Dreams, dreaming and a story behind it



One word, a word that I don't know how to pronounce, yet am still intrigued by.

The story, transition and the way it grabs you, like a hand that latches on your shirt, grabbing you under the bedsheets, plunging you into cold water. It's as if the bed was never set in a solid room but on the water, so it stays afloat.

I can close my eyes and get lost in the beats, even when it changes. I feel awake and at the same time, it feels like a dream. Its name is true to its nature: oneiric.

In an interview with Ethan, he told me that in the first months after releasing only singles, he suggested that they [Undecided] make an album. Brainstorming, they ended up writing the intro to "Paralysis," succeeded by "Midnight." He recalled, "I started piecing this story together in my head about dreams, which is the topic of the project."

The name Oneiric pertains to the subject matter, relating to dreams or state of dreaming. The story starts and goes with a character waking up "at midnight with cold sweats." Relatable, as it is Undecided's strongest point as of the moment. The story starts with the character in sleep paralysis, haunted by a creature that represents its fears and anxieties. Throughout the album, the narration switches from the being voiced by a female.

For me, the voice was that of a siren's, and Ethan said that this creature that comforts means to get close to the main character, and get into its head. I must say, I had the chills as I listened to "Paralysis." It emanated the state that I, myself, fear all the time.

This transitions to "Midnight," a switch that touches late nights lying, almost paralyzed, due to being afraid of the real world and the problems that will be faced once out there. The feeling of being alone, and not having that "glass shoe to slip in," according to Ethan, pertains to the truth that life does not always have a happy ending.

Ethan continues that the main character ends up finally getting some sleep after dealing with the stress that it has to face for its dreams and aspirations. "Ricardo Spliff" is next on the track, and though it had words that I can't utter for many reasons, it woke me up and it was somewhat optimistic. Undecided made it a "fun release of energy;" they enjoyed their time making it. It was unlike the darker opening tracks, which is a very much-needed break.

If I were lulled to sleep by "Paralysis," I will have nightmares. "Ricardo Spliff," in Ethan's words, was an optimistic love letter intended for their future. Its goal was to represent the act of pulling yourself together for the day, accomplishing what you can, though you're dealing with real-world issues.

"Ricardo Spliff" has a double meaning; it's also therapy to let loose on a hard beat every now and then, as the character finds itself in a therapy session, zoning out by the end of the track.

A calm female voice, the creature present since "Paralysis," assists the main character into drifting into a dream state, to which the setting "Dream?" interlude takes place.

The interlude sets itself in the situation of the character meeting a being that persuades it to sell its soul for mortal power. The infatuation of her and its presence will turn into its true form, a devil characterized by fear. After falling into the being's grasp, the main character realizes they're having a nightmare. "Nightmarez" is an eerie track that emulates hell's chaos.

I can spoil everything now, but where's the fun in that? I can give every single song an interpretation. It's up to you though, to give their music a chance. That's what I can say. Give them a chance to prove to you that their music is not just a form of art—it is a message to the masses, relatable content that can open your eyes.

So give it a chance. Here's a link to their content:


You won't regret it.

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Miranieva Buen
Miranieva Buen
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