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Romantic Lyrics

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Song lyrics about love

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"When I'm tired and tired, slowly when I give up everything. The best gift in this world has given me is you. The greatest joy is you. I'll promise you to hug you with all your body."

"To your apperance that smiles brighter than the sun. You look more white than your wedding dress. I dream the same dream with your eternal name. I promise you for eternity." - "The Best Present" by Rain

"You are like a light, after the rain has passed. You came up in my heart like this. Cause you are, the light that fell on me. You are always beside me. You are inside of my tender heart. Even more shining and beautifully. It fills the night sky. You are my star." - "UR" by Taeyeon

"When I close my eyes, I see you. When I'm on my way, I think about you. I love you so much. It's only you that I love. It was you. To me, you were love. Even if tomorrow comes, the person I miss is you." - "Nonfiction" by K. Will

"Spring has come in my heart. I don't know why I'm so excited. When you tell me that you love me, I really melt. I walk together with you. Spring has come to this street. Any place that I walk with you is beautiful, you know. I am amazed every time I see you. You can't be more beautiful. The first thing I think about is you." - "Love Blossom" by K. Will

"The deepening starlight of the night sky is stay still, I'll wait for you. Sunshine in the night sky, that far away from the horizon. I'll always be your stars forever. The most beautiful times of my life. From the day to day I still in the same place because I'll stay with you. The most beautiful thing in my life is forever with you." - "Beautiful Moment" by K.Will

"When I meet you again after a long time, there are so many things I wanted to say to you. When you turn your head to me, you're still beautiful just like the last time we meet. Yes, I'm in front of you."

"With your eyes that looked at me. In front of you..with your smile that embraces me. Every moment with you are really beautiful. I miss you a lot and I'm in front of you. Wipe away your tears with my arms. Even after a long time, your beautiful smile is still on my heart." - "Right In Front Of You" by K. Will

"But sometime I can not sleep because I remember some small things. When I opened my eyes, you were always there for me. Now I have to close my eyes for me to see you. You're my angel. To able to fall asleep today, do not run away tonight."

"Do not run away, even in my dreams. Please don't let me go. The whole world is you. It would be great if I could hear your heart so far. Say you love me, baby. I will miss you in my dreams." - "Angel" by Chancellor and Taeyeon

"Things I could not have known before I met you, everyday becomes special. City love at every corner of the road. City love, love breathes. My heart is fluttering right now. Things that are meaningless to me before I met you, everyday becomes new."

"City love, I am thankful everyday. City love, the city that sent you. Everyday you make me beautiful, we dream together always. City love, remember forever. City love, the city we met." - "City Love" by Taeyeon

"When I'm with you, it feel like I'm dreaming all day.Your love is a gift. I used to being alone, my days are gray but I remember the day you lightly came to me. You shined on me like a light. Woke me up from darkness. Opened the closed door of my heart."

"You're smiling behind that awkward face. You're so lovable, I couln't hold back. I discovered you like a miracle, you always make me smile. You are my starlight. You are my starlight, shine on my heart." - "Starlight" by Taeyeon and DEAN

Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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