Tamil Music Industry Analysis: Streaming, Live Industry, 2020 Trends

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Streaming, Live Industry

Tamil Music Industry Analysis: Streaming, Live Industry, 2020 Trends

It proves that Tamil music is the best music industry in India without any doubt. The Indian music industry is one of the largest industries around the world. Though the Indian music industry is known worldwide, it is not as well known as Tamil music. Tamil songs are the most traditional and oldest songs that are sung by people.

According to the latest statistics, songs from different parts of the world are copying from Tamil songs. So, it is safe to say that Tamil music is the king of other music. So now we show you about the Tamil musical industry’s analysis of streaming, the live sector, 2020 trends.

Tamil music industry:

Tamil songs are most probably based on Folk Music and modern music. They influence people’s minds by their lyrics, music, and tune. There is a massive number of fan following Tamil songs. But keep in mind that they always hold on to their heritage.

The current Indian market is a one of its most relevant topics. They never want to lose their market. They have been making remarkable gains over the last two decades. They also represent their songs through their movie songs brilliantly in high budget movies. You can find lots of Tamil songs on the internet. Also, masstamilan gives you the basic features of downloading and listening to music.

Structure of the Tamil songs:

Many young people nowadays are trying to build their careers through this Tamil song. So the competition is increasing day by day. At the same time, they are continually going up.

First, we need to review how much revenue they earn through their songs. They are mainly divided into 3 main businesses: sponsors, live and publishing.

Live show: They earn a considerable amount of money through the live show. In previous years, they made only 30% of their revenue by selling live show tickets.

sponsors: The most significant part of their income comes through brand sponsorship. They made only 45.2% of their profit by brand sponsorship & private events.

publishing industry: The last survey shows that they make 19.4% of their revenue from publishing their songs.

The latest figures show that Indian Tamil music ranks 15th in terms of income through country-based music. [2018 IFPI rangkings]

The reason behind their colossal achievement:

The reason for their tremendous achievement is a huge population, which is about 1.38 billion people. About 40 to 45 percent of such a massive number of people go to see live shows. They sponsored by various big companies in their country, especially Lux, Oppo.

Top songs: Top 10 Tamil songs that have broken records in 2020 [Indian film news]:

⦁ Vaathi Raid

⦁ En Iniya Thanimaye

⦁ Kutti Story

⦁ Veyyon Silli

⦁ Kadhaippoma

⦁ Nanbiye

⦁ Dharala Prabhu

⦁ Andha Kanna Paathaakkaa

⦁ Breakup Song

⦁ Unnaal Penne

Nowadays, people take more of movie songs. The songs that have been listed are all songs from various movies.

Top singers: Its art style and artist will enhance a song. In that continuity, a few houses have been ruling for the last few years.

Here we mentioned 3 most desirable Tamil playback singers:

⦁ S P Balasubrahamanyam: SPB has been dominating the Tamil film industry for almost four decades. There is no one in the Tamil industry to compare him.

He has sung over 20,000 songs in all languages so far. He mainly sings Tamil songs. This article is not enough to tell you about the honors, and awards he has earned.

⦁ Hariharan: Who is called living legend nowadays. He still presents songs with great voices. Hariharan, a two-time national award winner, have dominated the Tamil industry.

Hariharan, who was awarded the Padma Shri, has also won the Tamil Nadu State Award. Although she sings in almost all Indian languages, she has been performing only in Tamil and Hindi for several years.

⦁ Shankar Mahadevan: Although he is known as a great Hindi singer, he is also an unbeatable playback singer in the Tamil industry. He proved that he is the best with the first national award for the best male playback singer in the Tamil film, "Kandukondain Kandukondain” Won three more top prizes.

They have more and more opportunities. They are continually taking this to the peak of their development.They are also moving towards improvement by keeping their own tradition and audience.

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