Reason First: Are Artists Like Ty Dolla Sign Too Metrosexual?

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Is R&B and hip-hop ready for the resurgence of men getting bright-colored fingernails and toenails?

Reason First: Are Artists Like Ty Dolla Sign Too Metrosexual?

Ty Dolla Sign may be an accomplished singer, but he may now be known for his metrosexual tendencies. As he walked out of the nail salon with Trick or Treat (orange and black) nail polish on his fingernails and toenails, he readied himself to face the scrutiny of the internet.

This could signal a renaissance of metrosexual movement, one where the heterosexual male will find delicate things in life like haute couture and fine dining to be a way to impress the ladies. Ty Dolla Sign already sported green nails for the women to appreciate.

Ty Dolla Sign represents the new crop of men who are unafraid to show off their sensitive side in order to garner favor of the opposite sex... or not.

He, along with millions of other heterosexual men, may just want to look, smell, and feel good about their appearance and grooming standards. Ty Dolla Sign may be on the vanguard for how straight men view themselves. Already, skinny jeans and bright-colored sneakers have pervaded the scene. Even dresses have appeared on mixtape covers like Young Thug’s Jeffery (2016). The flamboyant hairstyles rival those of women. Like well-kept tigers, these men prowl to find the affection of the opposite sex as well. Ty Dolla Sign’s choice to keep his nails painted demonstrated that he is interested in presenting his best self. In an era where the slightest phrase could warrant a “pause,” young males are ever cautious to not be viewed as weak or soft by their peers.

With sing songy hooks, wild clothing choices, and bizarre lyricism, the R&B and rap worlds are ready for the singers and rappers like Ty Dolla Sign to have the hip-hop nation go “ultra Travolta” tuxedos. Tailor-made and custom designs will now feature painted nails and coiffed haircuts. The very essence of the baggy jeans, long chains, roughneck style has become somewhat passé. Now the male singers and rappers are trying to outdo the females on red carpets at award shows.

For straight men to embrace their inner designer or boutique owner is a symbol of how far the genres of hip-hop and R&B have reached the globe. As Ty Dolla Sign displays his new paint job, he may inspire other men to follow, not in his footsteps, but blaze a trail all their own. His bold statement to receive a manicure and pedicure, having his nails painted, exhibits the nature of where the two genres seem to be headed. Orange and black fingernails and toenails in the middle of spring points to the fact that he is prepared for autumn and Halloween with his coal and pumpkin spice nails. He knew that he would make a media splash of his appearance with these multicolored nails. Ty Dolla Sign is methodical in his motives and he is well aware of the fact that the media would eat up the story.

All of the men who wish that they could be like Ty Dolla Sign should consider the fact that he is one of the originators of the resurgence of straight men wanting to showcase their fashion sense. This is a heightened sense, of course. From hip-hop and R&B’s earliest days, the emphasis on how one looks has always been a concern.

Whether the case was elaborate dresses or customized suits designed by Dapper Dan, singers and rappers have zeroed in on being among the best dressed. So for Ty Dolla Sign to get manicures, pedicures, and paint jobs show that he is secure in his heterosexuality. He maintains enough self-confidence to allow nail professionals to do their jobs. And that’s alright.

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