Ode to Fugue Symphony

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Ode to Fugue Symphony
Cover Art - "Little Wings" by Facundo Raganato

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci is one of my idols. His Art has always inspired me to be better and perfectionate my creative projects in my journey as an Artist. As his quote suggests, the process of creating Art, in any medium, is an alchemical reflection of its creator.

We change and grow, looking back to our creations, rethinking if there's something one can do to polish it as we do with our Philosopher's Stone. It is at this process where one can become aware that Art can reflects what we understand as 'Immortality.' The Artwork, as we finished it last, will live on. One would grow old and perish, but the Art will linger on: the words written will be read, the paintings will be seen, the music will be played, the films will be watched, the dances and actions of our bodies will be mimicked and learned, the sculptures will be felt, and the designs will be marked in history.

The best an Artist can do is to do his best when creating Art. Therefore, I write this now as an example of that process, with my latest single: "Ode to Fugue Symphony."

My grandmother taught me the basics of piano at young age, and I kept learning little by little over time on my own. I took some private piano lessons as I got older, but by that time I had some compositions already made. Taking classes of music theory does expand the knowledge and wisdom of the beautiful Art of Music, so do take your time to understand the mechanics of music, for it does not only rely what 'sounds good.'

I created the first draft of "Ode to Fugue" around 10 years ago, when I knew enough about music to notice that many of my compositions change key or are created in modes. However, these piano songs I was creating were coming from music I heard within me as a full orchestra. Therefore, the first step to write the orchestra, or at least in the common sense, is to write one instrument at a time. Piano was the main instrument to express the music that keep playing within me, so I did my best to preserve the emotion, the meaning, or at least the essence of the music in a composed piano song.

The piano song "Ode to Fugue," which is now part of my music album "Light & Darkness," came to me with the motif of four notes, which two of them repeat twice, first going up and then coming back down in a very soft light manner as if one were flying in the sky. From its inception, the composition flowed very quickly, just adding an opening introduction and bridging to an ending which gave the song its intention and purpose.

Every little action and word that we express or do has an intention, either we are aware of it consciously or not is our responsibility to know, or least wise to know its purpose. It is at this deep connection with Art which led me to understand the grace, and how, when one expresses Truth, Beauty must be there to complement and keep the harmony. If one must speak the Truth, doing it gracefully in a harmonious manner for the other can understand is to be empathic, considerate and even generous; it is at this bridge of communication where Truth and Beauty interlink and unite with our true selves when we share. These concepts connect to my artistic projects; how each song I compose and every word I write comes from a conscious intention and purpose. Even if I am still discovering that is behind my creations in the creative process, I still keep the integrity to know what it is I am doing, and most importantly why I am doing it, before it reaches you.

Every song in my album has a unique intention and purpose, linked with its composition of course. Henceforth, I think the best way to express those in this composition is the word 'Free.' This is relevant to how, every time I play 'Ode to Fugue,' the ending is always different (You can listen to these between the piano song and the symphony.) So if you are lucky enough to assist to one of my recitals, do keep that in mind: a free improvisation at the end of this song, and only this song, will always cycle its way back to its source. And you know what? Every time is uniquely special, because I can honestly tell you that I am at my best when I improvise on the piano.

After many literary phases of writing and reading constantly, I became in tune with composing again, so the first song I chose to revisit was 'Ode to Fugue.' I decided to amplify and open more to the soul and meaning of the music with: 'Ode to Fugue Symphony.' Yet, always keeping true to its essence of inception: respecting the piano composition and reinforcing the structure by harmonizing with perfect 4ths and 5ths.

Not all songs of my album "Light & Darkness" will be revisited as a symphony, but most of them do come from a full orchestra composition that I'm very excited to manifest soon.

So, for now, feel free to listen to my album and this new single release "Ode to Fugue Symphony."

Thank you

- @FacundoRaganato



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