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Song Review: 'My God' by Spizzy PM & King Boo

Seattle-based rap duo is at it again with a new song and video, which will be featured on their upcoming mixtape project.

By Victor TrammellPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Video directed by Kg Da King

There are many keys to being successful in the record business. The key that will be focused on in this music review column is consistency.

Literally everybody and their mama wants to be in the entertainment business. When it comes to the music industry, in particular, people get easily enamored by the images and lifestyles being portrayed by their favorite artists in songs and music videos. The dancing, partying, and fun vibes being depicted in these videos by signed and unsigned artists alike make being in the music business look effortless. However, what the average person doesn't always get is that there is a lot of work that goes into the music, bottles, and models behind the song imagery.

What people also overlook is the fact that producing and releasing good music requires the work of a team, which consists of professionals. Even the people who make cameo appearances have to be booked professionally and it takes a well-rounded artist manager to make sure those kinds of things happen. In order for all parties involved to win, consistency is required. The artists and producers crafting the music have to make the recording studio their second home. The business people involved have to consistently make reputable connections.

The directors, photographers, and videographers have to stay on their jobs. They keep their names out there by working with artists of all calibers, whether they are signed or unsigned. Let's not overlook the models in the song videos either. There is way more to being a video vixen than looking sexy. Ask Karrine Steffans. They also have to keep themselves in the loop by constantly networking and connecting with people who will keep them in front of as many cameras as possible. All of these moving parts went into play for the song and video to My God by Spizzy PM and King Boo.

These two hip-hoppers might be unsigned to a major music label, but they know a thing or two about consistency. This is the third time Beat Media has profiled either Spizzy PM or King Boo in the first two months of 2018. Spizz PM came first about a month ago with a Beat Media review for his song "For My Soldiers," which also featured a video. This song will be featured on a solo EP he is working on. Then, a little over three weeks ago, King Boo came along for a Beat Media feature for his song "Those Nights," which features Spizzy PM. This song also had a video.

Now, the two rap running mates have returned with a new song and video called "My God." This song will be featured on Spizz PM and King Boo's forthcoming mixtape project titled 2 Kingz: Moves Among Men. Additional vocals on the song are provided by Telly Slim, a Seattle-based triple threat femcee who is on her grind as a rap artist, business manager, and concert promoter. The video for "My God" was directed by none other than Kg Da King, a frequent collaborator who also directed the videos to the Spizzy PM and King Boo songs that have been profiled here at Beat Media.

And finally, the video to "My God" features an appearance by a lovely professional model from Seattle named Madam Mermaid. The vibe in the song video to "My God"is pretty lit. It might not have the flash and pizzaz of what you see on MTV or BET, but the high-powered house party atmosphere will have you wishing you were drinking on what's in those plastic cups that have a steady presence throughout the video. But in today's smart TV era, you can log on to YouTube and bring Spizzy PM and King Boo's party to your own living room. Turn up!

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