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Nobody Likes A Music Snob

by Outrageous Optimism 4 months ago in list

Simmer Down And Enjoy These 9 Mellow Beats

Nobody Likes A Music Snob
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Everybody has that one piece of music which just makes everything feel like it’s falling into place, bringing true joy to the listener. Even those who lament at the ‘music of today’ have something which takes their mind to a different place in times of stress or accentuates their mood when they are happy!

Not much stimulates, or challenges, our brain in the same way that music does. Whether you enjoy the lively carefree nature of pop music, the soulful notes of smooth jazz, or the authentic storytelling found in rap music, there’s something for everyone. In fact:

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. (Hopkins Medicine)

There are an abundance of examples out there that showcase how music can be utilised in all sorts of scenarios. When we listen to our favourite tunes we become so immersed in the magic of what we’re hearing that our heartbeats begin to sync up with the beat of the song, making us feel happy, relaxed, or pumped up and ready to go. Personally, in times of great stress when I am unable to immediately walk away from a situation (something I have written about previously), or if I’m simply looking for something to vibe to, I stick on my headphones and have a little sing-along.

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The amazing thing about music is that there is something for everyone and that it’s timeless. Music transcends boundaries, having vastly different effects depending upon the listener. It’s incredibly personal, is tied to our memories and often our sense of identity. It’s for this reason that nobody likes a music snob.

With the stressful times we’re currently living through in mind, I have created a playlist consisting of nine songs for the moments when you would like nothing more than to take a break from reality and find your zen. Perhaps you can use these to meditate to, or to write your next novel, or maybe just to let go of the previous events of the day... Either way, make sure you have your headphones on for these ones!

Begin by Shallou ft. Wales

Light some candles, run that bubble bath, treat yourself to a hot drink of your choice as you begin to wind down from a long hard day. This song sets the tone right away with a soft beat that you feel deep in your chest before the music gently carries you up into the clouds. The singing feels rich and full-bodied, whilst the song itself is audibly light and happy. This would be a good tune to meditate to, or even just as something to help you destress and prepare for bed (looking at you, fellow insomniacs)!

Humility by Gorillaz ft. George Benson

This song is definitely one that accompanies me on walks along the Thames but would fit into just about any environment with its laid-back summer sound. Listening to Humility makes me feel carefree as I stroll through the streets. I get the sense that I am the only pocket of calm amongst the busy world around me. It takes me out of myself and encourages me to observe that world. The tune definitely makes me feel brighter and more appreciative of my surroundings.

La Thune by Angèle

I listen to this song when I’m sat on the beach with a book after a busy week. La Thune by Angèle (the French artist who has also recently collaborated with Dua Lipa), is actually about the potential to corrupt a person with money and fame. However, the chill beats and Angèle’s soothing voice sends you into a trance. The song itself has a certain optimism in the way it is delivered, almost as if the singer is saying “everything is superficial and meaningless, we might as well enjoy ourselves”. The way the melody also effortlessly shifts into a different style 40 seconds in really pays off; surprising the listener...but in a good way. This one is great to listen to when you just don’t give a damn.

Red Red Wine by UB40

This is probably one of the most famous songs that is outwardly marketed as a ‘chill beat’ to relax to. Put on some mood lighting, kick back on your comfy sofa with a glass of red wine (or an equally comforting non-alcoholic drink) and turn this tune all the way up. On your own, or with a group; this song will bring you into the blissful state of mind you’d been craving.

My One Temptation by Mica Paris

Mica Paris is known for experimenting with a combination of Soul and R&B. Released in 1988, My One Temptation is a testament to those genres. Her voice is beautiful, and the instrumental is incredibly relaxing. Because this song feels quite lowkey and avoids too many stark changes to the rhythm, My One Temptation is definitely a kind of LoFi beat that I could put on in the background when I’m doing some work or writing these blog posts! I would even listen to just an instrumental of this as a means of helping me concentrate.

I Love Your Crazy by Jasmine V

It starts with the strum of a guitar. Easing you in as we begin to hear a strange whipping sound, followed by a click, a snare being hit and drums! As very ‘unchill’ as all of this looks, the soft R&B sound compliments the rawness in Jasmine V’s voice which makes for a lovely mellow tune! It’s a song you’d listen to when you’re wrapped up in a blanket, sat at your desk and it’s raining outside. You can hear the rain to the side of you and this music playing softly in the background as you pen your next masterpiece.

Locket by Crumb

Listen to this song with headphones, I beg of you! The way this piece of music has been edited is nothing short of amazing, with the addition of each new instrument weaving amongst the rest gently waking up a different part of your brain. You would be missing out if you didn’t fully immerse yourself in the sound. This is also one that would make a very good LoFi beat to work or meditate to.

My Favourite Part by Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande

Mac Miller (RIP) and Ariana Grande’s voice work so well together! The pair had collaborated a number of times, including before either of their music careers had really taken off. When they sing, you get the sense that they’re really working with each other. The contrast between Miller’s gritty vocals and Grande’s softer sounding notes combine to create something beautiful here, however haunting it may now seem after Miller’s untimely death.

Indian Summer by Jai Wolf

A wash of calm comes over me. I feel like I’m rising with the song as the melody properly begins. The song makes me feel euphoric at points, every sound carefully crafted to feel pleasurable and uplifting to the listener. It takes me on a rollercoaster ride. It is like the song is going on a journey and it is taking me with it. I feel completely immersed, almost as if the music has transported me to another place. It is a great final song to gradually wake you up from the mellow state of mind the previous tracks might have put you in. Using it as a backing track when meditating makes for some interesting experiences!

There you have it! Nine mellow beats that will help you find your zen.

If you want the full experience, the whole playlist can be found below on Spotify:

Let me know if you liked these suggestions! ♥

Outrageous Optimism
Outrageous Optimism
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