Rating Mnet's Good Girl Performances Pt. 4

Good Girl vs. Idols

Rating Mnet's Good Girl Performances Pt. 4

In this round of performances, the Good Girl team faces off against....idols! I was especially excited for these because while I didn't know many of the rappers from Just Music, I know all of the idols that participated in this round and couldn't wait to see what they would do!

1. Ailee x Sleeq vs. Oh My Girl's Yooa x Mimi

I would've actually liked to see Hyoyeon face off against Oh My Girl in hip hop dancing, but I was excited for this pairing as well because it was going to be two such different performances. I'm not too familiar with Oh My Girl or their members, but I had heard of Mimi and knew of Yooa from her dancing. While they did one of their group's songs I don't feel like they took the easy way out with it because they had to completely re-arrange the song.

I think of Yooa as one of the best dancers in kpop right now but this was my first time really hearing her sing and I was actually quite impressed! She has an amazing unique voice and absolutely killed the high note at the end. Mimi was also a better rapper than I expected. However, I felt like the performance itself was a little too busy and props distracted from the song and choreography.

Ailee & Sleeq's performance on the other hand was simple but effective. Ailee's voice is pretty much unbeatable. I liked Sleeq's lyrics, but I felt like she got a little overshadowed by Ailee - which can happen easily I imagine. The performance was beautiful and gave me chills multiple times.

My Winner: a tie!

Honestly, I liked Oh My Girl's song better and I would've chosen them as the winners, but Ailee's vocals are undeniably amazing. And when the choir came out??? I got full body chills.


Mnet's Winner: Sleeq & Ailee

2. Yunhway vs. Hyolyn

I LOVE Yunhway's voice. It's the perfect summer song and I could totally see it charting. I'm usually not a big fan of her rap style, but in this case it was really fun and added another layer to the song. As great as the song is, her performance level is just not a match to Hyolyn's.

I don't tend to like ballads or interpretive dance...but I loved this performance! This was such a different side to Hyolyn and I think everyone, myself included, was shocked. Her vocals are truly out of this world. The fact that she had that kind of vocal control while running all over the stage was unreal. I also loved the lyrics, which were all in English and very creative - and of course notorious cat mom Hyolyn made a song called "9 Lives"!

My Winner: Hyolyn

I really tried not to be biased while watching these performances because Hyolyn is one of my all time favorite kpop artists...but I just couldn't help but hope that she'd win! She is truly an all around amazingly talented artist.


Mnet's Winner: Hyolyn

3. Queen Wa$abii vs Ravi

Admittedly, I was a bit worried about this one. Ravi is a strong performer and a popular idol, and Wa$abii can be very polarizing. I actually really liked this song. Ravi is a great rapper and the whole song just hooks you in. I also liked the choreography he incorporated into it. I don't care for Ravi's singing voice as much but overall it was a super strong performance.

Ravi may have been good, but Wa$abii's performance was 1,000 time more memorable! I mean, you've gotta love a good hoe anthem. Her rap was really great in this and the song was crazy catchy. I'm lowkey in love with her backup dancers tbh. I think compared to her previous performances, this was much more polished and put together. I also really liked her feature, Takuwa, and his rap. The fact that they kissed on stage was so cute!

My Winner: Queen Wa$abii

I didn't really expect to pick Wa$abii's performance as the winner because Ravi is such a powerhouse. But Wa$abii's song was way more catchy and the performance was 1,000 times more memorable!


Mnet's Winner: Queen Wa$abii!! (which means Good Girl won!)

4. Hyoyeon x Jamie x Jiwoo x Yeeun x Cheetah vs AB6IX

Wow....this is such a strong Good Girl team it's almost not fair for AB6IX! The fact that the girls held back at rehearsals in front of their opponents - we love strategic women. I loved everything about this! I loved hearing Jamie's higher tone in the beginning and her rap was a huge improvement from her cover of "Gangsta" in the first episode. I was so excited to see Jiwoo get to perform again and was glad to see her get a chance to showcase her unique rap tone. Yeeun as center and Hyoyeon's dance break both killed and gave whole other dimensions to the performance. Yunhway said that no member stood out more than the others and she was completely right - it perfectly showcased all of their talents and strengths.

This is probably mean but after watching this performance I was like, do I even need to watch AB6IX's performance now??? Don't get me wrong, I really like AB6IX. I think they're an amazing rookie group and am a fan of their music. The song they chose was a great performance song and the whole thing was very clean and professional - as expected from one of the best up and coming rookie idol groups! I had never actually heard AB6IX perform live before and thought they did great. Woong and Daehwi have really nice voices, I enjoyed them the most I think. As good as it all was, it just felt like a basic idol performance. I wish they would've taken this chance to show a different side of themselves like OMG did, but instead this was something that you could easily just see on MCountdown or any other music show

My Winner: Good Girl team

Of course I chose the Good Girl team, they were just too good!!


Mnet's Winner: Good Girl!

I loved all of these performances and can't wait to watch the new set of episodes next week! Stay tuned!

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