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by Timely Comics 11 months ago in celebrities

Even in 2020

Prince Of Vibration

"I remember back when a great rapper had to collaborate with a great singer for a melodic song. Early 2000s. 2009 came along and we saw Drake do both."

Imagine having the orchestration of Kanye. The message/movement of Cudi

The vibes of Travis Scott

Among more...

The heroes with multiple powers. So many he forgets what he’s capable of

The character with the straightforward striking power of a Superman, Hulk, Thor, Shazam

Always 10 steps ahead like Batman or Iron man!

Weird nuances and powers people can’t defend against like an anime character

In 1999, a boy in a 600,000 Token Castle was called on to Lead the Largest Artistic Renascence of Humanity. After years of experimentation and implementation of ideas..

2020 he became the Master of Time, Great Gardener, and crowned Prince of Vibration.

“He wasn’t didn’t want to give vibes, he wanted to become them.”

November 2019 a young lad was planning on putting the world on notice with debut album named ReCollection but as time was passing by he realized there was a better layout. He needed to take time to study the game prepare and experiment. But you can only do that for so long. There came a point where he had to ask himself.. do I really want this?

And the rest was history...

11:11 - encourages you to create new beginnings, make new opportunities, and work on *new projects* with a strong and positive attitude. -EP

The Platinum Knight learned to conquer with ease. His soul seeping Voice amplified by Everlasting Cloaks, Customized Cloth, and sleek Sneakers grant him many abilities including the ability to create portals to any universe, GD Energy and time manipulation.

He spent his youth trading silent blows with local artists/fighters.. the Shadow SQUIRE, Child of Nordstorm, Decesy and Johnathan the 5th were his first notable rivals. The Prince of Vibration welcomed them with open arms but that’s alright. He never did want just anybody on his tune. He realized competition was useless unless it’s friendly, harmony was the answer. Together we all succeed.

May of 2020 to September 2020 was spent traveling to various worlds and realms for worthy allies. Form a kingdom from crumbs. Go from empty to empire. Epitome of Entertainment & enterprise. That’s what the Prince kept in his mind throughout his journey.. nothing less, no compromising. ‘MOST GIVE ME *everything desired* NOW!’ Shortly after, ‘Thank you for *everything desired*.

Plenty have tried and will try to take the throne from the Prince of Vibration. Just because his main concern is personal growth doesn’t mean he isn’t competitive. His has the skill set to obliterate multiple opponents at once. He is also 10 steps ahead no matter how strong the opponent.

“So that’s why they call him ‘Shadow6’ he’s shady.”

His dark vine attacks can’t get ahold of anything of substance. His punchlines sound hard but they don’t hurt. “I wasted all this time trying to dodge this weak shit”

The Shadow Vines wrap him up and squeeze his neck and limbs TIGHT. 16 more Warren and Akron realm rappers attack the hero with all “10k views”.

Every attack goes through his body easily like jello, His eye sockets turn pitch black. (Think of an anime fight scene) JDM Switchblade extends his sharpest tool and sliced his head clean off.

1.5-.7 years later lounging in their miniature residences they check YouTube’s explore section: Cocaine Crazy, Relief, Snapchat Sluts, Your Love is Queen, 16 Again.. tens millions of views in total.

...h....HOW? “He has famous relatives.” “He’s a Freemason” “he must be gay” “WHAT AN INDUSTRY PLANT BIGGEST PLANT OF ALL TIME”. The Prince of Vibration doesn’t fight, he wins.

In this game one must choose their battles. He chose to climb his mountain and hand out harnesses. They chose to cut people’s harnesses.

11:11 hasn’t even dropped yet and by the time they realize his true potential it’s too late.

They resort to belittling on Social Media.

He’s one of if not the biggest up and comer in the industry. He’s had friendly duels with top tier Indy artists, mentored by music and business supergiants, and guided by music legends. He is far too fast, strong, durable, skilled and has too many powers for anyone to fuck with.

Shadow 6 and JDM fought him for clout. These two have serious potential. 6 banished him to the Shadow Realm, Bleeze (Prince) responded by turning it into his own hell. Competition makes him stronger. This battle helped him diversify his power set. He realized he could make portals that swallow individuals (Black Holes). As soon as Shadow enters his realm Bleeze gives a deep punch to the diaphragm.. as he gets up “Bleezy..” he’s engulfed in hellflames, Bleeze then grabs him by the neck as the background goes from pitch black to pure white. Then an astral projection shows other every local rapper failing against him. Some being blasted by energy, some KO’d, some dying via portal spouting hellfire.

After 11:11 drops he then heals and empowers the ones he defeated.

The Prince keeps his observations to himself, unless it’s positive or constructive. Do onto others as you’d do unto yourself, “I desire to be strengthened.. I will guide others.” The ones who are greedy and look to wreck others only wreck themselves... but sometimes you have to show your opponents what will happen if they were to attack.

With his and the help of Warrior Investors he'll have his brand all over the multiverse.

And that’s why BleezyB should be funded. Every tune makes you feel Omnipotent and Omnipresent. He would share more fight scenes but that would make the story boring. Funding would help him show you in REAL LIFE. He’s doing the best he possibly can with the $300 he managed to scrape up. $5,000 would cover the cost of all recording (mixing and mastering included), and beat licensing. $3,000 would cover the cost of Artwork used to market.

The Prince of Vibration thanks everyone who took the time to grant one hell of an opportunity like this! Much love!

Timely Comics
Timely Comics
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