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Snow Tha Product Goes Off!!

Snow Tha Product earns "Breakout Artist" and lands #48 on Pollstar!

Snow Tha Product Goes Off!!
P.I.F.F. Magazine's Emily X. Gore and Snow Tha Product at "The Pressroom"


The last eight years have proven to be a serious journey for independent artist Snow Tha Product. Early fans and supporters understand that this incredibly talented artist stands above and beyond mainstream competition. She possesses and maintains a unique style of music that threatens that of her competition. Due to this factor and the severity of such threat, decision-makers in the hip-hop business have collaborated to blacklist her from any true progress in the field. After finally being released from her contract with Atlantic Records, Snow Tha Product is finally a free agent again and back on full independence grind. To celebrate, she constructed a nationwide tour in early 2019. Her Goin' Off tour was broken into two legs; with Part 1 taking place on the West Coast over the summer and Part two taking off over the rest of 2019 on the East Coast. As she's been touring, she has managed to pack 98 percent of every one of her shows.

Goin’ Off

It was during this same exact tour that she was able to become labeled as a "Break Out Artist" and land #48 out of 75 top touring acts! At the top, this same list includes the major names: Ed Sheeran; The Rolling Stones; Ariana Grande; and Khalid. This is a major feat and accomplishment for any independent artist to land on such a high-profile tour list without a label backing them. While every other act is being helped with multi-million dollar budgets, Snow is supporting her own tour by herself with only the support of her fiance Juju, her Vibe Higher team, and Peter Schwartz!


Born as Claudia Alexandra Feliciano, Snow Tha Product first stepped her foot into the music industry in 2007. She began her rap career first as solely a Spanish rapper. She soon caught the interest of Spanish artist Jaime Kohen, which led to her landing her first official industry feature on Kohen’s Fotosíntesis album.

She relocated to Texas for two years to advance and mature her music career while working on her debut album. During the two years that she was in Texas, she performed two consecutive years at the South by Southwest Festival. Dropping her first debut album on Street Science Entertainment, two of her singles went viral in just days, which were ‘Drunk Love’ and ‘Woke Wednesday’. The song that really took her over the peak was none more than a simple 90-second freestyle titled ‘Holy S**t’. It caught so much acclaim that world famous 50 Cent shared it on his site. That type of co-sign led to a fight over her between three major labels. Atlantic Records, Universal, and Sony all battled over who would present her the best contract. Atlantic won the battle of offers in 2012 and Snow officially began her industry career.

Vibe Higher

For six long years with Atlantic Records, Snow had been suppressed and mislead and even had her music shelved at times. She felt trapped in a deal where she wasn’t able to be 100 percent creatively expressive, which led to her writing a ton of music, but failing to produce much to bring to the fans due to disagreements with the label. Still, she managed to release a few projects, most of them being mixtapes. Moving into the year 2019, she ended 2018 by signing her own artist roster of Castro Escobar, AJ Hearns, Jandro, and Lex The Great, who she brought together in a newly formed group known as Vibe Higher. Finally breaking out of her deal with Atlantic and going fully independent, she took reign of a new beginning.

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