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Music Artists To Watch in 2023

Looking for the next big music star? You've come to the right place.

By Blake DylanPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Music Artists To Watch in 2023
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10. Under the Rug

These Austin based world travelers have a beautiful and nostalgic sound, for those who love to cry to Hozier while driving home from work. There is a sense of wandering and timelessness to their music, the songwriting is evocative and deeply personal. Already on the rise, this band has promising potential in 2023.

Check out their most recent single

9. Paramore

I'm calling it now: 2023 is the year of the emo revival. Paramore is certainly not underground, but both new and old fans of the band will want to witness their every move. With their new EP already topping charts and performances in the works, Paramore is primed for a comeback year.

Listen to their new EP

8. Miki Ratsula

Another soft and nostalgic sound, Miki uses their gift of songwriting to highlight the struggles of growing up and existing in a hateful world. Their music has an emotional rawness and transparency like no other. If you like Cavetown, you will surely enjoy Miki Ratsula.

Listen to them here

7. Carter Brady

Watch out Harry, Carter Brady is the next 'IT man' in music. His sound combines 90s alt rock and indie pop, featuring iconic guitar riffs and big drums complimented by powerful vocals. Not only is he an incredible voice, but a virtuoso of the elctric guitar, and almost entirely self produced. Carter is killing the game and rocking the stage, and his next project is sure to be a triumph.

Check out his debut album

6. Roe Kapara

Roe "hurts good." This rising singer-songwriter reflects on the state of the world with allegorical lyricism and twangy acoustic sounds. Roe's music demands introspection and reflection and he is sure to impress listeners in 2023.

Listen to his most recent single

5. Alex McQuade

This alt pop king is the next Troye Sivan. Always working on an innovative project, his recent endeavors include lofi instrumentals complimenting catchy pop lyrics. Alex perfectly encapsulates growing up and learning how to love yourself and the world around you. He is a refreshing musical voice stealing the hearts of all those who listen to his songs.

Check out his new single

4. Vundabar

A group with an unmatched energy, Vundabar's eclectic sound brings hard rock and bedroom pop to the same stage. Their diverse output covers a wide range of genres, making them a perfect sleection for the aux cord. Keep your eyes on them this year - their rise to stardom is well underway.

Check them out here

3. The Wrecks

These punk rockers can't miss. For fans of 5 Seconds of Summer and Waterparks, The Wrecks will easily charm their way into your hot girl summer playlist. Their new album is alternative gold, with high energy riffs and heartbroken lyrics that are ideal for a jam session.

Listen to their new album

2. Transviolet

This iconic female-fronted group perfectly fuses punk and California dreaming into an eclectic alternative soundscape. The best way to describe this group is simply 'different'. They've opened for a wide array of A-listers, ranging from Mother Mother and Twenty One Pilots to LANY and Dua Lipa. If you are looking for an entirely unique sound, this is the band for you.

Listen to their most recent album

1. TX2

If you love My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, or Falling in Reverse, TX2 will be your new obsession. He is emo to the core, writing absolute bangers about vampires, heartbreaks, and disappointing your parents. Not only is he a superstar musician, but he is using his platform to promote a safe space to talk about mental health struggles. 2023, in all it's emo revival glory, will be lead by this prolific rocker.

Check him out here

Have music recs I missed? Drop them below!


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