RBD: The Mexican Latin Pop Group

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The band that saved me (and still has in this 2020)

RBD: The Mexican Latin Pop Group

This band RBD started in 2004 and split in late 2008. I remember it well, it was about two years after my biological mother and my dad divorced, that I heard about this group and their music. They started out from the remake of the of an Argentinian Soap Opera, done in Mexico. The first physical CD Album from their title telenovela Rebelde was the first one that I got my hands on, ha, I remember that I had a portable CD Player, I used to take it to school and listen to it during recess and my lunch break. The song that I would listen to on replay was “Sálvame”, because of my childhood and recent incident of my parents having divorced in 2002.

Perhaps, you would assume, “but why would you have emotional troubles at the age of nine years?? You were most plausible that you can fake it to obtain compassion from your parents!!” But, no, my friends, I wouldn’t feign depression particularly, knowing my parents divorced, but if you think that then I hope you don’t your nine year old child to depression because you and its parent (your significant other) got divorced.

I never got my chance to attend either one of their two Live In-Person Concerts here in Los Angeles, California. But I’m fine with that!! 🥰🥰

On the bright side, I was able to get almost all of their physical albums plus a few with their DVD’s!!

Actually presently, since 03 September 2020, that their music has been released in all digital platforms I have managed to get their music from Apple Music and YouTube. Who would have thought that every #CorazónRebelde (#RebelliousAtHeart) all of us OG RBD Fans were still faithful!! Their saying, “RBD is going to cease to exist when the last Rebellious At Heart stops beating!”

This year, on 26 December 2020, four of the six members are going to have Ser O Parecer The Global Virtual Union (Virtual Reunion Concert), which the After Party, which My Man and I will attend.

Yes, people whom have known me since RBD was together they will say, “oh gosh, this girl was CRAZY OBSESSED with these six celebrities to the point that she has done her hair almost the same as the three women. She was TRULY OBSESSED!!” But, those people just don’t understand me and they will probably most likely NEVER know me at all!! Though, analyzing my life now, I don’t really care about what people think or say about me it just means that they believe I think I am better than they are, yet I don’t think I am better than them. I think of myself as an average young woman who is learning to be as independent as I possibly can be and try to not ask for help although there may be times when I know that I may need help.

If there are some (if not, many) lessons that each member of RBD have taught me is 1: To NEVER stop believing that I can achieve anything that I set my mind and heart to, 2: That people in my life might not always approve of my actions and/or life decisions but the only one that has to approve is ME and ONLY ME of myself!!

Yes, I am happy to say that I still am Ride Or Die of RBD, and I always will be their fan for life and I am going to have my own kids listen to their music and know who they were and the tremendous influence they had in my life, and they always will make that great influence on me!!

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