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by LifeBalance🎋 3 months ago in art
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a story.

Pictures tell a million words but only 1 out of a million worlds matter in the picture.

Who can relate to music getting you through the times you wanted to give up?

Music opened my eyes to the fact it’s supposed to grow you in situations you either going through, getting through, opening too and most of all stories of hurt and love that isn’t supposed to be looked at as being “depressed”, “in your feelings” and whatever else people can say and what I’ve heard.

I love the growth of music cause when you can listen to the lyrics for what it is, it’s just amazing you’re not alone through the hurt or love that is expressed in the breakthrough.

Music isn’t looked at enough for the right reasons when it’s a message of notes gained in different aspects of life. It’s easy enough to listen to music because you know that’s what it’s for ignoring the indications of how someone sees love.

Exploring content in different genres of music opens you to a life that most foresee being that something of the same hurt or happiness can happen in the same tone expressed in a different matter. We as people look for acknowledgment in life that mostly comes from music we listen to when we’re feeling a type of down. Not everybody listens to music for it to actually speak to them but I could say we all listen to it to feel something.

Different music moves different people depending on where they are in life. To me if you can’t listen to music for what it is or even without feeling that story then whatever hasn’t been faced is being ignored through the music that alters a person from wanting to listen to it. This isn’t all the time but most times people choose what they can understand or form a relation to forgetting a real message is being said through the beats and lyrics which is why music is quite a gateway to those needing something. A negative impact no matter the story is for us to bring the positive outcome, music shouldn’t be a gateway that is taught to not love or treat a person the right way or even to go against yourself when that's who you really need at the end of the day.

Music is what we live for when no other voices are making sense, finding the way through music can be a beautiful thing but what you choose in the goodness of knowing other people out there feel the same way you do is totally up to that person.

What one person feels doesn’t mean they still have that feeling as they wrote it. Music is to grow and to change love for what we deserve. Stories become chapters when you continue to feel, figure out, and let go.

Everything is meant for you to feel but not everything is meant for you to keep. Learn while you can and sweep when you weap. By that I mean once you feel, let whatever it is go for what's new to learn. We never stop learning but what does stop is what can over power you when you’re vulnerable knowing something isn’t right and not continuing to give it power.

Stay true to yourself and nothing can go against you. You will just realize how much people are really struggling no matter how good something can look...what’s on the inside is what matters.

Music is a frequency and can also change the levels of someone’s being if a person isn’t conscious enough to receive the story being told. Even through someone else’s story another can be told. Whatever becomes perceived from the music listened to it sends signals to our mind and body if the frequency is relatable to the energy we feel when tuning into that story.

Only you can make a good ending to a story so have every story count!!!


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Me being a Spiritual Healer are ways of serving others healthily to gain the life they desire to live. People would heal if they could live in their truth to figure out what is right. Nothing becomes easy until the core work is done.

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