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The Triumphant Return of the Jonas Brothers!

The boys are back. 

Thursday morning the Jonas Brothers officially announced their reunion after six long years. The band will be releasing a new track titled "Sucker," on Friday at 12:00 AM EST.

The world is burning up over this mornings news of the return of the Jo Bros. The band broke out in 2005 and spent over a decade in the spotlight. The brothers stared in multiple movies, televisions shows, and specials, as well as many worldwide tours. In 2013, the band officially split up and the brothers spent time working on their solo careers and love lives.

Nick Jonas spent his years at the top of the music charts with hits like "Jealous," "Chains," and "Close." Most recently Nick married Priyanka Chopra, an Indian actress, singer, and producer. As for Joe, you may or may not know he is the lead singer/frontman of DNCE. Some of their biggest hits have been "Cake By the Ocean" (one of the biggest songs of 2016) and "Toothbrush." He also is engaged to Sophie Turner, an English actress you might have seen in Games of Thrones. Kevin typically keeps busy, venturing in the vast world of real estate and spending his life next to Daniella Jones, a reality television personality, and their two children. But today that all changes! The Jonas Brothers are back, baby, and our middle school selves are screaming.

Along with the announcement of their new song, the artwork accompanying the track has a whole new feel compared to classic Jonas Bother images. The brothers are seen in cool, colorful, summer outfits with youngest brother Nick Jonas in the center. So say goodbye to the dreamy dark black and whites, suit and ties, and say hello to Summer Jonas edition.

Also, with the news of the new music, we can also look forward to the band appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden for a week, beginning Monday, March 4. Be sure to catch the show on CBS for a very special week celebrating this reunion. It's sure to be full of laughs, fashion, and great tunes. The show was announced in what seemed like a Carpool Karaoke with Joe and James—at first glance—until the sudden arrival of Nick and Kevin to bring forward this lovely surprise. You can give the video a look below.

In the video announcement, Nick states that they have been sitting on this huge news for seven to eight months while our hearts have been convinced it wouldn't happen for nearly six years. Can we expect a full album within the next year to accompany "Sucker"—let's hope so!

So welcome to the year 3000 and a whole new year of Jonas! "Sucker" has officially dropped and it's already the number one hit on iTunes. The song screams summer, love, and fun! You can bet to hear this one burnin' up at all the parties come this summer. Along with the huge release of this track, the music video has also been cut loose and already has nearly five million views on YouTube! The video is set at a large English countryside mansion and features the brother's three leading ladies: Priyanka Chopra (married to Nick), Sophie Turner (Joe's fiancee), and Danielle Jonas (married to Kevin). The three lovely women are seen in gorgeous fun fashion perfect for the runway partying with not only their men but with each other. Check out the video below!

So, what comes next? Can we expect a full blown Jonas album, or perhaps a tour? As we await eagerly by our phones to hear the future of our three favorite brothers, sit back (or dance) and enjoy "Sucker!"

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Shannian Foster
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