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by Zirian Tahirli 6 months ago in feature

Shamanic Deep House Live

Technological & Spiritual Collective

It is not the average.

It is not a culture.

It is not a religion.

It is simply a unified unique experience where one can escape modern society to reclaim their primal power back.

It is a journey through deep progressive frequencies.

It is alive with a beating heart.

It is pure liberation through Divine message.

It is togetherness in harmony expressed through the body.

It is truly the path to the true self.

With Robot Monkey;

Spirit shall survive!

My name is Zirian Tahirli and I'm a founding member of the deep house collective known as Robot Monkey.

*Robot Monkey are a recent production group from South Wales. From the creation of their unique sound at underground parties in the heart of the Welsh countryside in 2017 they offer a unique, organic twist to the underground dance scene.

Their background experience comes from DJing since the late 90's producing and spinning deep house, tech house and progressive at discerning clubs in the U.K. and as far afield as Australia and Fiji. The percussion brings added effects with a focus on layering the congas and bongos over the deep bass lines. The live vocalists use tribal techniques that help elevate and elaborate on the ambient, mystical essence of the sounds and bring a presence of dynamic narrative, that encapsulates the audience into a spiritual ceremony that energises, awakes and uplifts the soul.

Combined the group have created a unique tribal sound, whose 6hr sets are guaranteed to take their audience on a musical journey of ethereal sounds, effects and spiritual dance! Catch them on Soundcloud and at their events and festivals in Wales and around the UK and further afield!*

Gwyl Haf, one of our yearly festivals in mid Wales, 2018.

Our interview with Electronic Music Wales.

What I am most passionate about is inspiring, liberating and bringing people together through music and the arts. Creating the kind of music that uplifts and liberates people spiritually and brings them back to their true and primal selves. Our goal as a collective, in which we are currently on a trajectory towards, is to become a global deep house brand. Through our brand we wish to create a global community. The vision of Robot Monkey coincides with my own vision to help others around this world, namely through creative works and fundraising. As an individual I plan to create a platform where people in poverty are provided the opportunity to alleviate themselves from their impoverished conditions through use of their creativity. In fact, the first time us founding members met for the first time to create the current Robot Monkey was at an underground art exhibition and music event that I had hosted at a squat. This was where I and the organisers at the time had planned on showcasing the artwork of the local homeless population.

As a group we help people. We've hired the homeless to deliver leaflets for us, we've raised money for positive causes, we've engaged with people locally and done outreach where and when we can. Our priority is to engage local community wherever we play and bring them into our own global collective. People follow us because we're unique. We offer a powerful collective experience where one feels as though part of a tribe, our family. They come to our events for just that, to feel entranced in our sense of togetherness. We engage our audience collectively not only as spectator but as a participant, to become part of the show themselves. We place percussive instruments along the stage for the audience to use and we employ dancers in the crowd to get folks moving. Our show comprises of live instrumentalists, professional dancers, singers, storytellers and all manner of performance artists. We host and collaborate with local talent wherever we perform to temporarily join our tribe for one night, but from that we have built a committed and devoted crew in it for the long term, who have faith in our vision. Our tribe is growing larger with each event we host and before long our reach will be global.

We have developed contacts on every continent and in the major electronic dance music hubs on this planet. From Ibiza to San Francisco, South America to South Africa the stage is set for us to reach our goal. Before lockdown 2020 we were set to begin our residency in Ibiza. That lockdown altered our trajectory temporarily and we began to focus on our online presence through live streaming. Something we had discussed doing anyway.

Our latest live stream fundraising for the sufferers of Covid in India.

Our combined passion through this music and through this group have brought us on a unique path that we see as having our destinies entwined with that of the global collective. Being in Robot Monkey feels as much as being on a mission, working for a higher cause as it does creating powerful music and bringing people together for a good time. It brings me true fulfilment to be able to create such powerful and beautiful music whilst building a global tribe.

I've always wanted to create an international network of creatives primarily through music and I find that utilising Robot Monkey as an already established entity will be the best way to do it. We have created a 5 year plan to build from the ground up, expanding and growing our brand both locally and a internationally. We have check listed much of our 5 year plan in the short time that we've been together. We now need that extra push and support to finally get us where we need to go.

We've created a robust strategy for brand growth and monetization, this includes our marketing strategy and promotional content.

For example:

  • Live Street Performance Getting out on the street with our equipment and our team to promote our brand and our events. A small but dynamic scene that includes our group Robot Monkey, DJ equipment, speakers, mics, percussion, dancers and flyer distributors.
  • Posters/Flyers/Billboards Getting people to know about us and what we're doing through distribution of flyers and posters. We often hire our homeless brethren to distribute flyers for us.
  • Social Media Building a brand and network through having a social media presence and social media marketing. Promoting our upcoming events and releases.
  • Networking Attending seminars, workshops, events and meetings to make connections and collaborate with others to grow our respective brands.
  • Note: I once attended a seminar named DJ Growth Lab in Birmingham where I created very significant contacts and was trained on brand growth. We often collaborate with other brands in order to get ahead in our journey. Collaboration as apposed to competition is what has led us to being invited to play a residency in Ibiza. We are in competition with ourselves and strive to excel in our field. I've networked for my group significantly and I've made many of the connections that we need in order to become international. I've travelled across continents and established significant contacts with those in the house and rave scene. This includes the U.S.A, Canada, South America and South Africa.

