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The album that lit up the music industry with the brightness of the Sun.


This new age of music has brought all types of new talents and sounds to music lovers across the world. From electro-rap coming from people like Jaden Smith or Travis Scott to a whole new Pop sound created by Billie Eilish in songs like “Bad Guy” this age of music is definitely one of vast diversity. Someone that has accepted these new sounds and mastered this new era of music creation by putting his virtuosity and versatility to great use is Cal-L. In his debut album Resplendence he shows you just that as he shamelessly brings the entertainment industry into a whole new light. (Pun intended) Each track takes you on a journey through the life of one of Apollo’s Youth’s finest and will have you eager to come along for his next musical quest.

Safe and Sound

The first song on the album sets the tone, a classic hip-hop joint where bar for bar he breaks down who he is and what he’s here to do and that is make human kind proud and make sure they always feel Safe and Sound.


Next we dive straight into the world of Cal-L on a track that links gaming culture, film and music all in one to create a universal chant that will live on for generations. This song features a fellow hero of the music industry InfinityLink which pulls the song together perfectly since Link of Hyrule is one of the most well known wielders of the Triforce. They pay respect to the Zelda game series as well as a Disney original movie Sky High, which tells the story of a school for heroes that hovered in the clouds. Comparing the feeling of becoming a new mega Super-Star in the entertainment industry with graduating from a super-hero school allows us to imagine the emotions Cal-L was feeling on his ascension to becoming one of the worlds most loved and successful entertainers in the industry. This timeless classic draws in the Youth with illusions to some of the most iconic characters and concepts of the 21st century it raises the bar for creative song writing. This song also introduces Apollo’s Youth for the first time, Cal-L’s group of friends and creative collaborators. People with a burning desire to inspire people to be their best selves and express their feelings through fruitful action. Cal-L’s prestigious Entertainment organization Apollo’s Youth Entertainment will be sure to strengthen the connection between film, music, super-hero lore and comic books forever.

Seat of the Soul

Titled After a philosophical book written by Gary Zukav Seat of the Soul is an upbeat feel-good song that taps into the mindset Cal-L was in while creating this album. Speckled with multiple references to universally acclaimed books of knowledge Cal-L let’s you know he is not someone who skips out on his reading. Through sharing his latest reads he shows the audience he is not only a continuous learner but also a wonderful leader by asking the people what it is that they want and what they believe in. By asking these questions he allows your mind to form an unconscious answer. By doing this we create energy toward whatever that goal or belief is. By doing this everyday it will grow into physical form in our reality. This song can be played if you’re ever feeling lost or discouraged you can listen to this song to get realigned with your purpose or if you haven’t smiled in awhile this will help put a grin on your face.


Remember in the intro when I gave praise to Cal-L’s versatility, here is a perfect example of it in this heartfelt love song. After InfinityLink let’s you know that you’re going to have your heart stolen with this track it’s like a switch flipped on that allowed Cal-L to trigger his deepest most sacred feelings about his soul mate singing a passionate confession about his connection with her. Stealing all our hearts in the process.


You ever hear the story of Pandora’s box. If not I’ll give you a quick rundown it’s a Greek tale about a girl named Pandora that is gifted a magical box from the gods that she is to never open, some gift right? Anyways she of course gives in to her curiosity and opens the box unleashing all kinds of magic, evil and craziness but most importantly it releases hope. This can be correlated with the transition of living a normal life to finally living the life of your dreams because once you unlock the understanding that anything is possible things can get a little wild. Cal-L is talking directly to his love interest in this song ensuring her that he will help her adjust to the pressure and hectic lifestyle stardom can sometimes bring because he had to do the same thing at one point or another.


In this social media era it’s real easy to catch when people are sending subs your way (Subliminal messages) at times it can be out of love other times it can be done to throw shade. Whatever the case Cal is calling out to the people that have been showing signs that they want to ride with him by saying “Tell me now!” Because like a wise man once said, “You either love me or you don’t the ladder can’t reach the level I’m on.” -Cal-L

Safe Haven

In this pop influenced track here is a world wide call to action for all leaders to stand up and do their part in raising the human state of consciousness one step at a time through empowerment and positive action. Catchy and straight forward the duo creates an ambient track that carries a message that will influence and touch the hearts of people all across the world.


A song of triumph and victory here is a track that pays tribute to a book written by Russel Simmons where amongst many other life changing jewels of knowledge he explains the power and importance of meditation. Something Cal-L has been known to practice himself. We get to dive a little deeper into understanding what drives Cal-L as he smoothly flows through his achievements and successes. He does this in a way that inspires us listeners to have faith that your dreams are attainable and as long as you constantly take steps toward them they will soon be achieved. Like Paulo Coelho once said, “When you want something all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Game Day

The final song on the album is Game Day, a statement letting the world know that he’s kicking down the door into the industry ready to claim his spot at the top of the game. Using a play on the word California he creatively breaks it down to Cal-I-For-Nia. Replacing Nia with its Irish meaning “bright” and then its Swahili meaning “purpose” calling out to California letting them know that he’s on the way, prepared to give a speech on Hollywood Boulevard as they unveil his star on the sidewalk in the near future. Ending Resplendence with a brilliant fiery track like this is a perfect final touch on a project that shows you multiple different facets to one of the most versatile creators surging to major prosperity and success in the entertainment industry. This is only the beginning. Until next time, A.Y.E stay shining always!

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A.Y.E, stay shining always. ☀️💎☀️

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