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Meet R&B Artist Keturah Cummings & Her Soulful Music

Keturah Cummings is from Columbia South Carolina, a young R&B Artist who is determined to keep the R&B Music from the Early 2000’s Flowing in her upcoming EP

By Veronica Charnell MediaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo Courtesy of Keturah Cummings

I discovered Keturah on the new social media app called Clubhouse. The room we were in had a host of Independent Artists showcasing their music to everyone in the room. It was Keturah's turn to play her song, and I was instantly blown away by her vocal ability. Keturah voice can be compared to Grammy Award Winning Artists such as Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, and HER. After hearing her music I immediately followed her on Instagram, and started listening to her other songs available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Keturah already has the look and the sound needed to be successful in the Entertainment Industry. As the CEO of Monae Management, I look forward to working with Keturah in the Future.

Vocal Readers I hope you are inspired to follow Keturah Cummings after reading this interview.

Monae Management: Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Keturah Cummings: My name is Keturah Cummings, 22 years old. I am from South Carolina and I am heavily inspired by the early 2000s r&b sound.

Monae Management: When did you start singing?

Keturah Cummings: I started singing around 15-16 years old but I sounded terrible. I got super serious in college (around 17-18 years old) and took classes and wrote my first song. That is when I knew I had the potential to be great.

Monae Management: What happened in your life that made you decide to pursue a music career professionally?

Keturah Cummings: Watching Beyonce perform the national anthem. I don't know why, but I thought she was like a superhero when I saw her singing that! I was like "wow....I wanna do that!" Then I started watching more and more of her live performances and fell in love. No matter how many times I wanted/tried to quit, I always went back to music. I was definitely born to do this.

Photo Courtesy of Keturah Cummings

Monae Management: You recently released your new song called Potential, what inspired you to write this song?

Keturah Cummings: Potential was just a song I wrote when I had a moment. When I was dating, I would always get the guys who had potential, but fell short and it was the most irritating thing. So I wrote potential as an outlet and I know other people would be able to relate to that song. Writing that made me feel empowered and I hope others feel empowered as well.

Listen to Potential

Monae Management: I love your song Smooth Operator. Do you produce your own music as well?

Keturah Cummings: Thank you!! Smooth Operator was the first professional song I ever wrote and I am so proud of it. I write all of my songs! Very natural for me. I am down to collaborate with other amazing songwriters as well! You can never learn too much.

Listen to Smooth Operator

Monae Management: You are becoming known as the R&B Princess, how did you get this title?

Keturah Cummings: Honestly, I have no idea where it came from but I am so honored to have that title. I think because I get compared to Aaliyah a lot and she was deemed the princess of r&b, they just gave me that name too. I love the title and hope to keep exceedings expectations! I love r&b music and hopefully will move up to the queen of r&b (ha!!)

Monae Management: When are you releasing another song?

Keturah Cummings: I am releasing another one very soon! Don't have a release date YET but I made a hit with a producer named Nino. I can't wait till everyone hears all my future releases.

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