One Direction Members as Their Own Songs

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Music gives us a lifeline, a connection, no matter how small, to the people we hold closest to our hearts.

One Direction Members as Their Own Songs

I don’t think I’m alone when I say this: when we listen to music, we often make connections to people. A certain song, no matter how subtle the message might be in reality, can make you think of a person; maybe even one you’ve never met. This is part of what makes music so personal. For every single person in the world, one song can take on so many different meanings. Then suddenly, the music that you’ve connected to these people make them feel closer than ever. You don’t have to imagine them; you can feel their presence. That’s the magic, I think.

Niall Horan

When I think of Niall, I think of all of One Direction’s most meaningful songs, but not without a few of their bops. A song that he’s written “Don’t Forget Where You Belong,” is the epitome of what I envision Niall to be like in real life. The sweet, innocent, adorable persona that he had in the early days has followed him through adulthood.

However, in addition to the soft and mellow tunes like “Infinity” and “Little Things,” I also see a different side of Niall (those of you who’ve seen a live performance of “Better Than Words” know exactly what I’m talking about—he’s a cheeky little devil). Niall’s goofy. He’s fun. He never shies away from making someone smile. His adorable Irish dance in “Act My Age” proves my theory.

  1. "Don’t Forget Where You Belong"
  2. "Infinity"
  3. "Little Things"
  4. "Right Now"
  5. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?"
  6. "Act My Age"
  7. "Better Than Words"

Harry Styles

The songs that remind me most of Harry are the ones that also tend to stick with me the longest. They’re the songs that you can’t listen to just once. They’re the ones that make you fall in love with the idea of being in love. They’re the ones that give you hope, and make you feel alive. When I think of a song that epitomizes the essence of Harry as a person, I think of “Diana.” Whenever I hear this song, I think of him. I think of how much he loves us. I think of how lucky we are to know him.

The majority of the playlist I’ve put together for Harry are songs about love and being in love. Harry being foolishly in love or hurt by a hard breakup have created some of the best songs One Direction ever put out, so for that reason, most of those heartbreaking love songs have made Harry’s list.

  1. "18"
  2. "Diana"
  3. "Fool’s Gold"
  4. "Happily"
  5. "Hey Angel"
  6. "If I Could Fly"
  7. "Ready To Run"
  8. "Stockholm Syndrome"
  9. "Something Great"

Louis Tomlinson

When I think of Louis as One Direction songs, I think of a heartbroken rocker. I think of all the sad songs that don’t always sound so sad. I think of “Strong,” and how its message has a meaning so unique to him. I think of “Home,” and how he professed himself to his one true love.

Louis’ playlist is uniquely him. It’s meaningful sadness covered by a hard rock exterior, and nothing could be more Louis-esque than that.

  1. "Home"
  2. "I Want To Write You A Song"
  3. "Little Black Dress"
  4. "Love You Goodbye"
  5. "No Control"
  6. "Strong"
  7. "Loved You First"
  8. "They Don’t Know About Us"

Zayn Malik

When I think of Zayn, I think of all the songs that epitomize loss, and losing someone you love and care about. I think about the songs that break your heart, because you miss someone with your whole heart. Zayn’s playlist is all about loss, and hoping that the person you’re missing comes back to you.

  1. "Spaces"
  2. "Summer Love"
  3. "Over Again"
  4. "Through The Dark"
  5. "Walking In The Wind"
  6. "Night Changes"

Liam Payne

When I think of Liam’s playlist, I think of all the major hits. I think of the songs that are the first ones people think of when they hear the words “One Direction.” I’ve always thought of Liam as the rock of the group. He’s the one that grounded them and made them strong. These songs did the same thing.

  1. "A.M."
  2. "History"
  3. "Moments"
  4. "Story Of My Life"
  5. "Long Way Down"
  6. "Drag Me Down"
  7. "You And I"

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