Software & Tools for Musical Collaboration During the COVID-19 Era

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Work together virtually with various artists while holding up out the COVID-19

Software & Tools for Musical Collaboration During the COVID-19 Era
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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is here for the last eight to nine months. The pandemic is accompanied with a preventive lockdown that has restricted people to their homes. Among all those people, there are recording artists and musicians too, and face a severe challenge before them.

Social distancing can be an odd new idea for performers who are accustomed to playing in groups and being around different people. An artist associated with Chroma Studio in Delhi admits that COVID-19 episode has made us stop, take a stride back, and inhale some life into the single work that we do, such as songwriting. In any case, that doesn't mean you need to hold up until coronavirus passes, and any distancing rules are lifted to return to working in groups with different artists.

Here are five different ways that you can work together with various artists while holding up out the COVID-19:

Google Hangouts Open Mic

All of us have done random jam sessions over WhatsApp video calls, but no one ever thought that it would become a real thing and that also due to a pandemic. Google Hangout provides that option in a bit of a professional manner with its Open Mic feature, which lets the recording artists share their music with their friends in a live streaming manner. Though there are other non-dedicated options like Skype, the Open Mic has an interactive UI, making things way more comfortable for the users. All those who have a music gang and a smartphone with the internet can comfortably sit at their homes and jam together!

Open Broadcast Studio

Open Broadcast Studio or simple, OBS is a widely used application to mix the audio and video streams to create music. The best thing about it is that it is platform-independent and works great with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any other media hosting platform. Many musicians of the Chroma studio have switched to this app.


Any gamers out there? We know that Twitch is highly prevalent in the gaming community, but screen recording isn't all it is meant for. Artists around the globe are now using Twitch to record their live sessions and re-post them after making the necessary fine-tuning and adjustments. A website that tracks the number of downloads per month of different apps on the Playstore claimed that Twitch has seen over 50% more downloads than its counterparts. Around 70% of the artists of Chroma studio in Delhi said that they have started using Twitch.

One thing that all the music lovers will admit is that no device can match the fun of FM radios. It isn't the songs that they play, but it's about the element of surprise and vibes that they create, while we don't have the option to change the tracks. Turntable .fm was a thing in the previous days, basically a virtual music platform where fans had the opportunity to enjoy the music together. JXBX deserves the credit for recreating the Spotify era. Sadly, Spotify hasn't yet come with an option for recording, and neither has Wynk, but who knows what they are planning next? Lastly, the JQBX has the 'be a DJ' option ready with the opportunity for one or more DJs to select the song. It inevitably reminds of the Virtual DJ software suite, which is next on our list.

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a standard utility suite in the systems of all the music lovers. While some of them like to play around with the tracks, the others love to explore its features and learn more about disc jockeying. The software also allows you to record your tracks and share it on the various platforms, and you can also collaborate with your music buddies to produce some real music. We know that you are missing your DJ equipment in the lockdown, but you undoubtedly have your laptop with you!

Synth Application

If we talk about analogue synthesizers, Korg and Moog are the most famous names. Each of them has made quite a reputation through their synth apps, which has impressed many music professionals. The Moog offers Minimoog Model D for the iOS devices, and Korg has launched the Kaossilator for iOS and Android devices. Many musicians who used to record at the Chroma studio are using these apps.

Collaborating while recording remotely

All those who miss their buddies with whom they used to make musical collaborations and cover videos don't need to be disappointed. Soundtrap gives the perfect platform to do that, where you can collaborate remotely. Other than that, we have Digital Audio Workstations like Garageband, Pro Tools First, and Audacity, which let you record and mix, and share your tracks with musicians worldwide!

Final Word

Recording music remotely might sound easy, but it doesn't come without challenges. There are several things like technical glitches and connectivity issues that might hamper your recording, regardless of the hardware or the application that you are using. Nonetheless, it's an excellent option to keep things going, but all of us can't wait for the scenario to get healthy again so that we can go back to the old ways and make awesome music together!

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Mohit Verma
Mohit Verma
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