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by ngoc thang bui 2 months ago in movie review
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The heroine dies without a burial place when her humanity is awakened

Yang Kang in the legend of the Condor Heroes bad things do absolutely no punishment, it is Munianci woke up his residual conscience, let him into the eternal.

Put down the butcher knife, really can immediately become a Buddha?

Base is the pass of the base, noble is the epitaph of the noble. This sentence not only refers to the reward of good and evil between individuals, but also refers to the result of the individual soul moving between baseness and nobility.

Ironically, many evil people do not fall in the way of evil, just die in the hope of good.

Does god want the good and the evil to walk the same way to the dark, and not to jump repeatedly?

I think of heaven and earth, without limit, without end, yet I’m all alone and my tears fall down.

Movie since men and his wife divorce property disputes, male master in MIT junior started to develop a home security system, and through a number of black technology, earn a lot of wealth, and set up the Internet company, after the system, because of the market, Google fell out with men and, don't want to compromise with Google, he decided to sell the company, Isolate yourself in a high-tech mansion of your own making, and only those who know the password or have obtained an authorized identity can enter the mansion. In the middle of the night in the supermarket "accidentally" met depressed she, thought he met the confidante, she brought back home, all life seems to be beautiful.

On alternate days, was she swept off your feet men take the initiative to go to look for tying, talk about love talking and laughing in the bar for a moment, men out to go shopping with her Japanese, both sides seem openly confessed to swap the identity information and was about to drive back to a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, suspicious man is smashed Windows, men come forward to stop immediately, in the process of "protection" tying legs are on sale, She was sent back to the mansion, she for guilt, willing to give men when a nurse miss, in she's all kinds of service, get men's trust, got the mansion most of the authorization, can freely in and out of the mansion. The hero thinks that he can enjoy a better life by getting rid of his family, and the cheerful background music gradually becomes weird. Male master woke up the next day, found that the control of the controller of the mansion disappeared, the display came from the news that she was murdered roommate. She drove the car, with fried chicken back home, laughing to tell men her roommate is she killed, men a face meng force, thought she was just kidding, men realized they were in danger, but it was too late, men were kidnapped. The kidnapping, she premeditated for a long time, she began to use cruel and bloody means to let men say the bank account password, know the password and get identity authentication she began to steal everything in the mansion, at a low price to sell paintings and wine for many years, in order to squeeze dry men all wealth. A few days later, men's ex-wife came to visit men, also involved in the long-planned kidnapping case.

The film's expression techniques are still worth learning from. At the beginning, a large scene is cut in, and the camera turns to the male hero who is moving, and then the camera pulls to the room with various intelligent screens, highlighting the extraordinary of this mansion. In the middle of the night, in order to show the emptiness of the sparsely populated supermarket, the director took the shot from far to close, and a deep and lonely breath came to his face. The director is also worth learning in the use of background music. With the support of a variety of expression techniques of montage, the change of music is flexible and the change of rhythm is used to show the change of the situation of the characters, which is lifelike.

The movie's full title, Shattered, was directed by Luis Prito and translated as Shattered. I personally felt the title was a good one, suggesting that the hero's family would be torn apart by interests, the high-tech fortresses that had been built at great expense would be Shattered, and the movie's theme was full of innuendo, Costly to build high-tech mansion is proof but a strange woman "accidentally" line, $7 million worth of Picasso's original before the killer like paper, underage children also became a great control over guns, I don't really like this place, let such a small child involved in this bloody scenes, You can imagine the impact on their childhood. There is no free lunch in the world, only to do well to avoid sudden disasters, people need to be more practical and modest.

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