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Taylor Swift—'Lover': Album Review

An album that leaves your heart warm but confused at the same time.

By Luigi K.D.CruzPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

It's always good to see a transformation of artists, it's like you're growing together, and it certainly makes you relate to them more. Taylor Swift's career is nothing but legendary. It's undeniable that she has become one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our generation. Her early success in the country music scene has solidified her as this talented storyteller that a lot of country music fans fell in love with. However, later in her career, she has struggled to stay loyal to her country roots and began getting criticised for it. Her career hasn't been the healthiest either. She even had an issue over her record deal with Scooter Brown whose intention was to own her past catalogue in his pocket recently.

In the meantime, she has released the lead single "ME!" Feat. Panic at the Disco from Lover. Soon she released "You Need to Calm Down" as the second single. Honestly, those two singles were slightly underwhelming and concerning as they didn't reflect her brilliant songwriting ability. If you listen to the album, you would know what I'm saying here, it just doesn't fit in. However, she later released "The Archer," which is undoubtedly one of the best cuts in the album. It reminded us of the reason why we love Swift as a songwriter. She dips into her inner struggle with her image and insecurity of losing someone who she is in love with. Jack Antonoff (Lorde, St. Vincent and Lana Del Ray) who co-wrote and co-produced the album did a fantastic job to help Swift to find her sweet spot in this album. The overall dreamy and synthy pop vibe really work effectively throughout.

She also gives a nod to her old roots on the title track “Lover” and “Soon You’ll Get Better” Feat. Dixie Chicks. They both add another depth to the album. The latter track opens up her mom’s ongoing battle with cancer, and it reaches the peak of its emotional height on this album. It's another effective track that Swift takes us on her personal journey and Dixie Chicks on this track is a must. The layers of harmonies and the country instrumentations make this track something special and old-school.

The issue with this album though is its flow and overall execution. It's pretty clear that she had this intention to take us on this crazy emotional rollercoaster with this project, which she does but it can be exhausting at times, unfortunately. "Lover" provides 18 tracks filled with a variety of emotions which are based on the love spectrum. "Daylight," the last track on this album serves a gentle closure. It is another dreamy-pop production with a positive message that she finally found the light through her love. It's not only the length of the album but also the allocation of each song that doesn't click. For example, straight after the country track, you get a trappy pop tune "False God" then move on to a poppy gay anthem "You Need to Calm Down" then on to a glossy synth track "Afterglow," which is one of the top tracks on this album. Oh! Then don't forget "Me!" after a solid near-perfect pop song. They almost collide to each other sonically, which can be very frustrating.

This comes down to the overall execution of the album which could have been pinned down better. A collection of 18 tracks are somewhat pretty, emotional and loveable, yet it leaves us with a thought of confusion. It often sounds gimmicky which possibly prevents the listeners to fully immerse themselves in. Perhaps that was the intention of this album. Love is not always a straight line, it’s a constant struggle of figuring the ways to get to the garden of Eden. If this was your intention Taylor, you have nailed it!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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