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Rising Music Trends in 2020

by mysoundMusic 2 years ago in industry
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New Fandom, The Rise of Teen Producers, and AI's contributions to Music.

mySound Music showcases emerging, unsigned talent of all genres.

Trends come every year and with the onset of 2020, here are the 3 trends we continue to see grow in the music world: The Rise of Young Producers, The New Fandom, and What AI contributes to Music.

We are all aware that every generation has its popular music and so too, the difference in experiences from previous generations, but with technology evolving, we are about to see much more this year.

Young Producers

Today teenagers are taking more interest in music and they seem to be a driving force in the growth of creativity & production. Originally, adults took over the field of production but now the adults no longer seem to be in the majority. Traditional ways of recording and distribution have taken a new path, and this is why the control over the studio, and the laptop, for production are getting more youthful.

There has been an awakening in the last several years for the emerging unsigned artist, as well as self-producers of recordings that can deliver quality. Artists are now able to record their songs at home or in small studios, upload to different platforms & make them easily available for download or streaming, direct to the interested listener.

For example, 23-year old artist Cameron Holstein (aka Cam Kazi), from Akron, Ohio, is a songwriter/recorder/audio engineer of his music. He is getting the opportunity of showcasing without much adult disruptions. Some of his popular past projects include: Way of Life (2017), Blast Off (2018), Homemade Paradise (2019), Jettison (2019), & hot singles: (2020), 10k (Prod. Kazi), & Don’t Mind My Smoke and many more to come.

Either way, Kazi is trying to give his best and put songs out for the public since the age of 18. He originally released his 1st group of songs on SoundCloud and YouTube in 2015 and advanced to making his appearance on major platforms with his single “Got One Ready (Prod. Souly Had - another talented youngster)” in 2017. His music truly speaks for itself and so does his style which is loved by the people around, me included.

The younger generation is picking up all of studio learning faster than before and the best example is Cam Kazi who at the age of 18 delivered an entire group of songs. A young mind like this might not initially know much of the hardware and the plug-ins but they tend to pick up fast and show music creation is for the young, creative, producers and artists.

New Fandom

With the trends emerging all around, much is out there to see. For instance, artist Ashnikko, found her track “Stupid” amassing 1000 streams on the Tik Tok app and after only one week, it hit 200,000 streams - eventually reaching 2.5 million.

A fandom is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.

So, yes Tik Tok is like a viral hit or a new fandom with more than 500m users worldwide. This platform has transformed the relationship between the audience and the performers. Other fandom sites helping unsigned artist are Instagram & Pinterest. Both sites allow fans to grab tunes from their favorite music streaming services and share with others or allow artist to upload their music to be enjoyed and shared by their fans.

Yes, some argue, that the traditional ideas of owning music is getting disrupted day by day but the best is that artist can connect to the fans faster and better. As we know, without the audience there exists no music career.

Artificial Intelligence

There are songs that have been manufactured, advertised, and distributed like commodities forever, but today, "the Tin Pan Alley" is considered to be a golden age for today's artist.

We see many contemporary anxieties for manufacturing music shifting towards artificial intelligence (AI). The system of powerful computers is listening to our listening habits (Alexa, are you listening?) while others, well, they write music, such as Flow Machines, IBM Watson Beat, and Amper Music, to name just a few. It's like we are accepting what we are presented as part of algorithmic recommendations or playlists. It also seems machines are turning into us. But wait, all that you hear is not quite correct as AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the technology which we think autonomously a version of digital us.

Both the music industry and the artists feel that even bigger change is coming with the convergence between the machines which surveys for what we hear and the one associated with the machine which writes the music.

With a better understanding of AI, it will allow unsigned artist more degrees of freedom in their creativity and reaching their perfect audience (or fandom).

Is there room for unsigned artists to succeed?

For sure, the growing trends of 2020 show that there are more avenues for the artists in the field of music. Unsigned artists are said to have more opportunities than before for launching their career without relying on the major studios or big budgets. All of this has given rise to many promising artists, such as miLarKey, Tony Marino Cam Kazi, Deluminat & Lukas Wolv, and Desert Rain Project, who try to give their best and for sure are maintaining a successful promotional campaign.

If artist think of what might be necessary to move ahead and succeed, well, there is a lot to do but certainly worth the effort.

1. Artists will have to build their website and mailing list

2. They will have to play often, or record regularly to create an impact

3. Social presence development is a huge help

4. Getting playlisted will also be a win-win

5. Generating press & blog coverage for songs, gigs, music videos , etc.

All of the above steps will lead to a great success factor for one to move ahead in the upcoming days of change in #2020

Visit and discover some new, emerging, talented, unsigned artist. Or follow our playlist.

NOTE of excitement: Tony Marino is getting ready to release cd #12 sometime in late March or early April, called "Que Pasa". We will be sure to keep fans up to date. Stay tune.


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