    • Phone/Email List Keeping in touch with our followers and fans. Keeping folks informed on what we are up to, what we are offering and what's going on.
    • Branded Merchandise Branded Robot Monkey gear including clothing and accessories sold online, at events and even in our own pop up store locations. Here we could host mini events to attract customers and future fans. This is another way for us to monetize our brand.
    • Live Stream Live streaming our content through various online platforms. Engaging our audience and fan base in real time. Creating a viable income stream through sponsorship and donation. Providing exclusive access via subscription or free public access to live stream.
    • Podcasts and Radio Engaging and creating fan base via podcasts and radio. Discussions, marketing and promotion.
    • Production Creating our own productions of the highest quality. Mixed and mastered professionally. Distributed to online music streaming services and other viable platforms for music listening and purchase.
    • Fundraising Raising cash for what we see as good and worthy causes. This can be achieved through our events, through our live streams and through a variety of different ways. So far we have raised money for Indian Covid Appeal, Wales Air Ambulance, Ty Hafen Children's Hospice - Cardiff, Mental Health Foundation - men's mental health and Huggard Homeless Charity. I'd like to see Robot Monkey continue to act as a social enterprise for worthwhile causes around the world.

    Note: Our DJ Dindi who is also a registered doctor, helped to create the first modern air ambulance for Wales.

    • Community Projects Whether it be the community centres of our own neighbourhoods in Wales, the townships of South Africa or the favelas of Brazil we want to be involved hands on with projects to better communities and bring the best out of those living within them.
    • Workshops, Classes, Seminars and Tutorials Hosting and creating workshops, classes, seminars and tutorials online and offline. Teaching what we know. Creating a revenue stream through hosting group and individual sessions on marketing and promotion, DJing, vocal techniques and singing, percussion, sound therapy and a host of other abilities and knowledge we as a group collectively possess. We would also offer these services voluntarily depending upon the circumstances.
    • Events Hosting our own events from small gigs to festivals. Accepting bookings from third party promotors and venues. Engaging with our audience directly. Further monetization through ticket sales, merchandise and other.
    • Members Only Group Membership only group's for paid subscribers. Having members only groups, each for a variety of different services that we offer.
    • Rewards Giving away gifts, discounts and rewards often, enticing customers with free offers and creating brand loyalty.
    • Management and Booking Agency Running our own booking agency and music management firm. Creating opportunities for aspiring professional musicians to perform live and find their foothold in the industry.
    • Record Label Running our own record label, signing new talent and featuring great content.
    • Mentorship Mentorship in life, business and music. We can provide a gateway to a more positive future with our combined experience and expertise.

    Here is a sample of our 5 year plan written towards the middle of 2018.

    Strategic Vision – Robot Monkey

    Medium term goal (1-2 years, 2019/20)

    1. Develop the brand – what is and who is Robot Monkey? Lay the foundation.

    2. Musical production.

    3. Raising the profile of the brand.

    4. Making event management and promotion sustainable.

    5. Focused Robot Monkey events in Cardiff (aim for 3-4 events/year).

    6. Focused club nights in the UK.

    7. Festivals in UK and Europe.

    Long term goal (3-5 years)

    1. Expansion of the brand.

    2. Developed high quality own production.

    3. International club nights and festivals – with a focus on deep and progressive house.


    1. Getting into the mind of the followers – understand their psychology/demographics.

    2. Understanding which followers we want to follow us.

    3. Not to deviate from our common purpose or goals.

    4. We need to understand who we are first through which the brand will develop.

    5. Bridge the gap between ages.

    6. Conveyed simply and effectively through different media accessible to our target audiences.

    Target audience

    1. Free spirited, eclectic, artistic young people (i.e. 18-30yrs).

    2. 30-50yrs – nostalgic, old school, holding on to the past (this is positive), therapeutic.

    Although both groups are contrasting, spirituality through relating/connecting with the music is the common theme.

    No barriers to people beliefs, sexual orientation and ethnic/cultural background.

    Our most recent release with Triplepoint. Acceptance is our first originally produced track.

    What we need:

    1. Software and hardware to produce to a really high level including access to the latest plugins.

    2. Our own monitors, PA, mixing desk, mics and generator - this will give us independence in terms live streams and sets from remote locations - something we are going to have to live with for some time.

    3. New instruments to add diversity to our sets.

    3. Social media promoter and content developer - we need to grow the brand, not just merchandise but potentially promoting a way of living sustainably.

    4. Getting us mobile - a branded vehicle.

    5. Event and music promoter.

    6. More practice as a group to define what a solid live show should look and sound like.

    7. Funds to pay for pro recordings and then promotion of our recorded live performances.

    Like this:

    8. Invest in music production. Over time we will have better tracks to mix in sets to push our profile and skills higher. People will also find us through our music.

    9. Collaborate and Network. This could be dedicated time to speak to promoters and other DJs from countries we'd like to play in. We could make friendships and help them raise their profile too.

    10. Update our website. Having a more professional and up to date website as we advance in our goals and progress as a group.

    I think having a targeted goal and making strategic moves will save time and get us to our collectively chosen path faster.

    There have been things that we have needed but have not managed to fully implement on our budget and lack of man power and time. All of us are committed family men with our own respective careers so thus far we have managed to do almost everything off our own back and with help from our friends and family. We desire for our main focus to be the music and the performance. In order to fully implement our marketing strategy and fully realise our potential, we could do with that extra support both financially and otherwise in order to build a robust team that can journey with us as we grow to become a globally recognised brand.

    With Robot Monkey;

    Spirit shall survive!


    Zirian Tahirli

    After extensive travel, I write creatively to express those experiences of life, exploration and adventure.

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    Zirian Tahirli
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