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Rocketship Records Presents: [The Launch Pad]

by Rocketship Records about a year ago in song reviews
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Pilot Episode (Hosted by Reginald Hines)

The Launch Pad Studio Stage

[Pilot Episode]: with your host, Reginald Hines

"Welcome to The Launch Pad!, where we share in the delight of watching Rocketship Records finest perform their latest and greatest musical selections."

"On tonight, we have with us, 'The Record Revivalists', 'Ya Mama, Nem', and 'Pashion & BullBerry'. Each act will provide our studio audience and viewers at home with three selections of their choosing, and we shall dance, rock, sway, and romance the night away."

"But first, we have a selection from the wonderful big band of Rocketship Records, 'Sycamore, and the galorious Family', with their latest big band banger, "Making the Way to You".

beatsheet for "Making the Way to You"

Making the Way to You” is the first single from the galorious Family. This twenty-two piece collective, under the guiding instruction of 'Sycamore, the galore', gives us a wild tune of energetic horns, drums, strings, and wind instruments that gives everyone within an ears’ reach something to smile about, dancing to the grooves, and forgetting all worry which has no place on our launch pad."

[Dancers Delight]: "Making the Way to You"

Reginald Hines: "Welcome back, welcome back, I am your host, Reginald Hines and you are still tuned into, 'The Launch Pad'. (*applause*) Our first LIVE talent of the night comes to us from the land of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since signing on with the Rocketship, this talented duo has begun to compile a serious catalog of records, performing and touring around - so far - four continents, and climbing the ranks through multiple streaming subscription platforms. Their latest single, "Scratch the Surface" is our first launch of sound tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, show some love for 'The Record Revivalists'


beatsheet for "Scratch the Surface"

The latest single from The Record Revivalists, ‘scratch the surface’ has been a popular track for the hip-hop duo along with their serious catalog collection. 'Scratch the surface' is that feel good type of jam that gets you up from the seat, reminding yourself that you, the troubles, or the Winters of life are never here to stay, merely to pass. “Scratching” on anything that is a part of your life is merely just that - a scratch. You are so much more than what life’s valley’s may bring, and you are going to make it.

On the lighter side of the track, we are also reminded that once you’ve climbed from the valley, you’re just getting started. It’s about to work in your favor for the greatest climb and conquer of your season. The surface is only the start. You have SO much to give, and a lot more to generate. The perfect song to start the evening LIVE for the studio audience.

Song 2:

beatsheet for "History in the Making"

‘There is nothing that can be said negatively about our next track from the duo, ‘History in the Making’. Following up on the previous energy, ‘history in the making’ adds that final coat of whatever you may be working on and successfully overcoming to remind you that you are better, stronger, faster, and your vision has become even stronger than before. Not so much the hyper energetic tune as 'scratching the surface' was, but the delivery, the unique sound of drum and bass with the follow-up jazz horns to carry you through its three minute and forty-four second composition gives you all you need to grab your dance partner and shake a lil “something-something” on one another.

> Reggie interviews the band and has a small conversation exchange.

Song 3:

beatsheet for "The One for Me"

Back on the microphone, the duo brings us back to the high energetic track “The One For Me”, giving us a glimpse into their lives, from rags, rinsing, repairing, to riches, their highs and lows, the days of hustle muscle formulation while supplying the message to those in like-minded energy that what you are, in fact, searching for through deliberate work, is doing the exact same on the opposite end to you. A feeling of mellow bops and sways, we close out the band with strong praise and even stronger applause.

We cut away to a pre-recorded dance selection

>Reggie introduces the song being played from "Pashion & BullBerry"

Now, we turn over the dance floor to the one and only Pashion & BullBerry, with their tune entitled, ‘Multiple Streams of Success’.

Song 1:

beatsheet for "Multiple Streams of Success"

[Dancers Delight]

[Dancers Delight] "Multiple Streams of Income"

Our final act of the evening

> Reggie introduces the artist, "Ya Mama, Nem"

(Short story of Ya Mama, Nem)

Song 1:

beatsheet for "Mind on Dancing, Body for the Dancefloor"

You don’t have to be there LIVE, because ‘Yah Mama, Nem’ gives you everything you need for hot beats and warmer melodies. Reminded of the days of the Island, we’re gifted with the dance sounds of smooth, “I can dig this almost anywhere” vibes from our DJ. “Mind on Dancing, Body for the Dancefloor” is warm, perfect for that evening of dancing and drinks around similar settings of friends you’ve been close with through a lot of tales and adventures.

You’re going to need your comfy shoes on this round, ladies. 'Ya Mama, Nem' is giving you something to shake that money maker around to. And fellas, no time to stand on the sidelines. this track is the jam you needed way back when to get the energy going to speak to her. A real classic in the making.

Song 2:

beatsheet for "Dancing All Night"

A mega track for closing out the evening, “Dancing All Night” is 'Ya Mama, Nem’s' voted "most popular" track for the second week in a row. We’re lifted on higher volumes with this LIVE version, giving 'Ya Mama, Nem' the room to experiment in his unique fashion on the 1’s and 2’s, scribbling and blending vocals, and mixing together the sound of the night. The track that everyone did not want to miss the chance to dance to, “Dancing All Night” is exactly what we wanted needed.

[Dancers Delight] "Dancing All Night"

Reginald Hines: "See you all again next week!"

>Reggie thanks 48th & 4th, Rocketship Records, the bands, the audience, and closes out the show.


Track the Rocket on Twitter and Instagram for more music and events featuring the artists.

#RichTextTelevision. The Launch Pad, Rocketship Records, 2021.

A 48th & 4th Company.

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