Reason First: Is DJ Khaled Now Crying Because He's Not an Egoist?

DJ Khaled has shown disfavor for not debuting at number one on the charts. Why is this?

Reason First: Is DJ Khaled Now Crying Because He's Not an Egoist?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé (THE CARTERS) handled their number two slot on the Billboard 200 chart last year with their release, EverythingisLove (2018) with grace. Nicki Minaj launched into a temper tantrum when her fourth studio album Queen (2018) failed to make the number one spot, and so did DJ Khaled. Arguably the most annoying voice in hip hop, the DJ and producer recorded a video expressing his distaste for “mysterious sh–t.” By coming in the top ten, one would think that a recording artist would be satisfied with their own efforts. Regardless of whether the listening individuals actually stream or buy the physical copies of Khaled’s work, he should be proud that he organized so many voices to make a solid album.

The spirit of competition ought to be present in every artist. Why else would one put out music rather than shelving it? But the main draw of music is the collaboration. Khaled is a master at bringing together ideas that benefit numerous artists all while shouting his own name, “We the Best Music,” and “Another one,” among other exclamations. Back in 2006 when he would say “Listennn….” to mark his initial release, Khaled had just finished receiving a twelve slot for his work. Fact is, that he was gearing up to become the cultural touchstone that he is by appearing in commercials, TV shows, and films. Now, he is spewing bitterness for not capturing the number one spot which Tyler, the Creator snatched. Khaled should have shown more recognition to the young multi-talented artist. Tyler, the Creator scored this placement on his fifth album. Khaled ought to be not humble but prideful and pay respect to the “Earfquake” rapper. Khaled just seems very bothered, like Nicki Minaj being upset by being second in line. The rap world features all kinds of “Petty Patties,” and insufferable narcissists who do not know the difference between egotism and egoism. Egotism is what Khaled has projected. He feels that he has to proclaim that all of his work is supposed to be worshipped and adored. If he were an egoist, he would take the number two position in stride and tip his hat to Tyler for making a better album and for individuals finding it to be of quality. It is with the dollar, Ayn Rand said, that the public either votes for an individual or corporation by purchasing or in this case now, streaming a given product or not. That choice to listen to a given piece of music is based on the rational judgment of the individual. If enough people choose to buy or stream, then justice is served as one piece of work rises to the top and the rest fall in line.

Khaled’s ubiquity is no accident. He’s an obese, happy-go-lucky (usually) sort of figure. He transmits an aura of someone who seeks attention for its own sake. His credible catalogue boasts the names of some of the most illustrious names including the aforementioned THE CARTERS. But why is Khaled now showing sour grapes? Is it because he wanted to issue a work that should have been on the top of the charts but missed by just one slot? Khaled is certainly still looking forward to the day when his placement will only be at the peak. He achieved this feat with his albums MajorKey (2016) and Grateful (2017). After a few appearances outside of the top ten and many within the top ten of the chart, Khaled should be able to see how influential his position is within the rap realm. Could it be because he is everywhere and dealing with so many artists that he overloaded the system? The over-saturation of Khaled may be the detriment that prevented him from debuting in the pole position. Maybe if he tones down the over-exuberance, he might just have another shot at the top.

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