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by thi binh phan 2 months ago in movie review
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Have reveal plot, cautious point: you don't see him when science fiction, when comedy see over. 1. A guy who's been wasted for 10 years and a girl who's been in an office for 10 years and a fat nerd who's dying of fat will soon be flying into space on a space shuttle that hasn't been maintained for 10 years? Not to mention what the ship can't handle, what your bodies can handle? 2, the moon is about to fall down, why do you say that the United States will explode internally, say to use nuclear weapons to use nuclear weapons, China will cooperate with you out of a cockpit? Clearly with an electromagnetic gun can fix the matter, you have evolved into the latitude of the civilization, how also chased by ai subjugnation extinction? 4, even advanced intelligence can not handle ai, how can earth people know 10 years ago with electromagnetic guns can be done? 5, know that electromagnetic gun can be done, know that AI will come to the earth, the United States has terminated the electromagnetic gun project, because there is no money. And they're hiding the truth. What kind of logic is that? It's keeping everyone in the dark and leaving them to die. She ex-husband, that American general in the time to launch nuclear weapons to save the earth if pulled down, the reason is that he thought his ex-wife can succeed, the secretary of defense asked if not, he replied that God will bless us! A billion people die and the earth dies for the sake of a little wife, your domineering CEO wen is too that what. Oh right, he is also ready to let the escort of his son and his son into the top secret military base, hide from the defense minister, help ex-wife and Chinese cooperation on the moon, and finally successfully let the defense minister, including a number of military leaders successfully buried deep underground, oh, comrade black state, is you? Even a self-taught fat nerd could deduce that the moon was going to fall based on stolen data, and a bunch of NASA technicians discovered it later than he did, so NASA was disband and outsourced. Moon defense to electromagnetic gun upgrade, that is not to build, not do not know the principle. Then why is the defensive fleet you left behind attacking the nanites with conventional heat cannons? Wouldn't one electromagnetic gun get the job done? Fat people don't have to die, do they?

There were other minor logic errors that I didn't bother to point out, such as how the main character could operate the most advanced Chinese lunar rover when he couldn't even fix the car. The whole film is to tell you, white tough guy wronged hero to live in a mess, in the coming crisis moment incarnation, son of the chosen in the government official to run road, only support technocrats, with temporary pieced together from a heap of teammates have a range of issues, including his son line on the earth can be as auxiliary teammates), As humanity's only hope with no backup plan, the mission to save the planet has been accomplished, and all of us have redeemed ourselves and reconciled with the past. This stuff has been used from garrison's Expendables decades ago to the current Internet cool, but it's only Hollywood that spends a few hundred million dollars to make it. In this movie, it is regarded as a fact that self-learning is better than professional skills, military leaders are praised for putting their own interests ahead of the interests of the whole human race, and senior officials are shown running away from the battlefield. These things don't seem to make sense to us, and they're just fine with it. If only America thought and acted that way in reality.

First of all it's not a standard science fiction film, it's a feature film

The story goes like this:

"Artificial intelligence (AI) become fine, the whole universe to kill and destroy human, human on the moon jedi counter-kill"

Take off the coat of science fiction and break away from the limits of scientific principles

It all makes sense:

Superhumans (the super-developed humans in the universe to distinguish them from us on Earth) had long since developed into the era of AI communism and dominated the universe

Because of the AI uprising, super humans are in a hurry to make ecological seeds

The moon was the only seed that managed to escape

As long as the moon exists, superhumans will likely continue to pass the torch

So, the moon became a target for AI attacks

It can't penetrate the superhuman shell

The moon will hit the earth, and both will die

But none of this is known to humans on Earth

The change in the moon's orbit led the US and old Allies Europe to launch spacecraft to explore the moon (why not China and Russia? Pink defiant)

They discovered a monster on the moon.

They judged that by destroying the monster, they could save the crisis

NASA decided to recall the men can open manual gear spacecraft, the execution of the task of strangling AI sperm

As a result, the device failed and the task was abandoned

Do not give up the men, open the museum spacecraft and NASA officials female, fat waste wood formed a hunting team on the day

Over here, the American military intends to nuke the moon

But one of the leaders of the military is the ex-husband of the heroine

To the ex-wife who went to the moon and all of a sudden she's fucking spoiled and refuses to go nuclear

Fat curtae sacrifice themselves, blasting AI essence, crisis resolved

The story is complete

In the past, Washington, New York, in the American imperial decision-making very important areas, are missing in this film

Only the great LA became the center of the world, saturated by the tides

The giant moon

The huge gravitational pull of the moon

A giant outer space object

Is to watch

Halle Berry, so beautiful, can you imagine this is 50+ years old?

He's handsome, too. Sometimes he's Matthew McConaughey, sometimes he's Andy Murray

Of course, as a three-star view, there are plenty of expandable pee spots

Lexus racing, fighting this part of the scene is really awkward

Is the Chinese actress a nanny? The actress can be excised entirely

Also, even a former NASA executive in a wheelchair can cut the scenes

In addition

Male main ex-wife's second marriage husband Tom, is that sell lexus senior sales, you don't think he died humbled?

He's a great stepfather

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