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Musical Antiques Sing their Own Stories

by Tanvi Punia 9 days ago in classical


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. These lines are very correctly expressed by Confucius, a Chinese philosopher also considered the paragon of Chinese sages. The ability to play any musical instrument is a feeling of immense pleasure.

Any idea about the oldest musical instrument?

Music is not a newly originated concept indeed. It is dated as old as the existence of humanity. Through several excavations, numerous primitive flutes have been discovered by archaeologists. Flutes are considered the oldest and first created musical instrument.

The first-ever flute’s existence is dated around 60,000 years. The Neanderthals made this absolutely amazing and obviously innovative flute. This Neanderthal flute is considered one of the most precious treasures of global significance. During an excavation at Divje babe cave near Cerkno, Slovenia, this flute was discovered and experts claim that it is definitely something wholly belonging to the Neanderthals. The archaeologists have such a firm claim at its origin because of the accurately pierced holes with spaces and their well-defined sizes which cannot be a coincidence or done accidentally. They were for sure intentionally made for some purpose related to music or producing sounds.

This finding further confirms that the Neanderthals were somewhat like us. They were well-developed spiritual creatures with the ability to practice and understand the sophistication of art and its expressions.

Discoveries of many flutes which were made using bones and ivory have been made by archaeologists. These date back as far as 43,000 years and it is believed that various musical styles of ancient times must have been preserved as oral traditions.

Let’s talk about the oldest known song!

The oldest known examples of the songs of ancient times are relatively somewhat recent. Fragments of certain musical notations were discovered during the excavation of Ugarit city in Syria around the 1950s. It was a Sumerian tablet carved and molded out of clay dated around 4,000 years old. It contained the instructions and tunings of a hymn writer with an intention to present it as an honor to the ruler, named Lipit- Ishtar. However, historians consider “Hurrian Hymn №6”, which comes out to be an ode to the goddess Nikkal which was composed in a cuneiform manner by the ancient Hurrians sometime around the 14th century.

Along with the notations and tunes of the hymn in the clay tablet, there were certain instructions as well for how to play the tunes on a specific instrument which the historians believe is a nine-stringed lyre.

How beautiful and soothing it must have been for the people who received the great opportunity to listen to such great unaltered music with an authentic instrument. Such kinds of instruments these days have great value and demands as well. The music lovers and people who have knowledge and interest in the ancient instruments love to collect these. These instruments have a special place in the hearts of their admirers. Although, it is not at all an easy job to find such ancient and antique instruments and that too at a price that suits your pockets. For this problem, TrueGether, a non-profit platform offers you such instruments at the best possible price which you definitely deserve. So, there’s nothing much to care about, just visit the site and search for what you are willing to own and in no time it will be yours!

The development gives variety but the ancients have a separate fanbase.

Different musical instruments underwent various developments independently in different regions all over the world. Different people have different mindsets and ways of thinking, their skill and creativity might have led to these developments. The places where these instruments and their developments originated are far away from the various regions they are used and this had been possible surely because of the interconnections and communications among different civilizations. This rapid expansion and adaptations of the modified instruments seem quite beneficial as well. By the middle ages, the musical instruments that originated in Mesopotamia were played in maritime Southeast Asia, also, the instruments having origin in North Africa were making Europeans groove to their tunes. The transportation of the instruments among the North, Central, and South American cultures existed but the pace of development of the instruments was slower.

By the 1400s, the developments gradually slowed and were dominated by the then-powerful Western World. The romantic and classical periods of music lasted somewhat around the 1750–1900s; many instruments were developed at that time. During the initial days of the 20th century, the evolution of authentic musical instruments started to fall gradually. The rapid increase in the usage of electricity led to the invention of various new electric instruments such as electric guitars, synthesizers, and of course, the theremin.

Classification is a discipline on its own!

Classifying the beautiful instruments having the capacity to be used in any way depending on the player’s creativity is a great task. It is a discipline in its own right. There are many ways discovered and utilized for classification over several years. The instruments could be classified into various categories based on their effective range, the material they are composed of, their size, the kind of tunes they give out, their utility, and many more. Hornbostel-Sachs is a famous system of classification of musical instruments, devised by musicologists, Erich Moritz von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs. This system categorizes musical instruments on the basis of the sounds they produce. The academic study of the instruments is termed organology.

So, after all these origins and modifications of the musical instruments, we have a tremendous variety of them! There are flutes, keyboards, various stringed instruments like guitars, sitars, and whatnot. All these instruments have great histories and have played major roles in ancient times. They have helped people gain fame, the rulers have showered immense love and wealth to the musicians and there’s many more to know about!

The ones curious about the stories behind these instruments must be seeking to own these antiques as well. Here we are with a huge variety of musical instruments. All you have to do is visit regularly at the site and grab the opportunity of buying them, within no time they will be delivered to you. It is the best eBay alternative out there. So, keep the space ready where you would place these beauties.


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