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Music to Move You When Your Life is on Pause

Lyrics and beats that uplift and make you wanna move something.

By Oredolapo A RobertsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Music to Move You When Your Life is on Pause
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What better way to approach this time of staying alone together than a good beat with moving lyrics? Through trial and error to manage the diagnosis of my mental health I learned that music is my way to reconnect to my light. And I need that combination, otherwise it is a pretty face without a soul. I put together this playlist to help me deal with depression and anxiety. Having to travel on public transportation during this time, I have had full panic attacks daily. So, I went to what I know works.

Music that inspires, empowers, confirms and consoles is high on my go to list to support me with depressive episodes. Bobby McFerrin flicking his toe to the beat of Don’t Worry be Happy, the antics he, Robin Williams and Bill Irwin pull off are the equivalent to current day TIK TOK material. How can you not feel good with that smooth melodic groove mirrored by a big toe, silly dancing and the fashion to match? In the same music video you’ll see the newspaper mention the stock market being unstable, and since that’s the current state of the world today it has given me some solace that I can leave worry alone and focus on finding something to be happy about.

The uncertainty of what life will be after surviving COVID 19 can leave you in a frenzied state. A close friend expressed they are uncomfortable making plans beyond the current day. They were adamant about not wanting to put any effort in living beyond the day. They are not comfortable with too many uncertainties being the current way of life. To date, I have been unsuccessful with supporting them to a place of hopefulness. But I am happy they still laugh at a picture I sent to them a year ago where I referred to myself as the fake Frank White. I told them sometimes I stand in my full-length mirror with my cane and recite Notorious B.I.G. lyrics. Sky’s the Limit is one I know the most because I use it as my ammunition when I have to fight and evict the negative thoughts placed in my head by others. I have found myself in moments with tears while dancing in the dark to almost all The Notorious B.I.G. lyrics. I have also had moments where I forgot that I was in a room full of people because the syncopation and lyrics lifts me to a higher plane. Speaking of a higher plane, Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer, reminds me to remain hopeful and keep pushing forward, while staying apart.

I am getting the most enjoyment listening to my youngest daughter sing from beginning to end Aretha Franklin’s Respect and Alessia Carra’s Scars to Your Beautiful. We usually sound like wounded cats singing together, especially Alicia Key’s Girl on Fire and Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All. But it takes our minds off having our lives paused in our Brooklyn, New York apartment while we sing songs of self-love and compassion to our self and each other. I find myself repeating Marin Gaye and Tammi Terrell Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World when I’m making a store run. I find that I am mindful of possibilities. It fuels my love of self and mankind rather than dwell in fear.

This time of COVID 19 is definitely a dark place for the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died globally. Most alone, and their families are not able to morn, comfort each other or come together to lay the body of their loved one to rest. Human connection is necessary, and music is known to connect across time, culture and location and language. Staying in tune with each other’s needs is the only way we’ll get through this as we continue to #StayApartTogether And in the event you find someone needs some uplifting, lend them a tune in place of a hug… at least for now.


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