comics. status. is amazing. X-Men. By now, you may have understood the basics of the story. This is a work that only Nick Fury and Samuel L. Jackson can do with the support of SHIELD, but this is exactly what Buffy creator Joss Whedon took to finally reunite the Marvel Avengers. You won’t envy the task at hand, but it’s not every day that a screenwriter and director receives a large box of toys in a comic book series and asks to go out and have fun. We have been looking forward to it for a long time to watch Iron Man and Captain America fight side by side, or witness the battle between the Hulk and Thor (no, I don’t count the incredible return of the Hulk) and the Avengers, and continue to deliver goods, good. -Carefully planned, more ambitious than life. But the best part of hiring Wheaton for this movie is the interaction between the characters.

Despite the different levels of development, "The Avengers" is successful at the character level because the story is about the union of these superheroes. Pose, angry grimaces denoting evil, and an arsenal of jokes - all this in "The Avengers", which brings together a group of superheroes who constantly compete for screen time, performances, and unmatched laughter. Vulgar and pompous characters like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Steve Rogers / Captain America (Chris Evans) are much funnier in The Avengers than in their original films as they have Tony Stark / Iron Man this time around. ... Robert Downey Jr.) to make fun of them. Many of Whedon's classic moments in the films manifest in the form of Stark's wit towards others, although Captain America gets a great joke about cultural references, and the Thor and Hulk joke is the film's comic highlight.

Whedon made a very wise choice here because Coulson's continued enthusiasm for Captain America is an interesting way to reflect the admiration of many of us for these characters. But in many ways, the Hulk stole the movie. Some recent MCU movies have surpassed this movie as my favorite, but without the solid foundation of the superhero team...such as the Avengers, all this is impossible. Following the success of Iron Man in May 2008, Marvel announced that the Avengers would be released in July 2011, when Tony Stark (Tony) and Steve Rogers (Evans), Bruce Banner (Ruffalo), and Thor (Hemsworth) would come together. movie. , Marvel precedent.

Empire Magazine announced that the movie will be named Marvel's Avengers, and the Hollywood Reporter said it will be simply named The Avengers. The film's global box office exceeded 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, setting multiple box office records, becoming the third-highest box office ever and the highest-grossing film in 2012. It is also Marvel's first product with a box office revenue of 1 billion U.S. dollars. The Avengers is the best Marvel movie to date, and probably the best superhero movie I have ever seen, in terms of large-scale action, humor, and reproduction value.

Tony Stark has a lot more character development here than self-obsessed and flat Iron Man 2, it's good to see Iron Man The Avengers is the best Marvel movie to date and quite possibly the best superhero movie I've seen from everyone's point of view. -out-action movie, humor, and replay value. In addition, the script for the film, which was also written by Whedon (and the story by Zach Penn), is also good as most of the characters get their turn in the spotlight, especially when most of the characters from The Avengers are reunited (as a group) towards the end of the film. While some of the other Avengers films certainly have the grandest spectacle to bring to a cinematic experience, this particular film had some kind of "cinematic magic" in its overall marvel.

Either way, the plot, and script are very well written, everything is shocking, and the wonderful rhythm of the battle scene is full of the most spectacular and innovative special effects, creating all the superhero gadgets and gimmicks, invading creatures, and constant Explosion. This is one of the greatest superhero movies in action movies in recent years. When I envision a movie that combines the idols of the Marvel universe into a shiny, addictive movie, this is also the blockbuster I see in my mind. This is the best action suit I have ever seen, and it is excellent.

As creatively fluid and predictably stereotypical as Marvel's films are, not only will they make the core audience of PC fans feel like they've died and gone to Asgard, it has so much to offer that many non-fans will be disarmed and fascinated. Films based on Marvel comics grossed millions at the box office and everyone must have been delighted that some of the best superheroes in the series were combined into one movie, and if you've seen previous films with them, it was built. ... before.

After starring in their films, the long-awaited Coalition of Marvel Comics Heroes has come together to confront a huge threat to humanity. The Avengers unites several superheroes from the Marvel films into one team, creating one of the most iconic shared universes in cinematography. Marvel's The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble, as it is called in the UK and other markets) is everything we hoped for in an immersive superhero movie filled with memorable moments.

An all-star match of modern superhero extravaganza, The Avengers is huge - a Marvel movie and its legions of fans have been waiting. It's hard to imagine anyone who loves the patented fantasy, effects, chaos, and oddly dressed men would be disappointed; These stunning 3D visual fireworks display not only features a massive amount of action scenes, but director Joss Whedon skillfully balanced the celebrity circus to give each of the superstar heroes what they deserve. Marvel's The Avengers, the first big hit for the 2012 summer film season, promises and offers plenty of action on the big screen.

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