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Quarantine Playlist

by Yenomi 2 years ago in song reviews
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Curated by Creatives of Philadelphia

Hi, hoping to provide you with a variety of multidimensional and vast vibes to get some people through this quarantine. Hoping to bring you new vibes and energy with some familiar hit tunes.

Keeping it plain and simple now just get to the music to pass the time by unnoticeablity if possible. We’re all struggling with being force to stay inside for better causes and who knows for how long but for the meantime we hope you enjoy.

Thumbnail image is from Mid90’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie. A-list soundtrack from music by artist such as Wu-tang, The Pixies, Nirvana and much more credible artist. 9/10 rating for that film. Available on Amazon Prime.

Quarantine Playlists

A double featured Apple Music Playlist: We advise you to turn on shuffle. Single above by Yung Nyaz Philadelphia native, North Philadelphia to be exact and a friend of mine with a beautiful dope pop song. His debut EP (Anti) should be released sometime this year via Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc. @ripnyaz

Music Lovers Story:

These songs that’s been chosen by myself are all very much relative in connected to my life and past experiences. Life story telling through songs from feelings of a dark atmospheric winter in 2019 feeling sort of trapped inside before being trapped inside became a thing, the beautiful piercing timeless pop smash’s by the cure with the pure melodic ambiance of “Just like heaven” to the smiths lead singer, singing exactly how I felt when I couldn’t even put it into words. Being likes beacon of light for me with one of their biggest songs “There is a light that never goes out”. Feel good song that recently a few months ago I fell in love with while simply singing “take me out tonight, cause I wanna see people in I want to see life.” Other songs have similar connective story’s attached to them from rap to soul, r&b, and jazz.

Some songs for you to release pint up energy to also for being stuck inside for to long. All meaningful in their own right in the play out of my life, songs I just be having visions for in the terms of films, music videos, etc. including childhood favorites from Biggie to David Bowie as well as modern contemporary music reviewed by the masses according to statistics. Cause some of the biggest artist of today are on list in all opinions are subjective, but overall music that’s simply and just purely feels good that can’t be denied. Spoken on by dozen’s of people around the world via know this through accidental awareness, not even trying to seek others opinions. Just finding out others thoughts through internet rabbit holes. Nonetheless reasons for stating all this is to say some of the music on these playlists have been deemed undeniable songs for decades to come. While you can also look at this as a confessional autobiography through songs and meditation on being black in America as well, from another listeners point of view and perspective.

Playlists Curated by Yenomi & Najiyah. Ecliptic and diverse music for you across all genres.

social media’s: Instagram @yenomi.l @hayijan twitter: @sundayandfriday

Final quarantine playlist has 41 other songs to it maybe updated one day.

SoundCloud Users Playlist: includes

Opener “In my room” by Frank Ocean to his debut project cuts from Nostalgia Ultra to blond radio releases. Including more special classics released on that platform such as “Broke Boi” and “it ain’t safe”. Ending with popular songs by Kilo Kish and Chynna from Philly may she Rest In Peace. Condolences to her family and friends truly, raw talent was next up for the big leagues of industry a true hurt piece for my city of Philadelphia. We will never forget her and all she left behind special artist.

Curated and written by Yenomi the end.

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