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Song Review: "For My Soldiers" by Spizzy PM

U.S. war veteran and rap artist hailing from Sunset, Louisiana releases anthemic song and video about his life.

By Victor TrammellPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Video directed by Kg Da King

You have three main kinds of hip-hop performers. There is the rap artist who expresses the environment they come from while naming off the vicarious experiences of others.

They may not have lived through those experiences themselves, but they were close enough to people who did to give an accurate depiction of their environmental elements. Then you have the rap artist who merely does what they do for entertainment purposes. Their music is not about a life experience they have actually lived. These kinds of rappers say what they say over beats strictly for a desire to seek a thrill and add shock value to their music. The last of the three different kinds of hip-hop performers is the rap artist who gives an accurate depiction of their own lives.

These are the rappers who do what they do for a purpose that is bigger than themselves. They are what many hip-hop purists would call "The Truth." Casey "Spizzy PM" Howard is definitely a clear-cut example of the third kind of hip-hop artist that has been explained. Howard, 32, is a native of Sunset, Louisiana who started rapping when he was only 12-years-old. He is the only son that was born from the union between Casey Henry and Gloria Ann Henry of Sunset, Louisiana.

His early influences in hip-hop culture that inspired him to become a recording artist include the late Tupac Shakur, B.G. of Cash Money Records fame, and C-Murder of No Limit Records fame.

B.G. and C-Murder had a particular influence on Howard most notably because they are both from his native state of Louisiana. Both B.G. and C-Murder hail from the city of New Orleans, which was known at one time to be where America had the highest murder rate. These two MCs definitely rapped about an experience in their lyrics that they have lived out themselves. The streets of New Orleans definitely behold an environment that has inspired some of the deepest and most sobering rap lyrics that have ever been delivered on a microphone.

However, Spizzy PM, the solo rap artist who wrote and performed "For My Soldiers" is describing a life experience that did not come from his native state of Louisiana. The song "For My Soldiers" is not just any other music offering that has been subjected to another music publication's review. This is because Spizzy PM is what you could call a real soldier. His anthemic "For My Soldiers" was produced by Seattle, Washington-bred beatsmith Kuddie Fresh. The video to "For My Soldiers" was directed by Kg Da King of Hustle & Pray Films.

Spizzy PM is a decorated veteran of the United States Army who served his country from 2010 to 2014. He also did a tour of duty in the dangerous war-torn nation of Afghanistan. Lyrics to "For My Soldiers" include lines like "I'm a beast all teeth with no leash/I don't play when I roam through the streets/Hard to go to sleep, got PTSD/When I talk, man, n*ggas don't speak." These lyrics ring very true for Spizzy PM because he has indeed been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The diagnosis came toward the end of his time in the U.S military.

Spizzy PM's diagnosis was due to the catastrophic events he endured during his tour of duty in the Afghan war. However, the brave, budding hip-hop star said the most difficult part of this whole experience was coming back to America after leaving harm's way. "Coming home from war was the worst. People looking at you different and you feeling like something was ripped out of you that can never be replaced," Spizzy PM said in an official statement obtained by Beat Media. This man's music doesn't come from the typical "hardcore" rap artist.

With "For My Soliders," Spizzy PM introduces his listeners to a life lived by a true warrior of fortune. Great music comes from sacrifice and that is ultimately what it takes to be a great soldier who lives to talk about his experiences. In this case, Spizzy PM has chosen to do so on the mic. Salute.

You can stream more music by Spizzy PM by visiting the following links:

Spizzy PM@SoundCloud and Spizzy PM@Spotify


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