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Nicely Sedated, Gently Rocking


By Nathanial Jacob Published 2 months ago 4 min read
“I do not like them on this boat I do not like them on this boat

clamp, clamp, tie tie

Tie tie it all up and your done,

My work here on this train has become a faint shadow and the wind has made it so far out that it’s hard for my brain to focus.

My baby sister has been a bit of a wreck, shaking and crying, foaming at the mouth, I’m trying to figure out what is causing these symptoms.

It all started, this show of horrifying syndromes has bestowed upon my family and heart for some months now, I myself have nothing to worry about other than the fact I am a doctor who has a very strong sense of humor.

Peculiarly enough, I understand the importance of being able to speak with you, hanging hanging hanging on.

I can hear you! Audio quality isn’t good but I can hear you. The sickness came from this song in my head. The song spoke of a cage in a house in a room. I believe the cage was made of some type of materials unknown to this world.

My name is Feather, I belong to a class of animals on the internet who have a similar problem. Ya ya ya ya

My name is Feather and I have to keep on keeping on, if I never was born this never would have gotten done.

Gifts are not in my love language. My father called me this morning. He is rejecting his lung transplant and this is his 10 year anniversary on 25 December 2022. There is no data available past 10 years period.

I must call my grandmother and inform her of this terrible news, I’m trying to keep everyone strong, this virus is something that gives us adrenaline. It peaks the heart, as a mountain peaks the sky.

I’m on the phone with my father at the moment and he is doing better, nothing to worry about other than this obstinate feeling of pain in my stomach.

It’s like a messy process of getting a job and then you’re like oh no I’m not good enough for that. Deep deep breaths, now let’s speak of this adrenaline the constant adrenaline has made me sleepless, a zombie, anxiety is the only way I could ever get back into the world.

The abundance and ability of forsate. Is vital to my survival. This coronavirus has been a huge part of our lives.

I’ve contacted Dr. Feather, unfortunately he has declined my appointments time after time, I’ve overly begged like a dog for his attention.

He treats me, let’s say I’m not a good friend of his but I do love him and he treats me like a dog in a cage. It’s terrify to think that the right places are the hardest to find and the wrong places are easiest tonight to wind up, this constant struggle with my own body and my own mind is a nightmare.

On the date of his death, a article, published by the Guardian of the Future, was delivered by the New Creatures.

I know Dr. Feather was not only found but also a member of these “New Creatures”

I have no doubt in my heart that the game offers the same benefits to all players.

The abilities of each other are unique, but they all come with the potential of being able to make the most out of the game, that is life.

I am lost now on an infinite amount of time, I’ve never had wings nor been beloved by the animals.

The power of the wings, was delivered at my doorstep, I love you day goodbye, Salem is my home town, I’ve got to break the news, this morning I have to get my hair out of the house, it’s been on fire for some time.

I failed to indict that this morning or last Monday, I met a woman who had a very strong desire for justice.

She told me of this story about a young man whose father had died in the fire and flames of the blaze.

Now a decade has gone by, and the same box has been found opposite of what you would expect. A box of lungs.

The lungs were bearing the weight of the heart in my stomachs eye. It’s a stew that is not a normal blood vessel or anything else I’ve seen or heard.

My stature today is made of blood vessels that are in a joint with blood vessels in a joint. He just whimsly wouldn’t listen.

This makes me so happy to hear that, I’ve touched a heart other than my own.

The ability to know certain things is strongly, abundant.


About the Creator

Nathanial Jacob

I am a creative writer, I’ve been writing since the age of 13, I hope to inspire others with my life story.

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