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Lovers Rock

A journey through relaxed time.

By John GilroyPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 5 min read

Relaxing music on a gloomy South London afternoon. The time between Christmas and new year, not counting the 12 days of each. Sat in a light room, curtains half open as my partner paints a clay box for her mother. I write on the laptop as this video plays in the background of it. I watch the letters appear as I tap the keys. Theres an off beat rhytm to it but it feels write. I'm just doing what I feel like doing. I am relaxing.

This music always seems to remind me of Notting Hill, that laid back air. The clarity of that part of the city. The long windowed buildings. Floor to ceiling, the elegance and class. Theres that sense in Central West London. That sense of class to everything that happens there I guess that its because of the areas geography. The fact that it's so close to Knightsbridge and the rest of it. Lovers Rock reminds me of a record store that i used to go to as a kid. One where they would open the windows in the summer time on the first floor and you would see people climb about and sit on the roof of the store from as this sort of music played. I remember one summer when I was around 13 or 14 my uncle went there to sell some records. He needed the momey or to clear some space in his room at his mum's house. Maybe it was both. I remeber joining him on the journey over there. I remember helping to carry heavy crates from the boot of their car and carry it down the highstreet. That hazy summer memory mixed with this music reminds me of the old television programmes that you see on Gold or ITV. Old episodes of Minder or Only Fools and Horses. A regular viewing when in their company. Cups of tea and Outer West London Gardens. Reggae music playing DUB of all kinds. The soundtrack to my life I guess. That easy going nature of soft strokes. The images in my mind of skating through Westway and Ladbroke Grove. Skating around central London or riding bikes through the city. 16 year old gentle delinquency. Stolen Boris Bikes and all the rest of it. Easy going fun. Making music in my mates houses. Instrumentlas taken from Youtube or made oursleves. Houses in White City, Harrow or Isleworth nearer the sides of Hounslow. I remeber riding the bikes around Notting Hill with my closest friend at the time weaving the bikes around on a bunked off day of sixth form. Just easy living having a laugh when we didn't have much. I guess nothing much changes through though teanage years. Weekend work and easy going weekdays. Stressed lunches but fun afternoons of bike rides. The same was happening when I was fifteen/ sixteen just before college time. When we would ride our BMX bikes around Hammersmith. Hanging out by the Apollo. Waxing ledges as we would grind them on the bikes pegs. Hanging around there for hours on end. Seeing mates as they passed and waving them down for chats. Talking to skateboarders as we made comparisons and chatted about anything under the sun. Riding down the river paths by the thames and hanging out on each others estates taking the piss in each others block of flats. Trying to find something to do to kill time. Waiting for something to happen to our lives or something to develope from it. Waiting for tomorrow yet trying to enjoy the momennt. I remeber train rides to Kingston. Bumping the barriers and exploring the essance of Surrey with the locals. Joking about the camparrisons with the London spots that we grew up around. I remeber being shown a bowl that sits way down a motor way in Tolworth I have only being back once to that town for a one pound charity shops with some mates when I was 19 after a rave event in Elephant and Castle at the end of my Foundation year at art school. We went there and I could still remember the root to the bowl in my mind. I remember watching the sunset when I was sixteen sat there with some mates thinking that these memories would last for ever. Now I no longer talk to these people. We took different paths in life. I went to Sixth Form and they went to college. I thibk it's as simple as that really. I wanted to stay in touch for the sake of music and good times but realised that I was getting too old for all of that or so I thought. I was eighteen thinking that I should be making more money. Proper money. Not that weekend job sort of thing. True I was still working weekends which was fine. It worked, but I thought that I should mature. I thought that I should do more with my time. I remember solo rides through South London trying to get home from Wandsworth my own way we had been riding estates and the roundabout banks with some of the locals there. Riding through the new developement estates. Grinding ledges and trying to learn new tricks. I felt bored. As though I'd done this for way too long now. I fealt as though I had to now do more. So I left and made other mates that took me on new adventures, taught me more about myself and who I am. Learnt more about my own background and stopped avoiding the things that I couldn't face when I was younger. Music helped me with that and so did the art foundation that followed this time. The work and the boredom of it and everything else that followed at university something that I never thought that I would find myslef doing at that younger age. Going off to study illustration that one subject that I was good at, at school. The saviour subject. The one that got me into Sixth Form from GCSE's and the one that took me to Epsom from A-Levels. Those B grades were the ones that worked for me. Led me to the people that would show me more about myself and life. Open my mind to more experiences and help me to develop my mind. Richmond Riverside nights. Fights and Fun. Festivals and raves. Other classes and backgrounds, changing my opinion of how I view the worlds of others. Those that hated me and I in turn hated myself. I learnt a lot with this soundtrack to my mind. Memories of this echoing through the montage of it all.


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John Gilroy

I'm a writer from London, now based in Leeds. Annecotes, trians of thought and poems are what I write.

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  • Andy Pullanoabout a month ago

    I have certain music that I have listened to for relaxation and to drift away.

  • Erica Wagnerabout a month ago

    Beautiful feel of London and music, smoky nostalgia… nicely done.

  • Watson Obeabout a month ago

    I feel relax when listen to this music it's so lovely

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