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Summer of Love a Great Film And a Musical

The Summer of Love is a famous song by The Beatles

By Daniel ThomasPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

The Summer of Love is a famous song by The Beatles. It was first released in December of 1960 and remains one of their most popular songs. The film version has become a cult classic and was made into a successful musical with an all star cast headed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. If you are looking for a movie musical that will keep you guessing till the end, then The Summer of Love is a good choice.

The movie starts of with Richard Nixon's paranoia is growing as he tries to stop the FBI from investigating his brother's death. He has his secretary General John Scalzi give a speech about peace and non-aggression. The audience is then introduced to Lee Strasberg, a writer who wants to expose the secrets of the White House. The president decides to fire him but Lee continues to work his way up the ranks until he gets the position of president.

Ben Kingsley plays the role of George Valentino, a boy who fell in love with a girl named Summer of Love. At first he tries to win her over, but she ends up leaving him. He decides not to pursue her and try to win her back later in the film. She does, however, end up accompanying him on a vacation, and he ends up falling in love with her again.

The musical numbers in the film are quite catchy and the songs just keep going. They get you feeling all sorts of emotions from sadness to ecstasy. One sequence especially makes you feel like your in the middle of the clouds. Then the happily ever after sequence takes off and everything changes again. You have to love this change because it really works.

The Summer of Love musical was made by none other than Richard Nixon's former top aide and bodyguard, Sam Haine. Haine plays the main character of a sadistic doctor who treats Summer like anything but a real human girl. He even goes so far as to pierce her with a needle in order to diagnose her disease (the "appendix"). While treating the Summer, he even sacrifices himself to save her life.

The Summer of Love is a great film regardless of who you are. It will bring back memories for many people from their childhood. It is definitely a must see movie. I would recommend it to any fan of musicals. It's a great, light-hearted romantic comedy that's perfect for a night at the movies or on a long lazy day at home.

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